Baseball: He's Baaaacckkk


Atlanta Braves outfielder Jeff Francoeur rejoined the Mississippi Braves on Friday, three years to the day he left Pearl for Atlanta. The A-Braves sent Francoeur down to work on his hitting. He was hitting a season-low .234 with one homer in his last 106 at-bats. Francoeur said he was offered a choice between AA Mississippi and AAA Richmond. He chose Pearl so that he could work with M-Braves manager Phillip Wellman. Wellman was the M-Braves hitting coach in 2005.

Francoeur, who grew up outside of Atlanta in Gwinnett County, is more than a little pissed about his demotion. Now he might not be willing to give the Braves a hometown discount when he becomes a free agent. He is expected to return to Atlanta following the All-Star break.


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