Barnes Speaks; Why Won't Ole Miss?

Ole Miss lost to LSU 55-52 on Saturday at Baton Rouge. Afterward, Rebels basketballl coach Rod Barnes spoke to the press for the first time since Ole Miss announced a day earlier that he wouldn't return for a ninth season: "I've coached today like I've always coached, coaching to win," Barnes told The Associated Press. "That is what I am going to do. I will reflect on what has happened after this is all over. I don't have time for that right now." Nope, first Barnes and the Rebels have a game to lose in the SEC Tournament in Nashville.

In an excellent column in Sunday's Sun Herald, Jim Mashek takes Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone to task for not saying whether Barnes was pushed or jumped.

Mashek writes: "Barnes also has to protect himself, because it's obvious there's a few things to iron out before he leaves Ole Miss. Boone wouldn't address his buyout, either, on Friday, which is ridiculous because anyone who knows Rod Barnes knows he isn't leaving on his own volition. At least Ole Miss admitted David Cutcliffe was fired, 11 months after the Rebels made their first appearance in a traditional New Year's Day bowl game since the Nixon was in the White House."

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I wish Coach Barnes all of the best that life has to offer. I think that he was good for Ole Miss and the entire sports program. I heard on a sports show that he has had a losing season forthe last four years. I hope and would like to believe that that's the reason for his buyout. Whereever he goes I am sure that he will bring a lot to the table as he did with Ole Miss. He has an aura about him that is beyong words. He is an excellent coach.



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