Stories for November 2004


Tuesday, November 30

Millsaps College Christmas Concert

The Millsaps Singers and Chamber Singers will present their Christmas concert, O Magnum Mysterium, 7:30 p.m., Dec. 10, at the Northminster Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.

Eagles in BCS Mix Again

How big is Saturday's California-Southern Miss game in Hattiesburg? It could decide whether Cal goes to a BCS game. If the Bears don't win decisively, Texas might move ahead of them in the BCS standings. If just eight voters who have Cal ranked ahead Texas changed their minds, then the Longhorns will earn the BCS spot. Cal coach Jeff Tedford knows that TCU came to Hattiesburg in 2003 harboring BCS hopes, only to have them dashed. Doctor S thought USM was primed to beat Cal in September. Then Hurricane Ivan forced the game to be rescheduled to December. USM hasn't been the same team since quarterback Dustin Almond was injured in the Houston game. Cal is a 24-point favorite going into Saturday. That sounds about right.

Sunday, November 28

Anthony Hamilton, KEM and M.L. Live Dec. 3

Walkerboy Entertainment recording artist M.L. will be the opening act for 3 time Grammy nominee and VIBE award winner Anthony Hamilton and KEM. Friday December 3rd, 8 PM at Thalia Mara Hall. The 2004 Jackson Music Awards Male Vocalist of the Year will be Performing his hit singles "Make A Movie" and the International Ladies Anthem "I Will." Visit his website at For more information contact Walkerboy Entertainment at 601-922-2800. For concert information contact 601-353-0603. Tickets available at all Be-bop Record Shops.

Saturday, November 27

Herman's Picks

Mark your calendar now for Thursday, Dec. 2 for the Hal & Mal's Operation Shoestring Benefit Concert. From 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. your $15 donation to Operation Shoestring gets you in to see Bobby Rush, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Jimbo Mathus (of Squirrel Nut Zippers), Cary Hudson, Delta Mountain Boys, Buffalo Nickel, Neilson Hubbard, Living Better Electrically, Eric Stracener and Garvis, Scott Albert Johnson, Laurel Isbister, Omega Hart, Kool Filter Kings. With that kind of eclectic juke line-up of area favorites, there truly is something for everyone, and you'll be getting it on for charity, so you can tie one on, or off, and feel good about it.

Thursday, November 25

"The Late, Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered," Various Artists

The legendary outsider Daniel Johnston has been an inspiration to the indie underground since his first crudely boom box recorded cassettes got passed around in the 80's to Kurt Cobain, Bright Eyes, Sparklehorse and many more. Before his life was overrun by mental illness, this pop master truly was "a heartbreaking work of staggering genius." Start off by listening to the disc of original recordings by Daniel. The innocent loner with his heart on his sleeve is the Nick Drake for lo-fi indie generation. These unrequited catchy gems are covered on Disc 2 by Bright Eyes, Death Cab, Flaming Lips, Beck, Tom Waits and more, whose proceeds go to fund Daniel's treatment. See why Kurt Cobain often called him his favorite singer/songwriter. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

"Wire on the Box: 1979," Wire

This DVD and accompanying remastered audio CD set features rare archival footage of a live show on German TV from 1979 during which the European Alternative world was transitioning from Punk to the more New Wave ArtPunk to Post-Punk. These underappreciated godfathers of post-punk ushered in the era with the classic LPs "Chairs Missing" and "154." Newcomers will want to start with the LPs. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

"I Dreamed We Fell Apart," Memphis

Beautiful slow psych pop jangle for fans of Death Cab for Cutie, Bedhead, and Yo La Tengo. With members from Metric and Stars they mix in breezy reverberating and melodic vocals, and Eno-esque lazy atmospheric electronics. Contains a funky tropicalia cover of "Love Comes Quickly" by the Pet Shop Boys. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

Wednesday, November 24

Hollywood on Trial

Danny Goldberg writes:

In a recent Los Angeles Times article Patrick Goldstein said "Hollywood took it on the chin" in the recent election. [...] Goldstein mentioned a handful of harsh references to President Bush made by assorted celebrities during the recent campaign (the same ones that Stephanie Mansfield of the right-wing Washington Times had cited a week before): Jennifer Aniston, the "Friends" actress who called Mr. Bush "a f--king idiot"; John Mellencamp, who described Mr. Bush as "a cheap thug"; and Cher, who called Bush "stupid and lazy." Then there was the Whoopi Goldberg joke, a pun based on the President's last name that she told at a Kerry fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall.

The Progressive Morality

Professor George Lakoff writes in The Nation:

Jackie Richmond

Jackie Richmond, 32, took Jackson by storm these last few months as the hip, young campaign manager for Mississippi Supreme Court Justice James Graves, who was re-elected in a run-off election on Nov. 16, defying conventional political wisdom that he could not win a run-off. As her work with Graves neared its end (yes, there's still work to be done after Election Day), Richmond took a few seconds off to chat.

Peace, Love and Appeasement

After nearly two weeks of tug-of-war between the Mississippi House of Representatives and Gov. Haley Barbour, it seems that both sides have stopped pulling and come to agreement on a $455.9 million bond bill that includes both economic-development bonds that the governor wanted and education and infrastructure funding that the House demanded. The theme of Monday's sessions was peace, love and appeasement as our state's lawmakers got ready to head home for Thanksgiving. After Barbour agreed to expand the call to include the additional bonds, the bill passed 107-2 in the House and 48-2 in the Senate.

Tyrone Davis

Remember that old saw, "the clothes make the man"? In Tyrone Davis' case, it's most definitely the man who makes the clothes.

