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No camping trip or backyard barbecue is ever complete without a gooey bite of s'mores as the fire starts to die down. I like mine best with a swig of icy root beer.

It's hard to beat the basic s'more concept, but use your imagination. One tasty modification is to spread peanut butter on your graham crackers before adding the marshmallow and chocolate. Or, use fun-sized candy bars. Mr. Goodbar, for example, makes a mean s'more. And those little Godiva chocolate squares are even more heavenly with melted marshmallow.

You hardcore s'more makers can streamline the process by creating an assembly line. Give the marshmallow-roasting pros sticks with multiple marshmallows. Get the other folks lining up crackers and chocolate. Remember—anything you eat outside has no calories, so dig in.


1 box Graham Crackers
8 Hershey's bars
1 bag marshmallows
A campfire or grill
Some straight sticks for roasting

Break a Graham Cracker in half. Put three or four Hershey bar sections on one of the Graham Cracker halves. Slow roast a marshmallow over the embers until it is brown and melting. Grab the marshmallow with the two Graham Cracker halves and mash into the chocolate. Take a big bite.

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I've never had a campfire s'more. I've made them in the microwave, and I think I toasted a marshmallow over the gas stove once or twice. The peanut butter idea sounds good.



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