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Hello boys and girls, it's been more than a few minutes since we last crossed paths. But I promise you will be hearing from me more regularly again.

Big Krit (King Remembered In Time) from Meridian has been making some noise in Atlanta on the mix-tape circuit with features on several of the major players there. There is still no word on his upcoming full-length project, but I will keep you up on any changes.

Donnie Cross sent me a set of pictures from the NBA All-star Weekend, most of which I can't display in this fine publication. Let's just say they featured a lot of smoke and women. However he told me he did manage to get a little work done making a big splash debuting his two new singles. The former, the "I'm a hater" remix featuring Chyna White and Khujo Goodie; the latter, "Who you think you playing with." The "I'm a Hater" remix also received rave reviews on MTV's Mixtape Monday.

By now, all should know who Scarface's protégé Young Malice is. Not to be confused with the other guy from Virginia, Malice the Mississippi is one half of Scarface's group, The Product. Scarface discovered him during a freestyle competition while hanging out with David Banner last year. So do yourself a favor and pick up the Product's new album "One Hundid" distributed by Koch. So far the album has sold over 50,000 units through this behemoth independent label.

On the national scene two notable figures in hip-hop, journalist Adisa Banjoko and icon KRS One, have been embroiled in a bitter debate on the current state of hip-hop. The feud, which is supposedly settled, culminated in a tirade by KRS at Stanford a few weeks ago. In hip-hop, like anything else, we should be able to openly debate without it getting stupid.

Sales of the Notorious B.I.G.'s classic multi-platinum debut "Ready to Die" have halted as of March 17, after a judge ruled that the album contains elements of an Ohio Players song that was used without permission.

Professor X of X-Clan has died in a New York City hospital after suffering from advanced meningitis. Professor X's real name was Lumumba Carson. He was the son of the late civil rights leader Sonny Carson, who produced "The Education of Sonny Carson."

Corey "C-Murder" Miller is a free man following his release from prison March 16. C-Murder has been in prison since 2002. He was convicted in September 2003 and sentenced to life in prison without parole for the shooting of a young man at a New Orleans night- spot. He appealed the case in 2004, after discovering prosecutors had expunged the criminal records of witnesses, then withheld evidence from his defense team.

Lastly, I have one quick question for you. Why is Yo Gotti dissing Three Six Mafia on the latest DJ Durty Lundry mix-tape?


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