Stories for June 2006


Friday, June 30

Got Rights? The ACLU's Freedom Party – June 30

Join the ACLU and the Jackson Free Press for a Freedom Party outside at 930 Blues Cafe on Friday, June 30, featuring performances by Willie King and other local artists. Admission: $5 for ACLU members and board members: $10 for non-members; $15 for couples; students and volunteers get in free! Call 601.355.6464 for details. Starts at 5:30 p.m. Come visit the JFP table! Win "I Get It Once a Week" T-shirts! Register to vote! Come on out, y'all.

[Lott] We, the People

*Web exclusive*

On July 4 Mississippi is a sea of stars and stripes—red, white and blue. Our flag reminds us that the freedoms Americans enjoy were outlined when our founders signed a Constitution that began with three simple words: "We the people." They were words scripted in big bold letters with those thick, broad ink quills our framers used so masterfully. But recent actions in Washington cast doubt on whether "we the people" really means much these days.

‘Net Neutrality' Struggling in US Senate

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation failed to add an amendment to the "Advanced Telecommunications and Opportunity Reform Act" that would guarantee "net neutrality." The vote, 11-11, means that the amendment didn't get the majority it needs.

Sign the "Buffoonery and ‘Bad Hair'" Petition!

Ads from Dr. Miracle ( have appeared in black magazines and are highly offensive. The same company also makes African Pride products. I see no African pride coming from this company.

Six Flags Discriminates Against Employees With Ethnic Hairstyles; ACLU Is Investigating

If I can't work there because of my dreads, then I won't give them any of my money either. At this rate, they may not let me into their precious little park anyway. Pshaw!

Thursday, June 29

Non-Corporate Coffee Locator

Just came across this -- click to to find the non-corporate coffee houses either close to home or when you're traveling. Nice not only because it's an option other than Starbucks (which is also listed) but for the fact that many non-corporate coffee houses have free WiFi and other perks.

"Gay Marriage Worse Than Slavery"

Wednesday, June 28

Madison County Journal Profiles Melton

Ooo, look at this. The Madison County Journal has a rather glowing profile of Melton this week. Some money quotes:

[Liquor] Shooting The Booze

Many of us have suffered through a night where we stoop to liquor and dark lighting to lick our wounds and rebuild our faith in life and love. Unfortunately, there are precious few road maps to the potential scumminess of the promising drinking partner with whom you share the bar and a wink. In the interest of those we love, (The JFP readers), Greggs and Johnson offer up an opposing he said/she said on what you can tell about a member of the opposite sex from what they choose to drink. In a world of deception, of push-up bras and hair plugs, the drink tells all.

[ArtTalk] The Fire This Time

Art piece by Ji Wan Joo

I'm not from Mississippi, but I have lived here off and on for enough years that I have a certain attachment to the state. I was lucky enough to attend a rather fine state university located in Mississippi, thus creating an even stronger bond. I happened to take a few classes in art history and ceramics. I assume that due to our locale there was considerably more emphasis placed on people like the Mad Potter of Biloxi than there might have been if we were in another state. I was also fortunate enough to get to hold in my hands a piece made by the Mad Potter and feel the delicacy and surprising lack of heft. This moment left a mark in my mind that none of my pottery ever came close to matching and also cemented lightness and delicacy as a sign of quality ceramics.

State of Emergency, Reloaded

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton declared an official state of emergency for the city of Jackson June 22, outlining a stricter curfew for city minors. He then announced an update to the state of emergency to council members at the June 27 council meeting.

Better Late Than Never

A large group gathered in the gymnasium of Higgins Middle School in McComb, Miss. for a ceremony, Thursday, June 22. This graduation was different. There was no buzzing and flittering about. There were very few teenagers dressed in Sunday best. College students eager to start their new lives weren't standing in line, either. Instead, 10 60-somethings dressed in green caps and gowns with gold trim were anxious to receive honorary diplomas.

Melton's First Year: Sex, Lies and Videotape

Visit the JFP's MeltonBlog/Archive here.

Sneak Attacks

Jacksonians first caught a glimpse of the kind of mayor they had elected less than a week after Melton won the primary. WAPT sent reporter Greg Flynn to the YMCA on Farish Street, where Melton volunteered, to get Melton's thoughts on how he felt about his win and where he planned to take the city.

Melton Stuffed On Goliath Suit

In a June 23 decision, U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee granted the Gannett' Corp.'s motion for summary judgment on whether Robert Pierce can join a lawsuit filed by Frank Melton for breach of contract, finding that there was no enforceable contract between Melton and The Clarion-Ledger.

Crime Really Does Pay

Platform: PS2 | 360 | PC

"Hitman: Blood Money" is the only game in which the player can kill his enemies with a cake, Viagra, the clever use of a garbage truck and a sausage. When I review games, I generally write a short intro, possibly from the perspective of the character, to let the reader get into the feel of the game. This was not necessary for my "Hitman" review. The sentence above tells you most of what you need to know.

