Delusions of Grandeur in Oxford

Congratulations to David Cutcliffe for showing class and grace under pressure when he met the media on Wednesday after Ole Miss fired him. His former bosses, Chancellor Robert Khayat and AD Pete Boone, meanwhile, demonstrated they have limp grip on reality when it comes to college football and Ole Miss' place in it. Khayat said he expected the Rebels to contend for a championship every season. This for a team that has seriously contended for an SEC title just three times in the last 35 seasons.

A reporter asked, "How much concern do you think it is for potential candidates that a coach goes 10-3 and is two field goals away from the SEC Championship and gets fired one year later."

Boone answered, "You might ask Notre Dame or Florida what their concern is."

Who the hell is Pete Boone kidding? The Rebels have a nice little program, but they are hardly in the Florida, Notre Dame league. If the criteria for keeping your job at Ole Miss is a championship program, then the next review of the overall Ole Miss athletic program will bring about Boone's firing, too.

Doctor S wondered what kind of lunatics among Ole Miss fans would want to get rid of Cutcliffe. Then he found this.


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