[Stiggers] Home, Sweet Double-Wide Home

Pookie: "Tonight on the Pookie Economic Report, Brother John-John, property management specialist, building contractor and token Caucasian member of the Ghetto Science Team, shares his vision of housing poor folk affected by Hurricane Katrina."

Brother John-John: "After one of the worst disasters in American history, folks once mislabeled refugees, now known as evacuees, will soon become evictees.

"Like former slaves who waited for an unfulfilled promise of 40 acres and a mule, unsuspecting victims of a hurricane's wrath anxiously wait for a promise that is six months overdue and counting. And unfortunately the drama continues as the scene changes from temporary security to total uncertainty.

"Nevertheless, the Ghetto Science Team and I have a plan to change thousands of displaced people's frowns to smiles.

"Picture a place where folk practice the art of co-existence; a utopia of mobile homes for displaced families spanning across acres of land; a potpourri of diverse communities; a trailer park version of Harlem or Bed-Stuy; a melting pot of people who make a living, enjoy the comfort of home and will show up to vote at the next presidential election.

"With funding and support from benevolent contributors, evictees will have a place to rest their heads and an opportunity to move on with their lives—since the government seems unable to help at this time.

"Therefore, I present: the West-Side-to-East-Side Double-Wide Trailer Home Park and Gated Community for Displaced Hurricane Victims."

Pookie: "This has been your Pookie Economic Report."


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