Filmmaker's Guide to the Galaxy


Filmmaker Damien Blaylock

Keeping with his low-key, humble demeanor, Jackson filmmaker Damien Blaylock stopped by the Jackson Free Press office wearing a button-down shirt and jeans, and entertained himself with a children's book until we began our interview. He gave us tips on getting into the industry, entering film festivals and how well bread pudding works after a night of drinking. Here are Blaylock's thoughts on becoming a successful filmmaker.

• Don't take theory classes. Take classes where you actually get to hold the camera. The more hands-on, the better.

• Know what you're good at: editing, lighting, camera operating.

• Try to learn as much as you can so you can be more independent.

• Make films about what you know, but don't be too proud to take work so you can pay the rent.

• Before you start filming, you need to write and research your topic so you have structure and foundation.

• Make sure you have a project that has a foreseeable end in sight.

• You don't have to move to New York in order to make good films. You can use your connections to find treasures in your own backyard.

• Work with people you like, not just people with money. It helps things run smoother and keeps the process enjoyable and relaxed.

• Once your film is done, choose a film festival in a nice location, so you can travel there.

• Start-up costs are becoming more affordable, and you need to have nice equipment to get started. Consider it an investment.

• Don't be afraid to promote yourself.


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