[Stiggers] ‘There is a Season'


Ken Stiggers

Brother Hustle: "Another season is here, and it makes me reflect on the words wise ol' King Solomon wrote thousands of years ago: ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose, under heaven: A time to gain, a time to lose; a time to rend, a time to sew.'

"I wonder what he would say in 2011? ‘A time to pay your bills, a time to be broke; a time to be unemployed, a time to hustle or train for a new career.'

"Perhaps, King Solomon would add: ‘A time to have your tax return prepared at Money Hustle's Financial Services, and a time for your rapid refund money to pay off those overdue bills.'

"This is a shameless plug for my cousin Money Hustle's new business. Hard times forced him to re-invent himself—after he lost his bookkeeping job at the chemical processing plant when the Environmental Protection Agency shut it down for polluting the Cootie Creek River.

"Money's new hustle is to prepare taxes and secure immediate and sufficient refund money for the financially challenged. And I'm proud to mention that my cousin hired Aunt Tee Tee, unemployed members of the Ghetto Science Community and me to do some part-time promotional work for Money Hustle's Financial Services, Inc.

"So, when driving around the ghetto and other areas, look for the Money Hustle Street Corner Team, wearing lime-green uniforms covered with fake dollar bills and carrying the Money Hustle Financial Services promotion sign."


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