What's Next for Hip-Hop Activism?

A few weeks ago, Americans flocked to their polling locations in a concerted effort to pick a president. Leading up to the election, more attention was placed on re-enfranchising the disenfranchised than it has been since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We had cats I never thought would ever think about voting running around with "Vote Or Die" T-shirts, giving 6 a.m. polling location reminders.

[Wine] Turkey Wine

Although they were Puritans, the Pilgrims had to drank it up at the first 1621 Thanksgiving dinner. I can see the barrels of wine scattered about as they stumble to their feet the morning after the gorge-fest. Through their hungover stupor, they high-five and congratulate themselves for a party well done.

Briarcliff Circle: A Small Town in a Bigger City

Briarcliff Circle, tucked away in South Jackson near Jackson Memorial Gardens and Candlestick Park, is not like other neighborhoods in Jackson. While it is common in many areas for neighbors to barely know each other, each person consumed with his or her own life, the Briarcliff residents make a point to get acquainted. In fact, this is one of the main reasons former resident Rev. J.T. Robinson began the Briarcliff Neighborhood Association in 1998. "We formed the association to help enhance our neighborhood. We wanted to help neighbors get acquainted with each other, to get the neighbors to stick together," Robinson said. The main reason was to deter crime, because criminals, he said, don't like unified neighborhoods where everyone knows each other and sticks together.

[Stiggers] Hold On Tight, Do What's Right

Welcome to "Skreet Newz" with Bonqweesha and Pookie—the economic news magazine show for the financially challenged.

Up In Smoke

A sure-to-be contentious campaign to raise Mississippi's cigarette tax kicked off Nov. 18 in the rotunda of the state Capitol. A coalition of about 40 county and state groups calling itself "Communities for a Clean Bill of Health" called for the state to "Buck the system" by supporting a $1-per-pack increase to raise $184 million to help pay for the state's Medicaid costs (which would become $550 million with the federal matching funds added in, they say).

Tuesday, November 23

Songwriter/Author Les Kerr Performs and sign his new book at Hal & Mal's

Songwriter, author and recording artist Les Kerr will perform an acoustic concert and sign copies of his new book, Tennessee, Friday, December 3, 2004 at Hal & Mal's, 200 South Commerce Street, Jackson, beginning at 8:00 p.m. The show is part of Kerr's "Crawfish Caravan Tour" which has included performances in Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans and other cities.

Bell, Part 3

As Doctor S predicted several weeks back, James Bell will return for a third season as football coach at Jackson State. Bell has a third year remaining on the contract that pays him $85,000 a year. Obviously, the school and its alumnbi weren't willing to pay him not to coach.

[Fry] Why Is It?

A few months ago, the rapper Jadakiss released a great song called "Why." The lyrics of the song really hit a special spot in my mind and my heart—and motivated me to write my own version.

Standing Up for the People

Don't believe the hype. Or, at least look for the balance in it.

During the special session called by Gov. Haley Barbour to pass certain economic-development bonds, Mississippians have been told incessantly by Barbour's office and the state's media that the House of Representatives has been "obstructionist." The drumbeat has been that the House is costing the taxpayers money every day they don't simply pass Barbour's bill and go home.

Monday, November 22

Paul "Wine" Jones at Soulshine

Wed., Nov. 24, is Fat Possum Records night at Soulshine Pizza at Hal & Mal's. The raw garage blues jukeman known as Paul "Wine" Jones returns at 10 p.m. with Kenny Brown, the guitarist for R.L. Burnside, and other Fat Possum regulars. It ain't pretty, it's hard liquor blues it is. It'll knock you down on your Turkey Day Eve. Praise the lord for paid holidays and Paul "Wine" Jones.

Sunday, November 21

White House, Congress Rolls Back Student Loans, Grants

New York Times is reporting:

Saturday, November 20

Dust-Up on Floor of U.S. Senate Today

[Breaking] Apparently, it was just disocvered that Republicans snuck a provision into the 3,000-page budget bill that allows agents of congressional committees to have access to anybody's IRS records. They're fighting about it right now on C-SPAN II. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, is yelling right now that they never "intend" to use the power. BIG FIGHT.

Friday, November 19

My Plan to Break Partisan Judicial Stalemates

Mississippians know what it's like to see one of our own attacked unfairly in the judicial confirmation process. Judge Charles Pickering, a good judge who also is a committed Christian, was harshly and unfairly attacked by Senators John Edwards and Ted Kennedy and other liberals during his confirmation hearings. That's why Mississippians are very concerned right now with how a new Senate will handle President Bush's future judicial nominations.

Imagining a Real Youth Movement

By Raj Jayadev writes for Wiretap about problems with the youth voting movement. "[A] movement is about creating choices. The gulf is about imagination. As Desmond Tutu said, it's not just about having a seat at the table, it's about setting the menu. If young people really did set the menu, I doubt they would be serving up the Democratic Party or John Kerry.

