[Stiggers] Shop Local at Bruh Jo-Jo's Discount Dollar Sto'

Has life in the Bushes gotten you down this holiday season? When trying to make a dollar outta 15 cents, are you a dime away from a hot dog or two bucks away from a bed? And is yo' telephone 'bout to disconnect while waitin' on the next paycheck?

If you answered "yes" to all three of the aforementioned questions, you need to be really thrifty and shop at Bruh Jo-Jo's Discount Dollar Sto' for the Ebonically and Economically Challenged.

Sista, is yo' hair falling out because you're worried about making ends meet? Take advantage of Jo-Jo's "Big-Bag-O-Hair-Weave" sale and look good for the holidays.

Jo-Jo wants to help a brotha save money. So why not enjoy a bootleg DVD copy of "Hip-Hop Hunnies Gone Wild–Drop It Like It's Hott–Mo' Bounce to the Ounce–Spring Break Tour" video. It's two hours of viewing fun that will have you "cross-eyed" before 2005! Get a copy before it's gone!

At Jo-Jo's, getting toys for the kids will be easy on yo' bank account—if you still have one. Remember those green, plastic Army figures? How about Tele-Tubbies vs. Pokemon plastic action figures in assorted flo-rescent colors. Yo' kids should enjoy them for about a good week or two.

And fo' the Tweens and Teens, it's the Ghettofabulous–Get Crunk–Karaoke and clock radio set. Batteries are included!

In the ghetto, everythang's everythang. And at Jo'Jo's, everythang's a dollar. Come shop with us!

Ken Stiggers is a TV producer in Jackson and the co-host of Lyric Lounge Thursdays at Daiquiri World.


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