"Prebuild," 808 State

Reviewed by Alex Slawson and Herman Snell

Pioneers of the U.K. acid-house scene in the late 1980's, 808 State built on the dance music success seen by New Order earlier in that decade. After a 10 year run where they helped shape the U.K. dance movement, 808 State began losing steam and its members went on to collaborate with other influential artists of the time (e.g. Bjork). In 1999, Richard (Aphex Twin) James' Rephlex Records released "Newbuild," the seminal release that saw 808 State explode 10 years before. Now on to the present day, Rephlex releases a collection of rare, pre-"Newbuild" material called "Prebuild." With the long narrative aside, this is an outstanding volume in 808 State's discography as well as the history of dance music in general.


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