Could Upcoming Ohio Recount Change Outcome? is reporting:

Thursday, November 18

"Transmaniacon," RTX

RTX — "Transmaniacon" The latest incarnation of The Royal Trux sends "The Darkness" back to the glam rock school of alt. jams. RTX bangs their head to 80's hair metal, and perfects it with a heavy dose of Sonic Youth, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Sexplosion), Smashing Pumpkins, Ween, Joan Jett and the Butthole Surfers. Pull it out during your next cross-genre party jam. It's guaranteed to kick asses in gear. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

The Occasion

The Occasion – This sweet self-titled debut on Say Hey Records spreads the Psychedelphia space rock/psych sounds of Asteroid #4 (Introducing), Inouk, and Bardo Pond to NYC. If you dig the slow building, dreamy pastoral and cerebrally trippy early 70's night music of Pink Floyd meets the Moody Blues then here's your cup of mushroom tea. If you're a fan of Mojave3, Spacemen 3, The Lilys, Leola, stoner trance rock, or the darker psychedelic side of the Beatles and Brian Wilson, this stereophony is for you. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

"Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins," Pavement

Pavement — "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins" This 49-track, two-CD reissue of this quintessential indie rock classic adds 25 unreleased recordings and 11 unleashed songs, with a beautiful fat book of liner scribblings. No live tracks, but a rare collection of b-sides, outtakes, and Peel Sessions from the definitive period of this definitive band. -- Herman Snell & Alex Slawson

Surreal Blog: Stories Too Incredible to Be False

So, I'll start with the story that inspired this Surreal Blog:

Listening to NPR this morning, I decided that we need a place on the JFP site to collect all these crazy stories coming (mostly) out of Washington these days. These are true news stories that seem too unbelievable to be true -- but they are. Feel free to add your own at will. Definitely include the link, and a couple sentences of explanation as need.

Her Divine Cooking Life

The first thing you notice about Barbara Michelson's "Leave Nothing on The Back Burner: My Happy Cooking Life" is the size and heft of the bright yellow hardback book. Then the title catches your eye, making you aware that this is a different sort of cookbook. That fact is brought home in the author's dedication: "This is my last will and cookbookament. It covers everything I would want everyone to know if I were suddenly struck by a bus and killed, including stories of many of the friends and family members who have nurtured my love of food—both preparing it and consuming it. Of course there are a few other people I have also loved. But since in their lifetimes they weren't able to produce one interesting, amusing or delicious dish, I'm sorry, they'll have to be in someone else's memoirs."

JFP Moving to Rankin County

Last night, as we toiled to get this issue out, Stephen interrupted some people breaking into one of our interns' cars. Fortunately, they didn't get away with much—they threw his backpack filled with school notes only useful to him into the bushes. But his window did get smashed, the police came, took fingerprints, and a bit of drama ensued. And he has a hassle to deal with today, and the emotions that go with being a victim of crime, any crime.

The Soul of An Elephant

"They will learn to conform to our agenda or they will be driven from our party"

Voting at Black Colleges Hit Record Levels

This year's surge in youth voting—51 percent of Americans 29 and under voted this year as opposed to 42 percent in 2000—was nowhere more apparent than on black college campuses, reports the Black College Wire:

Wednesday, November 17

New Orleans' Mermaid Lounge to Close

The pinnacle New Orleans underground and indie nightclub, Mermaid Lounge will be closing the doors for good at 1100 Constance come late December. Be sure to catch your last chance to see some bands in the cozy setting. In December there will be several final shows with local bands that have played there during the past few years.

[Fleming] God's Will, Not Haley's, Needs to Prevail

Impasse, thy name is Haley! In a precursor to a tumultuous regular session in January, the Mississippi Legislature is deadlocked in a special session concerning the passage of bonds to stimulate further economic development in our state. While I have been a supporter of such legislation in the past, it has become apparent to me that this special session is more about making a political statement than creating jobs.


The Best in Sports in the Next 7 Days

College Basketball: Mississippi State vs. Syracuse (8 p.m., ESPN2/620 AM): The Bulldogs hit the Big Apple for this semifinal game of the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic. The Dogs play Friday in either the championship (8 p.m.) or the consolation game (6 p.m.).

The Freest Man Behind Bars

"For a man to act himself, he must be perfectly free; otherwise he is in danger of losing all sense of responsibility or of self-respect."

On the Verge: Poindexter is at a Crossroads

With perhaps the best angle on the city's skyline, the Poindexter community—starting just west of Gallatin and bumping up to the Jackson State campus—sits on the edge of downtown Jackson and is on the verge of becoming a much more livable and accessible neighborhood. While many Jacksonians might consider Poindexter one of those neighborhoods too dangerous to venture into after sundown, Poindexter residents and supporters have been working over the past several years to make their neighborhood a safer and more united area. Members of the Poindexter community speak with confidence and optimism about their neighborhood's current state.

[Stiggers] Come Chill at Clubb Chicken Wing

Has the election got you down? Join the "Financially Challenged" at the hippest and least expensive place in town, Clubb Chicken Wing. As food, gas and energy prices increase, the only thing you can afford at a club these days is a chicken-wing snack!

[Chick] ‘It Ain't Me'

Praise the Lord, Jill is No. 1! Again, The New York Times confirms what we all know anyway: Southerners are the best darn writers on the planet. Now, Jill Conner Browne will try to tell you that the Sweet Potato Queens canon is not literature, but any intelligent, fun-loving woman in the South, or the world for that matter, begs to differ. If "Make me laugh and buy me sparkly things, and I am yours" isn't a timeless and cultural universal, I don't know what is. Hence, literature. I know I'm right about this.

‘We Aren't Santa Claus'

There is a showdown this week in the Magnolia State between Gov. Haley Barbour and the state Senate on one side and the House of Representatives on the other. Between them hangs a $108 million economic-development bond bill that Barbour wants passed before the regular session convenes in January. Most lawmakers agree on the need for the bonds, which would primarily honor commitments the state made in 2003 to Northrop Grumman Ship Systems.

Rene Paul Barilleaux

Even as a child, Rene Paul Barilleaux knew he wanted to work in the arts. "Before first grade, I was always interested in drawing, making stuff and doing visual things," he says.

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link?

