Stories for September 2002


Sunday, September 29

Just call me Swami

Dr. S here with the results of this week's state college football scores, plus (what you reallly want to read) how I did on forecasting the games' results. I was 3-0 on picking winners and near-perfect on picking the scores. But remember, these picks are for entertainment purposes only ...

Saturday, September 28

Skating into trouble

From Oxford come reports that two Ole Miss basketball players were arrested last week after a confrontation with Lafayette County sheriff's deputies outside of an Oxford skating rink. Provine High grad Justin Reed, the team's top scorer and rebounder last year faces a misdemeanor charge of simple assault. Emmanuel Wade, the Rebel's sixth man, was charged with felony assault and resisting arrest after he was accused of hitting a deputy. If convicted, Wade could get five years in prison.

Thursday, September 26

Welcome Bloggers

Stay tuned. And now, for our fearless football preview ...

Welcome to the JFP Sports Blog. I'm your host, Dr. S. Let's get things started with ... the Jackie Sherrill Watch. How much longer will the Prince of Darkness reign in StarkVegas? One sports writer (for a newspaper outside of Jackson) said, "I don't think it's going to end well for Jackie." He points out that even if State wins eight or nine games (a most unlikely event), Sherrill still might get fired if the NCAA brings the hammer down on State. "When there's that much smoke, you figure there has to be some fire," the scribe says.

Sunday, September 22

Keke Lowe

Marquise "Keke" Lowe has lived in Jackson his whole 19-year-old life. Lowe, a slim teenager with amused chestnut eyes and a small, sculpted face, grew up in Shady Oaks, attended Bailey Magnet High School and now lives Downtown. He's studying computer science and business at Tougaloo College so he can own his own computer-programming company. "Technology is trying to run things right now," he says.