[Stiggers] It's Electric!


Ken Stiggers

Mo'tel Williams: "Greetings, peace-loving people. It's your non-black ambassador here to promote a special peace tour by the Sausage Sandwich Sisters: electric-slide line-dance ambassadors for world peace and rent money.

"Since childhood, the Sausage Sandwich Sisters wanted to make a difference in the world. I recall the day when the sisters did their first peacekeeping mission. It happened about six days after the Rodney King verdict in 1992. Some very serious uprisings happened in the city of Los Angeles after four police officers were acquitted for conducting a serious beat down on Brother Rodney. The angry masses retaliated, a couple of people were severely assaulted, and Korean American merchants pulled out their semi-automatic AK47s and Uzis. The uprisings were definitely a hot mess.

"Pent-up anger almost exploded in the Ghetto Science Community. Store merchants and property owners were concerned about the angry crowd gathering. A quick-thinking young Smokey Robinson McBride pulled out his beat-box radio and CD player and played music from an ‘Old School' Pete mix-tape.

"Suddenly, Big Sis, Susie Mae and Rhonda (the Sausage Sandwich Sisters) performed their electric-slide routine, inspiring the angry crowd to put down those bricks and rocks and do the electric slide for world peace and rent money.

"Support the Sausage Sandwich Sisters World Peace Tour as they use the unifying power of the electric slide to help calm unrest in the Middle East. Help us help a world in turmoil. It's Electric!"


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