[Music] The Looney Bin

Looney Mill hails from Birmingham, Ala., and is burning up the asphalt playing gigs across the South and attracting quite a following. The jam band, who will be at Martin's Friday June 30, is bursting at the seams with energy and enthusiasm with Dirk South (Bass, Vox), Quinn Collins (Drums, Percussion, Vox), John Hugunin (Guitar, Vox), Marcus Buckner (Guitar, Vox) and Kyndle Buckner (Vox). Their sound is deeply rooted in Southern rock, and you'll hear many influences entwined throughout their catchy melodies: funk, jazz, and that good ol' Southern twang.

Clinton, Coulter and Me

Former President Bill Clinton was not the biggest draw for me this month at the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies' national convention in Little Rock. I don't dig liars. Personally, I was more excited about the luncheon the day before when my staff brought home six awards—including first-place honors in newswriting for reporter Adam Lynch.

[Greggs] Help Is on the Way

Over the course of an average week as a mental health professional, I see many individuals in my office that most people would deem "crazy." I am often amazed they have managed to escape both detection and a good mental health assessment for as long as they have. You would be astonished by the number of people out there walking around slap out of their damn minds. Frequently I find they usually manage keeping up this façade of perfect mental health for extended periods largely thanks to a fair amount of ready cash. Nothing in this world protects crazy like money. Think Michael Jackson. Totally crazy, totally rich, totally got off.

[Stiggers] The Pied Pipers of Crime Control

Jethro "Drum Stick" Johnson and Martin "Blue Note" Smith of the Ghetto Science Team Crime Prevention Association propose a new crime prevention program.

Edward Mclaurin

When you meet Edward McLaurin, one of the first things you notice, besides his neatness, is his reserved disposition. The 23-year-old Sharon, Miss. native looks you straight in the eye and doesn't look off. The Millsaps graduate is an artist, teacher and student.

The Best In 7 Days

Cotton State League baseball, Clinton at Capital City (3 p.m., 1240 AM): The Corndogs call on the Rangers.

"Dangerously in Love" play auditions—- Saturday, July 22nd

J. Lee Productions is seeking young, attractive, and talented male and female actors and dancers ages 18- 25 to star in the dynamic play "Dangerously In Love". Auditions will be held Saturday July 22, 2006 at Mikhails on North State Street from 9:00 am - 2:00pm. No prior acting experience necessary, must be however diligent, precise, and ready to become a STAR! All auditioning dancers must be height and weight proportioned. Female dancers must be able to dance in 3-inch heels and are asked to audition in them as well.

A House Divided

Tuesday, June 27

Breaking: Danks Gives Notice

Monday, June 26

Managerial Mayhem

If you haven't seen the video of minor league baseball manager Joe Mikulik's tirade at the umpires, proceed immediately to any newscast. It will be there. Mikulik might be in the minors, but he threw a major league tantrum. He's definitely up there in Billy Martin-Lou Pinella-Earl Weaver territory. What did Mikulik do? (Follow the link to the video here.)

Breaking: Setback for Melton in Meridian Suit


In a June 23 decision, U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee granted Gannett's motion for summary judgment on whether Robert Pierce can join a law suit filed by Frank Melton for breach of contract, finding that there was no enforceable contract between Melton and Goliath.

Sunday, June 25

But Where's the Puddin'?

Nation of Islam Plans to Attack Crime in Jackson

The Mississippi Link ( is reporting the following:

Join us for National HIV Testing Day—- Tuesday, June 27, 2006

National HIV Testing Day

* Community Room, 11:30-1p.m. --Community Forum about HIV with C. A. Webb and other community speakers

Saturday, June 24

Roxanne Rogers

There is nothing average about Roxanne Rogers, 27. This self-avowed "Pearl girl" is unique, from her Southern drawl to her gorgeous, funky hair. From the moment you enter Rogers' salon Stella, one glance at the suit of armor by the door, the artwork on the walls and the chairs that spin around in stomach-twisting circles make it clear that this is not your mama's salon.

Football In The Frozen North

Do you remember Brad Banks? He was the Hinds CC quarterback who went on to have a super senior season at Iowa, finishing second in the Heisman Trophy voting. The NFL has little use for 5--foot-11 quarterbacks, so Banks went up to the CFL, where he's playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Banks is one of 14 players with Mississippi ties playing in the CFL this season. The rest (and let Doctor S know if he missed somebody):

A Swift Kick To U.S. Soccer

Doctor S has finally dragged himself out of the funk that the U.S. soccer team's World Cup performance put him in. The team actually played well for most of the last two games, but the refs screwed the Americans in the Italy game. Come to think of it, they screwed us in the Ghana game, too. The much-hyped U.S. squad now joins the roster of recent BIG DISAPPOINTMENTS that includes knucklehead Bode Miller, the 2004 U.S. men's Olympic basketball team, the 2006 U.S. World Baseball Classic squad and this year's Mississippi State baseball team. U.S. coach Bruce Arena sounds like he's ready to quit, although he's done a great job of making the U.S. one of the world's up-and-coming teams. Now the hot rumor is that the German team coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, who's a U.S. citizen and California resident, might replace Arena.

Friday, June 23

Daylight Curfew?

The Clarion-Ledger ran a piece today about the impact of Melton's state of emergency. The short version is that the state of emergency is more a rhetorical gesture than an actual change in policy.