Since Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in 1975, many states with strong abortion opposition have implemented laws that make the procedure a bit more difficult to endure than in other states. For instance, in Mississippi, state law mandates that each woman getting an abortion has to be counseled on the risks of the procedure and alternatives to it, such as adoption, at least 24 hours prior to the procedure.

[City Buzz] Unwrapped and Unveiled

Photo by Brett Potter A TAX TO LOVE: Financial disaster is looming for the state, and the new Coalition for a Clean Bill of Health wants to raise Mississippi's cigarette tax by $1 per pack, to help both the state's fiscal and physical health. Supporters include the American Cancer Society, AARP, the Children's Defense Fund, MS Alliance for School Health and many others—including a majority of Mississippians. A Stennis Institute of Government survey found in 2003 that 70 percent of Mississippians, Republicans and Democrats, would support raising taxes to pay for health-care needs. Nearly 72 percent said they would either strongly support or support a 50-cent-a-pack tobacco tax. Former Big Tobacco lobbyist Barbour, however, says no way—even to keep from cutting education and Medicaid. Boo, hiss.

Tuesday, November 16

"A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence" by John Frusciante

Record Collection is proud to unveil A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence by John Frusciante. John Frusciante reports: "A Sphere" is the 5th album in this extraordinary series of six albums in six months. In stores 11.23.2004. A Sphere In The Heart Of Silence is a record of electronic music made by Josh Klinghoffer and myself. After a few months making raw and/or stripped down music, we decided to go back to making more layered, richly textured electronic music. It was still recorded as if it were 1970, but with modern electronic instruments that didn't exist back then.

Nickel Creek Recording / Chris Thile Tours With Edgar Meyer

Nickel Creek is currently in the studio with producer Eric Valentine, working on their third album for Sugar Hill Records. Their 2002 release, This Side, won the Grammy for "Best

Chemical Brothers Release Details on New CD

11 years and 8 million albums since bursting out of the UK's underground club culture, The Chemical Brothers are back. With their fifth studio album, "Push the Button," Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons once again demonstrate that, when it comes to beat-based innovation, inspired collaboration and sheer sonic excellence, they are matchless.

Monday, November 15

[Rev] Blowing Sunshine Up Your Nose

Like many of you, I stayed up all night watching the election returns. The brilliant Dan Rather turns-of-phrase—"His lead is thinner than turnip soup" and "Are your fingernails sweating, yet?" are a sure testament to the anchorman's study of euphemisms that denote a close presidential race. And close it was, but with Kerry conceding on Wednesday, it was all over. For progressives like myself, I contemplated my future: Mexico. No, no, that wouldn't help. So then I thought: France. But my sister's husband, a Frenchman, pointed out that it doesn't matter where you go, everyone that lives on planet Earth will be affected by the Bush presidency.

Jimmy Eat World in N.O. Jan. 10

Monday, January 10 at House Of Blues, Phoenix's Reubens Accomplice, and Elephant are opening for pop-rock superstars Jimmy Eat World. The urgent rock, bouncy pop, fantastically infectious anthems and halting balladry displayed on Reubens' latest, The Bull, The Balloon, And The Family (produced by Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, and out on his Western Tread label), will soon drift out of the House Of Blues... and immediately get stuck in the heads of passerby.

Geff Rushton (a.k.a. John Balance) 1962-2004

We are sad to report the untimely passing of Geff Rushton (a.k.a. John Balance), founder of Coil, occasional member of Zos Kia, Psychic TV, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, and Death In June. He will be sadly missed.

Saturday, November 13

Esperanza Plantation Label Showcase Concert

Sat., Dec. 18, 7 p.m. $7. The first rock fest inside the old Capri/Pix Theatre, on State St., in Fondren. Colour Revolt (was Fletcher), Questions in Dialect, El Obo (Jesse from Colour Revolt), A Becoming Walk, Arkitekt, Tommy Bryan Ledford, and surprise guests. All ages. 750-1897.

DayBreakDown at George St. Dec. 18

Daybreakdown is coming back to George St. Grocery Saturday, Dec. 18. Since George St. re-opened Daybreakdown has put 3 of the top-10 crowds in there (250+ consistently) and has one of the most loyal fan-bases in Jackson of any other Mississippi-based rock band. They have packed out Hal & Mal's, Headliners and Soulshine on several occasions as well. Daybreakdown headlined the first-ever Earth Day ReLeaf & Rhythms Benefit last year raising several thousand dollars for the Mississippi Urban Forestry Commission, and is having an oak tree planted on Farrish St. in their name for their contributions this coming Spring. They also co-headlined the 2nd Annual Joe's Crawdad Festival last Spring with the Taylor Grocery Band in the Smith Wills Pariking Lot.

Superb Heroes

A Review of "The Incredibles"

Overflowing with action, heart, imagination and meaning, "The Incredibles," the latest collaboration between Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios (and one of the last, following last January's decision to dissolve the successful partnership so that the latter can strike out on its own), is by far the funniest and possibly the best film to come along so far this year. With spectacular animation and an energy certain to infect even the most jaded of moviegoers, "The Incredibles" is a postmodern take on superhero stories that offers plenty of laughs and fun for adults as well as kids.

Dinner with Olga and Yuriy

Think about it. What's the least likely soup you could order homemade-fresh in a Flowood restaurant? In a million years, you'd probably never guess Russian borscht. That's the answer, though, and it's served Thursday nights—Russian night—at Olga's Restaurant at 1679 Old Fannin Road, 992-1092, in front of Winners Circle Park, one-fourth mile north of Dogwood Festival.

