[Sue Doh Nem] Riots, Crime, Etc.

Nurse Tootie McBride: "Live from the Ghetto Science Public Television Studios is 'The Nurse Tootie Show.' Coming soon to the Clubb Chicken Wing Widescreen Theater Room is the controversial documentary film called 'Ghetto Meltdown,' starring missing-toe artist Bruh Sylvester, and co-producers Judy McBride and Kunta 'Rahsheed X' Toby. They are with me in studio 'A' to provide some insight about the film.

"Critics call your movie the 'Soylent Green' of the new millennium. Why?"

Kunta 'Rahsheed X' Toby: "Like the movie 'Soylent Green,' our documentary provides a haunting and prophetic message: Oppression, alienation and extreme poverty will make broke folk revolt."

Nurse Tootie McBride: "Kunta, you sound like Rev. Jesse Jackson before he made that remark about Barack Obama. Now what is the meaning of the message, Judy?"

Judy McBride: "The least have been fleeced. Poor folk are very mad and frustrated. They have their minds on their money and their money on their minds. If relief doesn't come soon, broke folk's mental anxiety will digress to mental instability, and the revolution—in the forms of riots, crimes, etc.—will definitely be televised.

Bruh Sylvester: "And I provide Salvador Dali-like drawings and sketches that help tell the story of a Ghetto Meltdown."

Nurse Tootie McBride: "I see what you mean by the title 'Ghetto Meltdown.' I hope that a 'Ghetto Meltdown' doesn't become a 'Ghetto Nervous Breakdown.Ҕ


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