Donna Ladd and Cliff Cargill on Kim Wade Show TODAY

JFP editor Donna Ladd and NRA instructor Cliff Cargill join Kim Wade today at 5 p.m. on WJNT, 1180 AM, to discuss the "state of emergency," as well as the safety of Frank Melton's gun-toting habits. Give a listen!

July 4th Products

I updated one of my Web sites by adding additional products choices. Come take a look, and I hope you like what you see!

Bracelets for Cervical Cancer

Here's a novel idea: make your own cute little bracelet and fight against cervical cancer at the same time!

Thursday, June 22

Is Melton Endangering Young People?

A major issue that has emerged in Mayor Frank Melton's determination to carry weapons anywhere he goes is whether or not he is endangering the lives of young people. He is arguing that he is under constant threat from drug dealers and gang members, and says that members of the Wood Street Players are out to kill him. Thus, he says, he needs to carry his guns to protect him and his entourage in the case of a shoot-out.

Wednesday, June 21

Rebel Belles: The Dixie Chicks Reload

Anyone who can't admit that it took courage for Natalie Maines to say she was ashamed George W. Bush came from Texas, and for her band mates Martie Maguire and Emily Robison to back her up, should have to answer this question: Has your life ever been threatened for expressing a political opinion?

The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Pro soccer, World Cup, United States vs. Ghana (9 a.m., ESPN): The scenario for the Americans to advance to the second round is simple: The United States must beat Ghana, and France must defeat the Czech Republic. Fortunately, the French and Czechs can't advance by just playing to a tie. … Pro basketball, NBA Finals, Miami at Dallas (8 p.m., Ch. 16): Will this series get to Game 7?

[Music] Blending Genres and Hats

Her Southern drawl infects you. Her softly strummed guitar unwittingly draws you in. So what? you say. In a world of copiously burgeoning musicians, Emma Wynters is special.

Off Their Rockers

Theater enthusiasts in Jackson have seen improvisational groups come and go. There was Capital City Improv and Glue. Then there was no one.

Zealous Zucchini

Thanks to the squirrels' repeated conquests of my birdfeeder, my backyard is currently filled with humongous bright yellow sunflowers. When the plants first started appearing, we had no idea what they were, but because my husband and I are "natural" (or lazy) gardeners, we just let them grow. And as our first mystery plants were such a success, we have let other things grow, too. Now we seem to be growing corn.

[Wine] Sun-Kissed Grass and Citrus

Before my days as a devoted mother of the most precious baby girl in the world, it was not unusual to find me (after work, of course) planted on a barstool somewhere around town. Yes, a social creature was I, and quite a thirsty one, too. Especially in hot weather. There is almost nothing more refreshing to me than an icy cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc. (For all of you too-technical wine enthusiasts, I know that when white wines are too cold you don't experience the full range of flavors, but with temperatures hitting the high 90s, who cares?) In my opinion, there are few varietals that offer as much delightfully crisp and tangy flavor no matter where in the world it comes from.

Summer Arts Preview

We were in denial for a bit there, but now that the thermometer has reached an official 100 degrees, we're not going to keep it from you any longer: This is your summer arts preview.

Millie Bob McPig

The JFP would first and foremost like to apologize that we are not only not the first, but in fact the third local publication to feature Millie Bob McPig, also known as Minibus to his caretakers/roommates Ari Glogower and Katy Rivlin. Fondren resident McPig has, in this, the first year of his life, lived in both Oxford and Jackson, and is now happy to call Fondren home. A big hit with the University of Mississippi Medical School crowd, McPig has appeared in UMC's This Week in commemoration of his participation in the American Heart Association's Kiss the Pig Raffle.

[Editor's Note] Mayoral Stunts Hurting Jackson

I'm mad. And I'm getting madder by the day at the joke that Mayor Frank Melton is making out of the city of Jackson, a city I love, a city so many are working to make into a world-class home and destination.

Calling Out the Guard

Note: The print edition erroneously lists Donna Ladd as the author of this piece.

Market Wars

The new Mississippi Farmers' Market, brainchild of Agricultural Commissioner Lester Spell, opened in February at a cost of $4 million, and first stirred up controversy when it displaced vendors working in the longstanding Jackson Flea Market occupying the same ground.

Art Needs You

Real estate gurus, businessmen and women sat down with artists to discuss arts and its importance to the lives of us all at St. Andrew's Cathedral on June 15. Panel moderator Todd Stauffer, publisher of the Jackson Free Press, set the tone of the Jackson Arts Council forum quickly with remarks about the "creative class"—and art's connection with economic development.

[Stiggers] One Mo' Time

Mo'tel Williams, Brotha Hustle, Qweem-O-Wheat and Grandpa Pookie introduce the "Po' People's Diet"—a nutrition and lifestyle alternative for the financially challenged.

[Kamikaze] Shut Out by the Queen

Housewives all over America are waiting with bated breath. Will she or won't she respond to these scathing allegations? How long will she tolerate the name-calling?

