[Stiggers] Poor Folks' Last Supper


Ken Stiggers

Congressman Smokey "Robinson" McBride: "We're gathered here today to celebrate the grand opening of Clubb Chicken Wing's Great Wall of Artistic Expression. I know many of you think I should be in Washington, D.C., working on the economic fate of our country. I feel your anxiety about what could happen on Aug. 2. I hear your questions like: Will my Social Security Check be in the mail or is our government headed toward epic fail? Yes, a lot of people's lives are on the line. And we're running out of time. I, however, want to share a special moment with the ghetto science community.

"The Ghetto Science Community Bureau of Parks, Museums and Cultural Affairs decided to have a 'Great Wall of Artistic Expression' built within the Clubb Chicken Wing Multi-Purpose Complex. This wall will feature various murals from reputable artists from the Ghetto Science Community. Therefore, it is befitting to kick off this grand opening by unveiling another poignant and controversial artistic expression from our dear Brother Sylvester, the Christmas Missing Toe artist.

"The mural you see documents the current events happening today.

"The first part of the mural shows the president plus members of the Congress and Senate climbing a wall to reach the ceiling with a dangling trillion-dollar bill. Brother Sylvester calls this 'Climbing the Walls to Raise the Debt Ceiling.' The second part of the mural titled 'Poor Folk's Last Supper at Chef Fat Meat's Buffet' speaks for itself.

"God, please bless America."


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