Friday, November 12

"Forbidden Planet Explored," Jack Dangers

Reviewed by Alex Slawson and Herman Snell

Undoubtedly one of the coolest names in electronica, Jack Dangers [aka Meat Beat Manifesto] now presents a legendary recording from a live performance of the soundtrack he created for the classic sci-fi movie, "Forbidden Planet." Those familiar with MBM know how sci-fi Mr. Dangers grooves can be and this is no exception. Expect an almost astral journey to the planet for which this release is named.

November 9th Music Releases

After a hiatus spurred on by the election, the New Music Releases are BACK! So, let's get on with the new releases for the week of November 9th, 2004.

Bio Hazards

The music of Ray Charles is a national treasure, as is the artist's legacy. The same can't be said for "Ray," the movie of his life, although the transcendent performance of Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles kicks this otherwise ordinary biopic into the realm of the extraordinary.

Thursday, November 11

[Parks] I'm a Decent Human Being, Too

When I first got to my precinct in Louisiana to vote, the people behind me greeted me cheerfully. They wanted to know where I go to school, what I want to be, what I thought of the rain outside. After we all realized the line we were standing in was where we'd be for almost an hour, they started comparing the wait to the lines for the Louisiana Marriage Amendment a few weeks ago, which were much shorter. That amendment passed by 78 percent of the vote, but was declared unconstitutional by a state judge on Oct. 5.

"Up Against the Legends," The Legends

Reviewed by Herman Snell and Alex Slawson

Sweden has been on a musical roll in 2004- producing several noteworthy additions to the indie music landscape. Another great addition comes from this hyper-melodic nine piece. The Legends are rooted firmly in the catchy fey jangle and guitar fuzz of early 80's era Creation Records/C-86 (early My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Pastels, Biff Bang Pow, Stone Roses), Television Personalities, Phil Spector Motown and Sarah Records' Field Mice, without sounding contrived. In fact, they pull this off so well we could hardly believe this recording wasn't made in 1980's London. They have those great 1967 echoey mono psych vocals. But unlike most other bands riding the retro indie pop wave, their are more than enough harmonious hooks lurking beneath the surface to continually reward the listener over many repeated listens.

"The Videos 1989 - 2004," WarpVision (compilation)

Reviewed by Alex Slawson and Herman Snell

Warp Records finally releases this much anticipated DVD collection of videos from 1989 - 2004! A chronological retrospective of the Warp label's IDM and electronica heavy roster includes videos from Sweet Exorcist, LFO, Nightmares on Wax, Aphex Twin, Sabres of Paradise, Seefeel, Autechre, Squarepusher, Jimi Tenor, Broadcast, Plaid, Luke Vibert, Mira Calix and Prefuse 73- directors include Jarvis Cocker, David Slade, Chris Cunningham, Alex Rutherford and The Designers Republic. It goes without saying that this is a feast for the ears and eyes, a must have for fans of the aforementioned artists and experimental cinematography. WOW!

"Night on Fire," VHS or Beta

Reviewed by Alex Slawson and Herman Snell

Although not very original in today's indie retro music soundscape, VHS or Beta are nonetheless fun and catchy as hell. "Night on Fire" plays like a hybrid of Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture with Robert Smith influenced vocals and early Cure guitar rifts.

Wednesday, November 10

Deadly Love

Jackson State University senior Jimmy Lee is about to get his fifteen minutes of fame. Lee wrote, and is producing, directing and hosting a performance of his play, "Dangerously in Love," on Thursday, Nov. 11 at JSU's University Park Auditorium as a fund raiser for JSU's American Marketing Association.


The Best in Sports in the Next 7 Days

College Basketball: Mississippi State vs. Fairfield (8 p.m., 620 AM): The Bulldogs begin their season in the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic in Birmingham. Unfortunately, Lawrence Roberts won't be playing thanks to NCAA trouble and a broken nose.

[Music] Kasey's ‘Angel'

Motherhood will certainly change one's outlook on life, and it has only served to enrich the artistic spirit of Australia's alt-country darling Kasey Chambers.

Kids Acting Up Again

Jackson's young talent is taking center stage again—all around the metro area. The adults are offering up some performances, as well. Still, the old stage adage advises: "Never try to compete onstage with kids or a dog." So we'll start with the kids.

Help ‘N the Hood

You may not have heard of the other CIA—Christians in Action. CIA is a children's advocacy group that sponsors an emergency shelter for abused or neglected children. Their facility is currently located in the Poindexter neighborhood west of downtown. It has been in existence since 1977 and provides residential care for children from birth through age 12. The shelter holds up to one dozen children.

Mississippi Youth Vote ‘Blue'

You've heard it a million times since Election Day: It's hard to be redder, electorally speaking, than the state of Mississippi. Well, yeah—unless you're under 30. Young Mississippi voters not only turned out in record numbers; they led the South, and much of the nation, in the percentage who voted for John Kerry for president (63 percent) over George W. Bush (37 percent).

[Silver] Beware the Forces of Good

If I hear one more time, "The United States is a Christian nation," I'm going to puke. We are not a Christian nation and, as a Christian, I pray we never become one. I do not fear an overt attempt at institutionalizing Christianity as the official state religion. Such an effort would get less support than the Ten Commandments at the Alabama Supreme Court.

[Stiggers] G.W. Makes the World Go ‘Round

Mo'tel Williams Records (not K-Tel) and the Ghetto Science team bring to you the single "G.W. Makes the World Go 'Round," from the CD "What Happened Yawl?" by the Nu Peaches and Herb, Shaniqua and Pierre:

All Night Long

Are you tired of having to go home at 2 a.m. when you were just starting to get a buzz at your favorite downtown bar? Before long, you'll be able to drink yourself dizzy into the wee hours of the morning—right in downtown Jackson. The question, though, is where?

