[Stiggers] You'll Never Take Aunt Tee-Tee Alive

Grandma Lucy McBride:

"Dear Diary: I'm not happy when I go to my mailbox. I receive lots of bad news in the form of energy bills. I'm retired and live on a fixed income. So what do you get when you have a $674 electric bill and a $559 heating bill? You get ticked off! And if you cannot make the payments, your utilities are cut off.

"Bills that total $1,100 a month in utilities when you have only $900 is madness. Soon you'll hear stories about senior citizens resorting to crimes like shoplifting, soliciting, burglary and possibly car theft. Picture your dear old Aunt Tee-Tee as a suspect on the 'America's Most Wanted' television show. Imagine your lovable Grandpa Sonny eluding police during a low-speed car chase, while Grandma Gracie is caught on videotape stealing bottles of Ensure to sell to elderly patients at the Senior Home for seniors.

"What a shame! I remember Miss Wanda, senior greeter and third shift fry cook at Crunchie Burga World, telling me that retirement is a thing of the past for poor old seniors like us. Miss Wanda added, 'People have choices: get another job, pay those high utility bills, or get out and vote for a politician who is sympathetic to the people's needs.'

"As my warm thoughts struggle against the cold deeds of corporate America, I realize it's winter, and nobody's fighting because no one knows what to save."

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Dude, that's deep. You can include disabled folks in that as well, especially when the disability is not apparent to the naked eye.



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