[Stiggers] Nothing But a Number


Ken Stiggers

DJ Itch Got to Scratch: "Unemployed, underemployed, part-time DJ blog No. 31412-1/2. I just finished a DJ gig at Clubb Chicken Wing's monthly Senior Citizen Hot Wing Happy Hour. At first, I was unsure about connecting with an older audience. Nevertheless, Lil' Momma Roscoe, organizer of the Hot Wing Happy Hour, assured me that everything would be fine. A couple of days before the gig, she schooled me on the music the seniors liked, and suggested I mix in some tasteful contemporary music.

"I also consulted with my mentor, 'Old School' Pete. He suggested I play music from James Brown, Fontella Bass, The Temptations, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Chubby Checker and Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams.

"The vibe at the Senior Citizen Hot Wing Happy Hour was nice and very educational. I eavesdropped in on several discussions between the senior citizens. Hearing those seniors from all walks of life talk about everything from politics to sex was like browsing through an oral-history library. Old Man Pops, Poppa Wheelie and Grandma Pookie were impressed with my music selection. And when I played the 'Hucklebuck' by Paul Williams, all of the seniors jumped out of their seats, crowded the dance floor and did the electric slide. 

"The most rewarding experience for me was when Lil' Momma Roscoe and the seniors took up a monetary love offering for me. After seeing the seniors party and socialize so hearty, I've concluded that age is nothing but a number."


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