The Working Man's Scientology

It's time for "Understanding Ghetto Scientology" with main elder and founder "Cool Daddy" Jim:

"Many people ask me: 'Cool Daddy' Jim, tell us about Ghetto Scientology.' So I break it down for the people like this:

"Ghetto Scientology is the study of life for the financially challenged in the ghetto. A Ghetto Scientologist understands certain fundamental truths in an exploitative society. Prime among these: Poor folk will always be broke, especially if they cannot find a good paying job.

"Some rich folk flaunt their wealth on cable television programs and make most poor folk become hopeless, jealous, angry or unrealistic. Senior citizens and the disabled have fixed incomes, very little funds, and are prime targets for price gouging and various mail fraud/identity theft scams.

"Most philanthropic, rich folk will give to the poor and needy in the ghetto. Poor folk with integrity want to get off welfare and seldom ask for handouts.

"Jesus said, 'The poor you will always have with you.' But it seems as if utility companies will find ways to make poor folk pay more for gas, electricity and water.

"Poor folk will beg, steal or earn a wage to survive.

"Therefore, a Ghetto Scientologist clearly understands his/her situation in life and realizes the importance of his/her survival and/or progress within a cold-hearted society.

"And Ghetto Scientology is not affiliated with Tom Cruise, Isaac Hayes, John Travolta or the South Park cartoon Scientology controversy."

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I hear you Ken. I used to wonder how hight the utilities bills would be in the larger and more affluent homes. I was shocked to learn they're cheaper in those houses than shacks in the ghettoes. This is criminal, in my opinion.

Ray Carter

"I was shocked to learn they're cheaper in those houses than shacks in the ghettoes." How can that be true? Because if it is, it is criminal. Please educate me. I'd really like to know if it's true.



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