[Stiggers] Thriving in the Ghetto


Ken Stiggers

Ernest "Monday Night Football Head" Walker: "Welcome to the Ghetto Science Team's Super Bowl XLV Tailgate Viewing Party and Disco Business Strategy meeting. I hope my fellow business associates are ready to provide lots of entertainment, fun, food and souvenir products for residents of the Ghetto Science community.

"Hosting a large-scale Super Bowl viewing and party event is a great opportunity to increase our business revenue. Also, Ghetto Science community residents get to show their purchasing power while supporting local entrepreneurs. Money spent in the ghetto, stays in the ghetto, which results in people thriving in the ghetto. It's a win, win and win situation. This is why I'm honored to organize an event like this to unify and lift our spirits.

"The Tailgate Viewing Party and Disco will take place at the Clubb Chicken Wing Multipurpose Complex. Little Momma Roscoe and the Hot Wing Squad will supply hot wings at half price. Bubba Robinski will have plenty of tasty homemade Polish perogies from Pittsburgh's South Side. Brother Hustle will sell Wisconsin cheese nachos and lots of Juicy Juice on ice. Chef Fat Meat will fire up grills loaded with beef and turkey hotdogs, super-thick Fat Burgers, and his world famous Get Back Baby-Back Ribs. Aunt Tee Tee and her crew will set up the flat screen monitors. And my Pork-N-Piggly staff will sell soft drinks, snacks, party whistles, Green Bay Packers Cheese Hats and Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towels.

"Thanks vendors for your valuable community service."

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Yo Ken I'm afraid I'm not in the eating or celebrating mode. The United Females of North Amercia put the squeeze on the Big Steeler in the sky and he had to cause the Steeler Nation to lose this one. They threatened to stop going to church, to stop sending their childen, and to stop nagging their husbands and boyfriends into going unless the Big Steeler in the Sky heard their prayers and stopped Roethisberger from getting another Super Bowl ring this year. We understand and agree that women certainly have served the Big Steeler well ove the years. While no one can actual earn his merit or favor, if anyone could, it would be women. The Big Steeler in the Sky knows what is best better than we do. I still have barbque I can't eat. In consolation to the Steeler Nation, the Big Steeler told us to keep brushing our teeth for we will surely eat handsomely next year.


@ Walt The Big Steeler in the Sky!? lol Then the United Females? yes indeed, I've heard it all! rotflmao

Duan C.


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