Out the Back Door

Clarion-Ledger Lifts Ladd Out of Context

It's remarkable, really, to see how other journalists (or editors) work. Chris Joyner and I had a good talk about public records yesterday—and I made it clear to him repeatedly that I had *two* concerns about The Clarion-Ledger's settlement with Melton: 1. That because it was public-records law, which must apply to everyone, that that be taken into consideration when an agreement was reached with one publication. We talked about the problems with this in some details. 2. That Melton's private attorney, Danks, should not be in the role of "overseeing" the public-records process in any way. We also talked in some detail about the reason the city has so many public-records requests—because they do not have good public information folks and that they tell media outlets to file a public-records request over the silliest little thing -- then it becomes a big drama for them.

David Banner Recognized for Hurricane Katrina efforts

David Banner was awarded with the Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes humanitarian award at the annual HOT 107.9 Birthday Bash in Atlanta this past Saturday (June 17).

Tuesday, June 20

JUST IN: Melton Set to Declare State of Emergency

The Jackson Free Press got a phone call today at 10:45 telling us that the mayor was gathering reporters at City Hall at 11 a.m. to address his "state of emergency" and youth curfew pledges from last week.

Monday, June 19

District Attorney Challenges Chief Justice

An updated version of this story will appear in the print edition Wednesday, June 21.

Jonesin' Crossword Pulls a Lazarus

Friday, June 16

Thank You, Captain Obvious

If you don't want to hit the link, I'll give you a blow by blow.

I was perusing the news headlines and found this

Live Fast, Chase Young

Vicksburg native Dmitri Young is on the run from the law. Well, actually the Detroit Tigers slugger is apparently in drug rehab. But he didn't show up for a court date on charges of choking a woman, so it's the same thing. Meanwhile, Deadspin points to the Dugout's unique "coverage" of Young's hijinks. So wrong. So un-PC. So funny. Even funnier than this.

The Clarion-Ledger TDN Distribution Scheme Tracker

Click here for updates on Goliath's march and here for how to help.

Hello from Little Rock

All, I'm in Little Rock today at the national convention of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Much of the talk here is about our battle with the Gannett Corp./Clarion-Ledger back in Jackson. The entire country is watching to see how it works it out—and watching in awe as the community gets behind local media and tells Goliath that they are squelching free enterprise with their tactic to take over our distribution. THANK YOU for all your phone calls, conversations with businesses, petitions, e-mail drives and so on. Please keep it up, and please reporting in about where you see the TDN boxes pop up, and whether or not local media are disappearing, yet. (Use this thread for that if you want.) I am in Little Rock, but there are things happening on our behalf back in Jackson as we face Goliath's June 19 eviction deadline. We need you. Thank you for everything.

Thursday, June 15

Luna DVD & Best Of CD

"Tell Me Do You Miss Me" A Documentary Of Luna's Final Tour, Coming on DVD and BEST OF LUNA Features 17 Indie-Rock Classics From All Seven of The New York Quartet's Acclaimed Studio Albums, CD June 20 on Rhino, DVD July 11 on Rhino. Before the band's bittersweet farewell tour last year, New York-based indie-rock quartet Luna recorded seven studio albums of critically acclaimed somnambulate space rock. Rhino relives all the of the band's superfreaky memories with Luna's first-ever career spanning collection, THE BEST OF LUNA. Two weeks following, Rhino Video will release TELL ME DO YOU MISS ME, a loving documentary of Luna's final tour that just saw its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.


Nelly Furtado's third album, Loose, described by Entertainment Weekly as "a confidently sexy mix of party anthems and slow jams," will release June 20 on Geffen Records. Anticipation


Combines, the new remix E.P. from Swedish indiepop faves Shout Out Louds, is available now at iTunes and other digital retailers and is available on CD at select indie retailers for the month of June.

Cotton State League Update

Doctor S asks and the Cotton State League delivers (10 games or so into the season). The wood bat league's Web site has finally been updated, complete with a schedule. The league, which is comprised of college players, has six teams this season: the Capital City Rangers (who play home games at Millsaps), the Clinton Corndogs (Mississippi College), the Raymond Warriors (Copiah-Lincoln CC in Wesson), the Poplarville Riverfish (Pearl River CC), the Biloxi Breeze (Biloxi Sports Complex) and Meridian Marauders (Meridian CC).

Wednesday, June 14

Melton: Hood Is Wrong

Read PDFs of documents that Melton faxed to the JFP to prove that he can carry weapons places prohibited by state law. Click here for the PDFs.

I Definitely Need A New Bathroom

I so need to be hanging out at Home Depot.

The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Pro baseball, Jacksonville at Mississippi (7 p.m., Pearl, 930 AM): The M-Braves face the Suns. … Pro golf, U.S. Open (9 a.m., ESPN/2 p.m., Ch. 3): Will Tiger or Phil win golf's toughest test?

The Southern Color Palette

Artwork by Scott Allen

I met Scott Allen at Cups in Fondren to talk about his upcoming opening at Southern Breeze gallery on June 25. He greeted me with a friendly smile, and we sat outside to enjoy the warmth of a typical summer afternoon in Jackson. Allen, 27, grew up in South Jackson and graduated from Terry High School. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, and he became interested in photography as a teen. He holds a degree in graphic design from the University of Southern Mississippi. Allen spoke humbly yet excitedly about the upcoming show and the pieces he will be presenting.

