Groups Seek Mentors, But Not Just Any Mentors


Cassio Beattest (center) will train parents to know how to find the best mentor for their children.

Whenever you think of people who make the best mentors for boys, sports coaches seems to be the default selection.

Though coaches often make excellent mentors, Cassio Beattest of Fathers Active In Their Hoods Inc. believes parents should more thoroughly vet mentors for their sons in light of the recent child-abuse scandal involving Pennsylvania State University assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

"Sometimes we're more lax when it comes to our boys," Beattest said. "We want parents to understand the importance of protecting their sons as much as they protect their daughters."

On March 10, FAITH and the Southern Poverty Law Center will host a training session to help parents match their kids with the right mentors and mentoring programs. Often with young males, parents do not look outside of sports coaches as potential mentors, even when a different kind of mentor would be better for their child, Beattest said.

"Just because he's a male doesn't mean he's a good mentor," said Beattest, who runs a summer camp for about 80 boys each year.

The training, "State of Emergency: Mentoring Our Youth," with free lunch and drinks, will take place March 10 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Lumpkins BBQ, located at 182 Raymond Rd. For information contact Beattest at 601-862-4772 or Jed Oppenheim at 877-892-2577.


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