Win, Then Win Again?

The evening news reported a victory. The cameras showed a smiling James Graves at Hal & Mal's, a doo-wop band singing and dancing behind him, as the victor of the Mississippi Supreme Court, Position 2 race. The incumbent had defeated opponents Samac Richardson, Ceola James and Bill Skinner. But as the hour neared midnight, more returns showed that Graves had not collected the 50 percent-plus-one-vote majority needed to call the election.

Election ‘04: Rural vs. Urban

Early figures regarding the elections point to the rural and suburban areas of Mississippi for the greatest support for both George W. Bush and the gay-marriage ban. A CNN News poll shows Bush carried the state with a 59.63 percent, or about 671,027 votes, over Kerry's 39.60 percent, or about 445,596 votes. Rural areas, such as Greene County's 14 precincts overwhelmingly supported Bush at 72.64 percent, or 3,850 votes, over Kerry's 26.81 percent, or 1,421 votes. Greene County also carried the amendment with 93 percent in favor, or 4,921 votes, as opposed to seven percent at 379 votes against. Though primarily African-American counties, such as Issaquena, preferred the Democratic Kerry with an eight-point lead, the county's five small precincts still approved the gay ban with an eight out of 10 rating of 677 votes over 158.

You Own This Doghouse

However, if you're a Mississippian between the ages of 18 and 29, you are part of a powerful new voting constituency in the state—in this election, you turned out, and as a group, you made choices independent of the fogies in your lives. You thought independently and, according to CNN exit polls, you led the South and much of the U.S. in the percentage of you who voted for Kerry over Bush. Most of you also voted for the gay-marriage amendment.

Denise Krause

When Denise Krause, 40, graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies with a Masters in Russian, it was likely that neither the dentistry nor the technological field was on her mind. She was on her way to post-graduate school in Moscow, then to other parts of Europe, where she saw the Berlin Wall fall.

Who You Callin' Dumb

SPECIAL AND PRICEY: It seems Gov. Haley Barbour can't call a special session of the Legislature without causing controversy. His latest, which convened Monday, is to authorize $103.7 million in bonds including $40 million (about the amount the Guv underfunded public education last session) for a Northrop Grumman expansion this year and another $16 million the next year, $4.2 million to recruit a NASA Shared Services Center and other economic development projects that his office claims will secure more than 3,500 Mississippi jobs.

Orley's Brilliant Manifesto on Crime

Tuesday, November 9

Those Ever Elusive ‘Fish Stories'

Art: "Fisherman With Net" by Ron Lindsey

View Ron Lindsey's "Fish Stories" at Gallery 119, 3017 N. State St., 366-5141. The opening is Nov. 4 during Fondren ARTMix from 5 to 8 p.m.

Monday, November 8

Michael Moore: 17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists

1. It is against the law for George W. Bush to run for president again.

Provocateur Michael Moore shows some optimism over on Alternet. A sampling:

Sunday, November 7

Weekend Notes

Notes from this weekend of sports:

Belhaven quarterback Brian Zbydniewski was kicked off the team following his arrest on a felony marijuana possession charge. Two other starters were kicked off for their role in the investigation that led to the arrest, even though they weren't arrested. I guess we know now why Belhaven's nickname is the Blazers.

What Went Wrong with Fable?

Fable. Even if you aren't in with the video gaming culture, you've probably heard of Peter Molyneux's most ambitious project to date. Years in the making, the idea behind Fable was to have a world that you completely shaped—you kill a man, 10 game-years later, his son returns for your head. Save a kid's life, and he could return the favor one day. Plant a sapling as a boy, and when you're a wizened old man, you can see that it's grown. Unfortunately, Fable doesn't accomplish this.

[Stiggers] No Po' Folk Left Behind

Pookie Peterz, ghetto economist and international hustler, wants to share his wealth with the financially challenged.

Saturday, November 6

Mayor Johnson Weekly Newsletter 11/05

North Jackson Library Groundbreaking

Convention Center Referendum Passes!!! For those of you who may not have seen it on the news or in the paper, Jacksonians overwhelmingly passed the Convention Center Referendum this past Tuesday allowing Jackson to issue bonds to construct a $61 million dollar Capital City Convention Center! Jackson will now be able to join the ranks of nearly ever other state capital in the United States as having a center that can host large conventions, concerts and other large meetings. The center is expected to have a $40 million economic impact on the state's economy and will create 700 new permanent jobs in Jackson. The referendum that passed enacts a 1 percent hospitality tax increase on restaurants in the city, a 3 percent hospitality tax increase on hotels and a 3 percent tax on catering inside the Convention Center. The tax will repeal after the Convention Center bonds are repaid.

Friday, November 5

Two Nations Under God

"In COG We Trust," Consortium of Genius

-- By JC Patterson

Consortium of Genius - "In COG We Trust" If Young Frankenstein, the HAL9000 Computer (from 2001, A Space Odyssey), "drunken" comedian Foster Brooks and Weird Al Yankovich all had an insane, inbred love band, it would be The Consortium of Genius. COG, as thousands of fanatic minions have called them for years, has just released a work of legendary genius. "In COG We Trust" captures this New Orleans band's outrageous stage shows (lectures) with parodies ranging from Queen, AC/DC, Neil Diamond, The Gapp Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and country, with a few space aliens thrown in for good measure. Ringleader Lewis D'Aubin, (Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton, III) is the real genius behind COG, and uses his uncanny singing voice to mimic the legends of music. Along with the drunken Dr. A, the Middle Eastern antics of Dr. Z, plus the mechanized madness of Drumbot, COG delivers a laugh fest that is the perfect medicine for music mediocrity. CD release party: Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, Sat., Nov. 13, 10 p.m. $5.