The Whitewater Bug

In the early '70s, three Atlanta school teachers with a love for whitewater kayaking bought a simple motel on a narrow strip of highway in Wesser, N.C. Beside the highway runs a beautiful mountain river that flows through the Nantahala Gorge, just south of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Foodie Fathers

It all started on our Web site. Blogger JimNWR* started a forum thread, "Cool places to eat," which quickly attracted Men Who Like to Eat talking about their favorite Jackson haunts. Then, at our prompting, they started to exchange ideas about cool places to eat for Father's Day. Certainly sounded like a good idea: If you want to know where to take Dad, ask Dad. From casual dining to ritzy places, they gave the lowdown on dining.

Notice to the World

For more than a decade, at least two mayoral administrations have been fighting to make a Jackson city convention center a reality. On June 12, it finally happened.

Marcus McWilliams

"This is the place to be if you're looking for big stars," says Marcus McWilliams, a soft-spoken 32-year-old who is the Hilton Hotel's kitchen manager and a chef says.

Crime High, Perception Bleak

Recent Jackson Police Department statistics reveal that major crime this year remains stubbornly high compared to last year's figures. Though the May 8-14 ComStat Overview Report reveals that crime is tracking 2 percent lower than the last ComStat figures—which the JFP obtained from an anonymous source and published several weeks ago—it still registers a 14.1 increase in crime over last year's numbers.

[Talk] Thompson's Easy Win Shocks Many

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-2nd District, easily trounced his Democratic opponent Chuck Espy in the June 6 primary. Thompson, who has held his seat for more than a decade, won the election with more than 55,000 votes, or 65 percent, to Espy's 30,000, or 35 percent.


June 14, 2006 As you may know by now, The Clarion-Ledger has recently revealed The Distribution Network (TDN), a scheme to control the distribution of free publications in the Jackson Metro. The Clarion-Ledger met with area retailers, telling them that the newspaper would be happy to clean up the "mess" of free distribution racks in front of their stores by offering a single, 9-panel distribution box owned by the C-L. All the retailer has to do is sign away to The C-L the exclusive right to manage free publication distribution in exchange for 25 percent of the big box's revenue to the retailer. (That tops out at $12 under the current pricing.)

Melton Flies to Phillips

Blog post by Brian Johnson:

Mayor Frank Melton flew to Dallas today with city investment guru Jimmy Heidel and his ever-present body guards. In comments before the flight, Melton told members of the press that he could not disclose the name of the investor he was meeting in Dallas, but that the investor has "billions" of dollars and wants to spend "hundreds of millions" in Jackson. Despite a report from the Jackson Free Press on April 19 identifying that investor as Gene Phillips, the media were all baffled by who the investor could be. And in case there's any doubt that we're talking about the same man, Melton confirmed to the Jackson Free Press last night that he was meeting with Gene Phillips today. Catch up, folks.

[Greggs] The Vanilla City

This next statement pains me to admit: I live in Madison. There, I said it. It's not that I don't love my home out here in the country. I do. Its "free-rentness" is a large factor in why I love it so much. Its ability to stay approximately 40 degrees during the entire month of August is another reason. But there is obviously some shame for me in the admission, as I love Jackson and everything about it.

[Stiggers] Have No Fear, Suburbanites!

"High prices have crippled fixed incomes of broke people. Poor folk clench on to the little money they have and remain trapped in the ghetto. Idle minds of the poor and unemployed retaliate with desperate deeds against their own community. No money, no fun, no adventure, no justice, no peace.

Dance Fever

"I liked to dance since I was little. I started with gymnastics first when I was 4, and when we moved to America, I decided to try ballet," Christina Shevchenko, 17, says. She will represent the United States at the 8th USA International Ballet Competition, which starts at Thalia Mara Hall on Saturday, June 17, with the Gertrude C. Ford Opening Ceremony, and runs through Sunday, July 2.

No. 39, June 15-21

<b><em>Adventures in Journalism</b></em>

Nicholas Kristof is a journalist-adventurer in the Ed Murrow style. He has fought the traffic in sex slaves, actually buying some young girls out of such slavery. He has led in making the world aware of the genocide in Darfur. How appropriate that Casey Parks, another reporter with a drive for truth and justice, will be traveling to the tropics to learn with him. I think of legendary "crusading" women reporter-adventurers like Nellie Bly or Martha Gellhorn when I think of Casey Parks' coming career.

Thompson's Easy Win Shocks Many

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-2nd District, easily trounced his Democratic opponent Chuck Espy in the June 6 primary. Thompson, who has held his seat for more than a decade, won the election with more than 55,000 votes, or 65 percent, to Espy's 30,000, or 35 percent.

Why I Won't Vote in November

November 2006 is being described as a potential huge, watershed moment in American politics. But I won't be participating.

Tuesday, June 13

Ali wants in the NSA

In my ongoing quest to find gainful employment, I stumbled upon a listing on the "Career Builder" website which answers lots of questions regarding where the NSA gets their intelligence officers. Look at this

[Grayson] Save the Arts That Saved Me

As a Lanier High School graduate, I am proud (and aware) of the importance of my school's heritage as one of the most historic black public schools in the area—and know well how important support of the arts is to students such as myself. My life was changed because of experiences I received there in projects outside the regular curriculum—work that was funded by grants from local arts organizations such as the Jackson Arts Alliance (now called the Jackson Arts Council).

