Gordon Kills Home Nursing Bill

Sen. Jack Gordon, D-Okolona, squashed a House bill that would have provided senior citizens and the disabled more access to home-care nursing.

House Bill 1379 was designed to allow Medicaid money to be diverted to home-care nursing. Rep. Steve Holland, D-Plantersville, who chairs the House's Public Health Committee, sent the bill to the House floor last month. It passed the House with a unanimous vote after Holland argued that home-care nursing usually results in greater independence and longer lifespans for patients. It is also less expensive to the state than institutional care.

Despite broad support, Gordon refused to allow the bill out of his Appropriations Committee. "They could still bring it up in an override if they want to," Gordon said, without offering reasons for his opposition.

Holland was particularly incensed at the bill's demise.

"Well, bullsh*t. I got a lot of stuff that don't belong in my f*ckin' committee, too, but I rock the babies that are given to me. I was really upset about that," Holland said. "There's more to (Gordon's behavior). The press needs to investigate that further."


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