"Songs About the Ocean," The High Water Marks

Reviewed by Herman Snell and Alex Slawson

With a roster of members from several high profile indie acts [Apples in Stereo, Palermo, Preston School of Industry], The High Water Marks almost "seem" like an indie rock super group of sorts. However, don't think for a second that this is another self-indulgent release by a band who, given the success of their other projects, have nothing really to prove. This album has a creative spark and an urgency normally seen in only the hungriest "up and comers." Couple this with the manner in which they beautifully integrate the tight and energetic K Records/Teenbeat Twee Indie precision (circa 1995), a fuzzed out Creation era Brit-Pop (Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Blur) and Dream Pop/Shoegaze. The result is a release so tasty, you cannot and will not scan to the next track. Excellent!!

Fantastic Fall Food

Elixir Restaurant and Bar, 4800 I-55 North, 981-7896, gives female Jacksonians their very own present for its first birthday—Working Women's Wednesdays—throughout the month of November—from 5-7 p.m., the special is $5 cosmopolitans. Don't worry: those of you who are non-working women won't be turned away at the door.

Thursday, November 4

Teach About Islam in the Public Schools?

‘Eradicate all Mention of God'?

Keep the Faith

Wednesday, November 3

God Is Not a Republican or a Democrat

Four Shillings Short at Fenians

America and Ireland since 1997. THURSDAY: NOV 11, 8:30 - 11:30PM , FENIANS PUB

The music of Four Shillings Short combines the talents of native Irishman, Aodh Og O'Tuama and Californian, Christy Martin in a fascinating and spirited feast of Celtic, Folk and World music. With an impressive array of instruments including East Indian sitar, hammered dulcimer, Medieval & Renaissance woodwinds, mandolin and mandola, tinwhistles, banjo, percussion and vocal harmonies the duo have entertained audiences all over

The Best in Sports in the Next 7 Days

College football: Louisville at Memphis (6:30 p.m., ESPN): A Memphis victory would give Southern Miss sole possession of first place in the CUSA.

[Music] That Which We Call a Rose

Lovers of ancient music are in for a treat Nov. 6 when The Rose Ensemble performs in Jackson for the first time. Starting at 7:30 p.m. at St. Philip's Episcopal Church, the vocal group from Minnesota will perform Czech, Polish and Russian music from the 12th century to the 17th century, including Czech chants and polyphony, motets for double choir from Renaissance Poland and 12-part Russian Orthodox hymns. As with all offerings from the Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music, these pieces will be performed as they were intended to be heard.

The Future Is for the Passionate

Whew, that's over. Or maybe it is. As I type this, it is Election Day, and our blogs are on fire over this election. Jakob just showed up wearing his "voting shoes" (American flag Converses), and people are calling in voting problems from around the area. I just wrote on the blog that there is a special place in hell for anyone who would try to stop anyone else from voting. Apparently, that wing of hell will soon be standing room only.

Part-Time Justice

<b>Poor State Prisoners Shorted on Legal Help</b>

A recent town meeting in Jackson highlighting prisoner abuse in the state's penal system offered a peek at another legal issue plaguing many Mississippians who find themselves on the wrong end of criminal prosecution.

[Chick] A Single Girl Shows Her Hand

Dating can be a pain in the butt. Dates don't call back. Or they do call back and call too often. Or they have commitment issues. Or they bore your pants off. Or they try to get your pants off on a first date. Or they suck at Pub Quiz. Or they drink cheap wine. Or they kiss like a goldfish.

[Spann] Without Dodging a Single Bullet

I watched the previews on television all week with apprehension. I thought, "Please don't let it be Mississippi." I've never been ashamed of Mississippi, though I've often renounced the racists and other trite characters that call our state home. But fears about my state being misrepresented ran rampant when I saw scenes from an upcoming episode of the NBC drama "Crossing Jordan." The show's characters were to visit a southern state to render Bostonian justice for an old hate crime.

Hello, Farish

After years in the making, Farish Street is on her way to being renovated into an entertainment district that many hope will rival Beale Street in Memphis. The city announced last week that Wet Willy's, a daiquiri bar; Funny Bone, a comedy club; and The King Biscuit Café, a blues club are opening in the Farish district.

A ‘Mixed Blessing'

Along with the history of segregation and inequality among elementary and secondary education in the state, the state's historically black state universities, called HBCUs, have endured a longstanding tradition of neglect. Historical discrimination has left them, in many cases, with not only less-competitive academic programs then the state's predominantly white institutions, but also inadequate housing, buildings and resources.

Nathan Glenn

When Nathan Glenn, now 29, was growing up, his parents would check him out of school to "help toast bread or wash dishes" at one of their restaurants. After graduating high school, he went to Hinds Community College for a few years to pursue a business degree, but quickly realized that the restaurant business is his calling.

Righteous Babe

Ani DiFranco on Art, Activism and Life Beyond the Election

Ani DiFranco is a prolific singer, songwriter and guitarist who has produced 20 of her own albums in the past 15 years. She is known for her gripping lyrics, percussive guitar style and highly energized live shows. Spanning many musical genres, from folk-punk to jazz-funk, her very personal music has garnered her a deeply loyal fan base. Born in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1970, she started performing in local bars at the age of 9. Despite offers from major and independent record labels to produce and distribute her music, she formed her own record company, Righteous Babe Records, when she was 19. She has long been committed to making music with integrity and honesty and an openness to move beyond stereotypes and challenge the status quo.


"Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink." (Isaiah 5:11).

It's Mourning in America

Rick Perlstein of The Village Voice writes:

Convention Center Wins, Apparently

Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush

Here is the must-read New York Times Magazine profile of George W. Bush that is garnering so much attention. It starts with this quote from Reagan policy adviser Bruce Bartlett and goes from there:

Old Capitol Museum Concerts

Old Capitol Museum Concerts - Dec. 12, 3 p.m. The Oakdale Elementary Singers, Brandon. Dec. 19, 3 p.m. Saint Andrew's Cathedral Choir. State St. 576-6920.

Tuesday, November 2

Returns: National Elections

OK, it's getting there. Polls will start closing soon. Please use this thread to discuss the returns as they come in.

Returns: Local & State Elections

Use this blog to discussion Mississippi and Jackson elections. Yes, non-Jacksonians are welcome. Here's to America and freedom.

JFP Election After-Party, Blogging at Soulshine

After you vote Tuesday, head to Soulshine in the Hal & Mal's complex to watch the returns on the big-screen TV, and either celebrate or drown your sorrows–Happy Hour prices all night long. The JFP will be blogging from Soulshine about the returns and whatever the hell else we feel like adding to the blogosphere. So if you can't make it, check in on this site to keep yourself up-to-date with what's going on here and in the outside world, and be sure to add your comments.

Open Thread: Catharsis

If it doesn't fit somewhere else, say it here. Don't libel or toss around ad hominems, though. Otherwise, get it off your chest, serious or not.

Open Thread: Media & How They're Doing

I'm getting a little tired of all the hopeful predictions from media that this one is going to be just like Florida. They seem to be relishing the idea, because it's good for their bottom line. What are your thoughts about media coverage of the election today and tonight?

Open Thread: Post Exit Polls, Predictions Here

All, use this thread from here on out to share exit polling info and such. We'll start an actual Returns thread when the polls close.

[Stiggers] Comb Yo' Head, Wear a Weave, Iron Yo' Clothes

Ladies and gentlemen! The Ghetto Science Team's Get Out and Vote Initiative presents Grandma Pookie's motivational pep talk.

Your Voting Experience

Use this blog to discuss your voting experience rather than posting on off-topic blogs. Feel free to share your stories here regarding election day!

Just In: USM Ballots Missing; Protest Planned

It starts. We just got this from LiveJournal tonight from "ThatGuy":

A protest is being organized for tomorrow for all disenfranchised students. please call Kim Dixon at 601-266-3385 for more information. [...]

Is Mississippi a Swing State?

The JFP has been telling readers for weeks that the presidential race is much closer than people think in Mississippi. We reported Sept. 30 on the state-by-state poll by the American Research Group that showed that Bush was only pollng 51 percent in the state, Kerry 42 percent with 5 percent undecided, and a 4 percent margin of error. We've been shocked to see no other state media report these numbers. The Tupelo daily even said they didn't think any national polls of the state had been done and the Associated Press on Monday reported that the race is closer here than people think—but without reporting these numbers. Today, finally, Sid Salter—who writes about politics for The Clarion-Ledger—is admitting that Bush's lead is shrinking in Mississippi. But still no numbers—at least about this race. Salter does tell us that John F. Kennedy only got 36.3 percent of the vote here, that Bush I beat Dukakis with 59.7 percent of the vote, and and the best Bill Clinton got was 44.6 percent of the vote here. But where's the actual news—that mere weeks ago, Bush was only polling 51 percent in Mississippi and that Kerry has a real shot if people turn out and vote? Why not tell us this?

Monday, November 1

Keep the Faith

All, this is an example of what I mean. A Jackson woman I've never met took the quote I posted this a.m. and made this image for me.

Tigers' Revival

There's good news and bad news for many Jackson State football fans: The good, the Tigers have won two straight games and appear to have turned their season around. The bad, James Bell will coach the Tigers next season, no matter how the season plays out.

Anglican Classes

Wow: Look At Them Web Stats!

More and more people keep discovering the JFP site/blog, and sticking around. Here are our numbers for October 1-31, 2004: Total Sessions (Visits): 54,262

Chemical Brothers New Single and Album Announced

On January 18th The Chemical Brothers return with "Galvanize", a full blooded pulsing dance-floor anthem, featuring the vocal talents of the legendary Q-tip. From its pounding bass to its classic breakdown, it is The Chemical Brothers at their prime.

Why I'm Voting for George W. Bush

Although it is clear that the JFP has fully endorsed John Kerry, we would like to offer a forum for those who support George W. Bush to give us the reasons why. I ask Kerry supporters not to fill this blog with reasons to vote for Kerry—although anyone is welcome to challenge and discuss the reasons that others give for supporting Bush. I urge everyone to include back-up links where possible and to keep this discussion respectful. Ad hominem attacks will be deleted without comment.

John Lennon CDS & George Harrison DVD out

Today, November 2nd, Capitol Records releases two John Lennon albums: the new John Lennon Acoustic and a remixed and remastered version of Lennon's classic Rock 'n' Roll with bonus tracks, as well as George Harrison's The Dark Horse Years 1979-1992 DVD.

Jazz, Blues and More Concerts

Jazz, Blues and More Concerts - Fri., Dec. 17. The third Friday each month at the Alamo Theater, 333 Farish St. 7:30 p.m. $5. Sherrill Holly- Saxophones; Nathan Hunter- Keyboards; Reese Powell- Guitar; Willie Silas-Drums; Bernard Holly- Bass. Vocals by Angela Walls-Gray and Bobby Smith. 352-3365.