Clarion-Ledger Features Casey Parks

The Clarion-Ledger did right by JFP contributing editor Casey Parks today in a delightful feature written by Gary Pettus. (Cheers, Gary. You make our profession proud.) And they flag the story on Page 1 with Casey's photo (taken in our newsroom). Thank you for a good piece, Ledge.

World Cup: Czechs Cool U.S. Soccer Fever

The United States has never won a World Cup game on European soil. This year's U.S. team has been hyped as the best American team ever. The Czech Republic team showed what that's worth by hammering the Americans 3-0 in the Cup opener for both teams.

Out-Of-Town Papers: Ole Miss Flames Out

Here's how some out-of-town papers saw it:

It's all over for the Ole Miss baseball team, which lost to Miami 14-9 Monday night in Game 3 of the Oxford Super Regional. The Rebels gave up one grand slam too many. But the Rebels will still be in the news for awhile. Mike Bianco, a former LSU player and assistant, is considered the leading candidate to become the next Tigers head coach. He says he's happy in Oxford. But LSU might it make it worth his while to move to Baton Rouge. Either way, it's going to be a merry Christmas for the Bianco family bank account.

Monday, June 12

Show and Tell for Alleged R. Kelly Sex Tape

Cook County Judge Vince Gaughan ruled against both prosecutors and defense lawyers for R&B superstar R. Kelly Thursday, saying he will not prevent members of the public at Kelly's child pornography trial from viewing the videotape that appears to show Kelly engaging in sex acts with a 14-year-old girl.

Sunday, June 11

[Lott] Security First, Amnesty Never

Editor's Note: This column was buried in e-mail until now, but it is still very timely. Meantime, we have established a special Lott blog to collect writings and stories and posts about Sen. Trent Lott.

Asymmetrical Warfare

"They are smart, they are creative, they are committed. They have no regard for life, neither ours nor their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us." - Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., commander of the detention center at Guantanamo, on June 10, after three prisoners hanged themselves in their cells.

Saturday, June 10

Donna Needs Bloggers' Help

All, today I've been preparing for a panel on "how blogging has changed my newspaper" that I'm sitting on at the AAN conference next week (right before the Bill Clinton keynote. Ha!). Anyway, it just dawned on me that I should ask all of you how you think the JFP blogs (which really is the whole site; we're unique in that way) make the JFP different from other newspapers. Help me prepare, peeps. You're all why we're up we're getting a Web site award, after all! And its payback time for this lovely free forum we give everyone who knows how to behave in mixed company. ;-)

Why White People Are Afraid

Robert Jensen, a UT journalism professor and the author of an intriguing new book, "The Heart of Whiteness," writes on Alternet about what he sees as white people's fears:

Out-Of-Town Papers: Oxford Super Regional

Ole Miss meets Miami in Game 1 of the Oxford Super Regional on Saturday (6 p.m., ESPN2/97.3 FM). The winner of the best-of-3 series goes to the College World Series. Do mint juleps and baseball really go together?

A Female President, Please

What a delicious post over on DailyKos by Georgia10 about Ann Kornblut's new book, "The Ascent of a Woman."

Famous Last Words?

Redbird On ‘Roids?

St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols has been treated like the Anti-Barry Bonds by many baseball writers and fans, the poster boy for what many believed was MLB's post-steroids era. He's been doing it the right way, they said. Don't be so sure, Jeff Pearlman warned on on June 2. Now Sports Illustrated is reporting that trainer Chris Mihlfeld has ties to Pujols and former Arizona Diamondbacks reliever Jason Grimsley, who quit baseball earlier this week after being caught up in a drug scandal.

Don'T Look Now, It's The Stanley Cup

Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final is on Saturday night. In case you haven't been watching (and millions of Americans haven't), the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Edmonton Oilers in the first two games of the best-of-7 series. Those game were on OLN. Now the series shifts to Canada and to NBC (Ch. 3 in Jackson). Pundits are predicting Game 3 could make history as the lowest-rated prime-time program in U.S. television history. How bad is it for the NHL? ABC's coverage of World Cup soccer is expected to get better ratings.

Friday, June 9

Building Bridges, Inc. Presents its 1st Annual "ARTS IN THE PARK"


** Proceeds from auction and concession sales benefit Building Bridges, Inc., an organization assisting those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS.

Ann Coulter Really Bears Her Fangs

It's truly hard to be uglier than this women. It's amazing to think that The Clarion-Ledger runs this idiot every week. First her indifference to actual facts to support her hate. Her love of McCarthyism. Now this:

The Case of the Missing Retraction

New ComStat Figures

No Separation Of Church And College Football

Ole Miss announced that its football season opener with Memphis has been moved to Sunday (Oxford, 3:30 p.m., ESPN) to get it on national television. This will be the last time most of the Rebels play football on Sunday. ESPN is also planning a regular Sunday night package of college games this season. The C-USA is down.

