Envelopes "Demon"

How does one describe Envelopes? To start, there's the geography: a band that has lived – separately and together – in Northern York (that's in England), Paris, Malmo and Stockholm, and recorded their debut album, Demon, during their school holidays over a couple years in a Swedish coastal town that is not found on any map, thus rendering Envelopes as a band that has been both everywhere and nowhere. And then, of course, there's the music itself, which has a similar quality – containing aspects of your favorite bands but sounding absolutely 100% like nothing you have ever heard before.

Ultimately, this is what makes Envelopes so damn intriguing – their ability to be little bits of everything, yet simultaneously unidentifiable in an exciting, breathtaking way – the exhilaration of discovering a sweet new combination of sounds. We could attempt to describe it thus: For those who love pop turned entirely on its head, preferring their melodies laced not only with harmonious saccharine but a healthy dose of hallucinogens as well. Or perhaps we should just say that Envelopes make the most joyful of melodies, provide a unique sound to the world and may inspire you to sing along with them as their guitars hum sweetly, the keyboards chug in and out of tune and they give you a warm feeling that the world maybe isn't quite so bad after all.

Envelopes is a five-piece: Henrik (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Audrey (guitar, vocals), Martin (bass), Filip (drums) and Fredrik (guitar). Together, they create some of the most enticing sing-along songs you'll hear this year. "Sister in Love" pogos to its own buoyant synth lines, while "Massmouvement" updates Lee and Nancy's "Some Velvet Morning" with Audrey's softly rolled r's as the focal point, and a boy/girl duet proclaiming "you are the greatest thing I've ever seen." "Isabel and Leonard" describes a couple adorned in ballet-attire who do things their own way, while opener "It Is the Law" is driven by a snappy Moog and an equally Moog-esque vocal delivery.

Extend a hand out to Envelopes; they are ready to meet you and we know that you will instantly fall in love with them!

(Brille Records; March 21st)


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