Barstool Quarterbacking

Even though the Saints weren't involved this year, you probably are aware that there was a big football game this weekend. I love football: competition, physical activity, and tight pants with shoulder pads--a winning combo. It's also a game where things can change in a minute and you often have to depend on your buddies to protect you...which are also things true of navigating the social scene in a city.

This week, I'll start taking you, dear readers, along with me as I play that game here in Jackson with my cohorts...so as I sit here watching the Super Bowl, aka Battle of the Yellow Pants, and try to let my eyes recover from that Tron-tastic halftime show and Fergie's shoulder pads, here's a quick post-game analysis of some of the weekend's winners in Jackson:

Friday was a little dullsville in downtown, as many of our government-employed friends and folks who live in the suburbs were "stuck" at home due to the icy roads. So naturally, those of us who did make it to work were ready for HH (that's happy hour). I headed over to Parlor Market to meet my North Jackson Insider friend and some coworkers of hers. (By the way, Parlor Market is a definite Winner for staying open Thursday night so downtowners, King Edward Hotel guests, and dedicated barflies had a place to seek shelter from the storm.) Our World Traveler friend joined us, looking sassy and winter-appropriate in a beret (an accessory that I admire, but could never pull off myself, even if I practiced). We were joined by the Shakeweight Bride (yes, she's got one and is using it to tone up before her summer wedding), looking pretty in pink. There's nothing like a pop of color to counter the winter blahs: Winner. The place was pretty steady for happy hour with a mix of lawyers and businesstypes, but everyone was noticably relaxed and casual due to the weather. I even spotted a Politician in something other than a suit for the first time ever.

It looked like it would be a good night at PM, but I had dinner plans with another group at Babalu, so headed off to Fondren. We settled in at a large table in a prime location in the restaurant side that provided ample opportunity to scope out the scene. It was packed with a pretty diverse group of folks of all age and stage in live. A few observations and helpful hints: If you have two toddlers in tow with you, wearing sequins like you're out for a night at the club is a bit of overkill, especially if it's earlier than 7:30 PM. I'm throwing that one a penalty flag for improper use of formality for the context. Also? If you're reading this and someone you love thinks that a seasonal fleece pullover or sweater (e.g., blue with snowflakes) is appropriate to wear in public, and said person is over the age of 10...please be a team player and advise him or her that it is not. Just do it. All the would-be spectators to the fashion foul will thank you. On a cocktail note, everyone was most pleased with theirs. The Martinez and Pepe O'Malley got enthusiastic thumbs-ups. Touchdown!

Saturday I mostly laid low (it happens on occasion), but I did make a lunch break to meet the Botox Cowboy (also a downtown resident) for lunch and dish at Bodega. It was fairly busy while we were there, and I love to see activity in downtown on the weekends. As an added plus, the fire alarm on one of the building floors had gone off, so when I arrived, I was greeted by some very handsome firemen doing their job (there was no actual fire, but props to JFD for responding promptly). The Cowboy and I did some plotting for events that you'll have to stay tuned to read about...but I will divulge that they involve dressing up. And wigs.

Finally, Sunday. Football fans know that pre-game is important. So of course, even though my interest in the game itself was minimal, that's no excuse. Plus, after a week in which cabin fever ran rampant, the blue sky and sunshine screamed, "Get to a patio, stat!" So that just what my favorite dynamic duo, the Karaoke Kids (we'll be hitting the song circuit soon and I'll report back) and I did. Something tells me Babalu's patio will see lots of action from fun Jacksonians this spring. We had a lovely pregame there of white sangria and tapas. We also made friends with a nice couple from Belhaven who sat on the adjacent couch. This was that couple's first time at Babalu, and we had a great chat about the neighborhood and things to do in Jackson.

And that's the best part of getting out and about town--meeting new friends, learning new places and things to do, and enjoying the company of interesting people. I hope as I post about places to go, things to wear, and people to see that you'll learn about cool happenings in our city and explore them for yourself...I have some fun outings on the books, and will even post pictures of you if I see you there and you're dressed to impress!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! You can email me at [e-mail missing] or on twitter at @iamjulieskipper. 'til next time...cheers!


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