[Lott] Honesty is the Best Insurance Policy

I have introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate to make future insurance policies easier for consumers to understand. The "Honesty is the Best Insurance Policy Act" calls for requiring insurance companies to state in plain English and big letters exactly what their policies do not cover.

Mississippi Repubs Reject ‘Net Neutrality'

According to a C-Net news story, the U.S. House voted, mostly along party lines, to reject an amendment to the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act), that would have stopped broadband providers from being able to treat websites differently on the Net of the future -- an amendment backed by, Google, eBay and others, while being challenged by Verizon, AT&T, phone and cable companies.

Thursday, June 8

Cups Crazy

Soccer's World Cup and the NHL's Stanley Cup are going on this week. Both have lots of fans, but neither attracts hordes of casual sports fans the way the Super Bowl, the World Series and even the NBA Finals do.

Gay Marriage Can't Change This ...

Associated Press reports:

The death of al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq came as more Americans than ever thought the war in Iraq was a mistake, according to AP-Ipsos polling.

Interview with Nick Berg's Dad

I think this interview is one of the best things I've read regarding the war in a really long time.

The Best In Sports in The Next 7 Days

Thursday, June 8

Pro basketball, NBA Finals, Miami at Dallas (8 p.m., Ch. 16): Two former ABA teams are in the Finals for the first time in the teams' history. Heat in seven. … Pro baseball, Chattanooga at Mississippi (7 p.m., Pearl, 930 AM): The M-Braves (aka JFP forum fodder) open a 10-game homestand.

Adding Insult to National Guard Injury

This is simply awful, after everything they're going through already. Associated Press:

Rebels Are Super, Thanks For Asking

Ole Miss will play host to Miami in a Super Regional in Oxford starting on Saturday. The winner of the best-of-3 series goes to the College World Series in Omaha, Neb. All games of the series will start at 6 p.m. ESPN2 or ESPNU will carry the games on TV; the Ole Miss network (97.3 FM in Jackson) will carry the radio broadcasts.

Wednesday, June 7

Generic Sci-fi Goodness

*Platform: PC*

Games today get too wrapped up in story line. You watch CG videos, drawn-out cutscenes, and plot exposition until finally the game is over and you realize you hardly actually played anything. "RF Online" does not make this mistake.

[New Releases] Mojave 3 – Puzzles Like You

Mojave 3 — "Puzzles Like You" Neil Halstead and his 4AD band mates have breezed out an indie-pop gem for your summertime sweet tooth. While there were moments of pop perfection before Slowdive's demise in 1994, this is the catchiest and most accessible music Mr. Halstead has ever made. This is no psych-tinged ambient silk but BBC Radio ready Brit-Pop of the highest order.

[Publisher's Note] Kudos for Team JFP

It's a big week at the Jackson Free Press. First, we sadly (for us) and happily (for her) bid farewell to Lynette Hanson, copy chief, as she leaves Mississippi, Jackson Public Schools and the JFP family to move much closer to her beloved sons (both top-notch chefs) in Portland, Ore. The cooking is about to get a lot better for Lynette and her mama, Edna, both of whom have become a fixture at JFP parties and karaoke gatherings.

[Music] Honky-Tonk Heaven

After just the first few chords, it feels like the band Juanita Family And Friends are old friends. The Portland, Ore., sweethearts will perform at Hal & Mal's Restaurant on Wednesday, June 7. There's no better reason to skip Wednesday-night church than to attend this honky-tonk revival.

Batman v. Melton, et al?

Among all the possible violations of the law by Frank Melton that District Attorney Faye Peterson presented to the attorney general recently, the potential charge of filing a false arrest warrant against Albert "Batman" Donelson was the most serious. Why? Because it's a felony—and a felony conviction would get Melton removed from office.

[Wine] The New Face of Chardonnay

When Merlot was such a big deal back in the early '90s, I didn't think it was such a big deal. When Pinot Grigio began its run en vogue in the early 2000s, I once again allowed the bandwagon to pass on by. But the latest trend of Chardonnays made with no oak aging (meaning that the wines are aged in stainless-steel casks) is indeed an exciting one. As these wines have entered the mainstream, I have been snatching them up as if they were Members Only jackets in 1985. Delicious, refreshing and crisp … and just in time for summer.

Jim Hood: The JFP Interview

Photograph by Kate Medley

In recent weeks, Attorney General Jim Hood has become a reluctant participant, of sorts, in the drama that the Frank Melton administration presides over in Jackson. After District Attorney Faye Peterson sent him a laundry list of potential constitutional and criminal violations by the city's exuberant mayor, all eyes turned to Hood to see how he would respond, what he would do, if he would charge the mayor, if he could help calm him down at all.

[Kamikaze] Hip-Hop Wins Again

Have no fear, readers. Your friendly neighborhood rabble-rouser is back after a self-imposed hiatus. I had to take a short vacation to shake the haters off. But before your mouths start to water, I'm sorry to say I won't be dignifying those folks with a response. My mother said never give a fool (or in this case—fools) an audience. Unwarranted hating can be pretty costly in this day and age.

[Stiggers] Koolin' Out

Kunta "Rahsheed X" Toby Productions presents a sneak peek at his new dramatic comedy that will touch your mind and not your behind: "My Big Fat Meat Front Porch Wedding, Barbecue and Disco."

‘Take The Fight To The People'

Jackson County Chancery Court Judge Jaye Bradley reversed her own December 2000 decision earmarking $20 million to The Partnership For a Healthy Mississippi, possibly jeopardizing the program's smoking-cessation programs.

Melton's Mile-High Gun Club

"I do not carry guns on planes, I carry two guns," Melton told WLBT reporters on May 28, admitting that he had carried a weapon on almost every commercial flight for years.

Danks: Do Developer Due Diligence

Developer John Disotell and the city of Jackson recently approved a memorandum of understanding to tear down the Smith-Wills stadium and build an enclosed sports arena, but the agreement is drawing scrutiny.

David Watkins

David Watkins is an attorney who's been haunting the city of Jackson for the last half-century. Though the Fondren resident has been all over the world, he says he always had to keep coming back to Jackson. "This is home. I've spent a lot of time in Europe. I love California and New York and Washington. I've lived in Cape Cod and Atlanta, but those heartstrings keep tugging away."

Hood Threatens Melton

Weeks ago, District Attorney Faye Peterson forwarded information to Attorney General Jim Hood's office requesting that he investigate accusations of possible misdemeanors and felonies committed by Jackson Mayor Frank Melton, including numerous unconstitutional vehicle and home searches, carrying unlicensed guns and impersonating a police officer.

So Long, Steve

Alcorn State legend Steve McNair is leaving Nashville. The Tennessee Titans have traded him to the Baltimore Ravens. Suddenly, the Ravens are a Super Bowl contender (if Steve cans stay healthy, among other things). Suddenly, the Titans are in the running for a top-five pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

City Has Not Learned Its Lesson

Learn English. Worship Britney.

Simply the title of this article should lead you to believe we are now headed towards the downfall of the Western world.

Farming Out the ‘Big Job'

June 7, 2006 *This story also appears in the print edition, on the streets the afternoon of June 7.* The Clarion-Ledger and the Melton administration reached a proposed settlement to end the paper's suit over public records requests on Thursday, but serious complications remain.

Melton Rebuffed on Gun Shows

Tuesday, June 6

Oklahoma Rep. Fred Morgan: ‘Games are porn.'

Another headache-inducing law was passed through the state legislature in Oklahoma last month. Representative Fred Morgan [D], the bill's author sat down in a Q&A session with Gamespot to discuss it.

Rebs To Entertain Canes

Ole Miss will play host to Miami in a Super Regional in Oxford starting on Saturday. Game times wll be announced at 11 a.m. on Tuesday. And if you don't already have a ticket, they're out.

Monday, June 5

Will it be affirmative?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court said Monday it will decide the extent to which public schools can use race in deciding school assignments, setting the stage for a landmark affirmative action ruling.

Sunday, June 4

Sarah O'Reilly Evans on Public Records

Saturday, June 3

Bumpy Start For 2 of Big 3

Here's a non-Ledge look at Friday's games:

Ole Miss was the only one of the big three that won its first-round game in the NCAA Regionals. Who says the home-field advantage doesn't matter. The Rebels will play South Alabama on Saturday (5 p.m., Oxford, Ch. 40/97.3 FM). Meanwhile, Mississippi State will play Clemson or UNC Asheville at 2 p.m. and Southern Miss faces Alabama at 2:30 p.m.

Jewels In My Crown - Hurry! Ends Sunday

Regina Taylor's "Crowns" is an adaptation of the eponymous coffee table book written by Michael Cunningham and Craig Murberry. The protagonist of the stage play is a young woman, Yolanda, who experiences a tragedy and goes to live with her grandmother in the South. Through her relocation, she expects to find herself. Throughout the performance, faith and fashion are fused in celebrating the history of hats and the African-American woman.

Friday, June 2

AG's Letters to Melton and Peterson

The Dog and Pony Show

Please read this and then sigh and think about how ridiculous it looks at this point in his political career.

Transcript of Jim Hood Remarks Re: Frank Melton

PDF of AG Jim Hood's Letter to Mayor Frank Melton

For Those About To Bat ...

Meanwhile, here's your out-of-town newspapers preview.

Get your (college) diamond on, sports fans. The NCAA Regionals begin Friday. The Ole Miss-Bethune-Cookman game will be on local TV on Friday (7 p.m., Ch. 40) . And if you know a Mississippi State fan who llives outside the range of the MSU radio network, free audio streaming will available through the school's Web site.

Matador Records News

Yo La Tengo - new album. We're giving you plenty of time to get ready. On September 12,(September 4 in places other than North America) we'll be releasing a new CD / double LP by a trio we've creatively nicknamed "America's Best Band."

Whistleblowers and Secrecy?

I'm going to be blogging about this issue on my site, but I'm mentioning it here because I'm annoyed at the way our local newspaper has covered it.

Thursday, June 1

The Arena and "Due Diligence"

Big Sports Weekend

It's going to be a big weekend in Mississippi sports, so here's an early look at what will be happening. Check back often, because Doctor S will update this as we go along.