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Wednesday, October 31

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Gov. Phil Bryant Says Voters Should Voluntarily Show ID

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said Wednesday that he thinks it would be a good idea for people in the state to voluntarily show identification when they vote, even though it's not required by law.

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Few Wins; Some Bad Losses

It was a tough football weekend for most Mississippi colleges. The only two four-year schools to win on the last Saturday of October were Ole Miss and Belhaven.

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Football’s Wackiness Forecast

College football now becomes a four-week sprint to the finish line of the regular season. November will clarify the national championship picture.

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[The Slate] The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Baseball is over, but the NBA returns this week. Everyone will be looking to catch the Miami Heat in the spring.

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JFP Top 25: Week 10

The last Saturday in October saw Georgia, Kansas State, Alabama and Notre Dame make major statements to the rest of the college-football world.

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Habitat Rebuilds Englewood Gardens

Habitat for Humanity unveiled 22 new homes in a celebration of teamwork that created a new and close-knit neighborhood from what was once an illegal dump.

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Protecting the Kids

On Oct. 24, after an eight-month investigation and two months of unsuccessfully trying to negotiate with the defendants, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the county, the city of Meridian, two county youth court judges, the state Department of Human Services and the Division of Youth Services, accusing "unlawful conduct through which they routinely and systematically arrest and incarcerate children."

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Artists by Artists

‘You know, this means something to me.’ I know these people, and I respect their work, and I bet other artists around the state have similar things in their collections that people don’t see,” Lambert says.

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Cosmic Imagination

“Cloud Atlas” has oracular power on a cosmic scale.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: "Retard"

Like her male counterpart, Rush Limbaugh, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter is no stranger to slinging childish slurs when she can't come up with anything actually useful or intelligent to say.

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Not Done Yet

After more than 35 years and a dozen albums, Alejandro Escovedo is a musician’s musician and a critics’ darling.

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Nobody as Good: 7evenThirty

“Y’all know me as Marques. We hang out; we’re friends. Y’all know me on a personal level. Now, it is happening more that people only know me as 7evenThirty. That is weird,” he tells me.

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First Person

My vote from here on out goes to those who promise they will do everything in their power to allow my daughter to live in a humane society.

Question o' the Week: What is the Single Most Important Issue at Stake in the November Election?

What is the single most important issue at stake in the November election?

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You & JFP

Name: Bryan Doyle Location: Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. Age: 28 Occupation: Journalist, POLITICO

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A Right to Choose at Nissan

A growing number of workers in recent months have called for an election to determine whether the United Auto Workers should represent them.

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Down-home Delight

When I was working in the city of Mobile, Ala., back in the early ’90s, I found the most down-home restaurant ever.

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Election Day Style

The country has debated, analyzed, parsed and picked at this election until we’re all way too blue (or red) in the face, but we’ve finally reached the end, and now it’s time to enjoy Election Day.

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Now It’s Serious

Things just got serious. We have less than a week until the election, and I hope everyone understands how close this race is.

Election Day: What Mississippi Voters Need to Know

Election Day is Nov. 6, and many may not know where to go or what to do. Don't worry we got it covered.

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Energy And LGBT Illustrated

November the 6th is around the corner, so it's time to re-evaluate the facts and vote.

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Obamacare vs. Romneycare

“States could avoid some of the enrollment cuts generated by the block grant by increasing spending from their own resources, but completely avoiding enrollment cuts would require very large increases in spending to offset the reduction in federal funds,” the Kaiser paper states.

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On Values and Votes

Though we shared our precious faith, we did not altogether share the same politics.

On the Ballot - The Candidates

Confused on who's running or not? Here is a list of candidates that are running for public office to help your decision.

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The Candidates’ Plans: How Will They Affect Mississippi?

With less than a week before the presidential election, polls show the two frontrunners neck-and-neck in a campaign focused largely on health care and economic issues.

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Factcheck: Morris, Nunnelee Debate in Oxford

On Oct. 25, incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee (1st District) met Democratic challenger Brad Morris, an Oxford attorney, at the University of Mississippi for a half-hour face-off.

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Health-Care Industry Needs Healthy Workers

It's no secret that when it comes to the health of Mississippians, we rank at or near the bottom of nearly every well-being marker, from obesity to infant mortality.

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Frank Figgers

At Tougaloo College, Frank Figgers worked part-time for the Jackson Human Rights Project. One of the projects "arms" was the Georgetown Liberation School, which later changed its name to the Georgetown Black and Proud School and, ultimately, the Black and Proud Elementary School.

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The Deal With a Racist Devil

We seem to be going backward, not forward, on race and other bigotry issues.

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What's in Your Food?

A black swan event is generally defined as an unforeseen catastrophe that only in hindsight seems obvious or inevitable.

Please Read: New Rules for 2013 Best of Jackson Voting

The JFP has instituted new rules this year for Best of Jackson voting. Be sure you read this before casting your ballot!

10 Things to Know for Wednesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on Wednesday.

Airports and Stock Exchange Reopen; NJ Devastated

Two major airports reopened and the floor of the New York Stock Exchange came back to life Wednesday, while across the river in New Jersey, National Guardsmen rushed to rescue flood victims and fires still raged two days after Superstorm Sandy.

Obama to Visit Storm Victims as Campaign Rolls On

President Barack Obama put campaign battleground travel on hold to tour the ravaged New Jersey coast Wednesday, while down-to-the-wire campaigning resumed in swing state Florida that is critical to Republican Mitt Romney's victory plan.

No Voter ID Needed for Nov. 6 General Election

The state and county Democratic executive committees are working to remind all elections officials and voters around the state that Mississippi voters will NOT need to present identification in order to cast a ballot in the November 6 General Election.

In Reversal, Jackson School Board Takes State Pact

Agreement gives the state Department of Education substantial control over Jackson's special-education programs.

Stocks Open Higher After Historic 2-Day Close

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has rung Wall Street back to business.

Congressional Contest Roundup—Mississippi

In addition to the President election, there are several candidates campaigning for the Senate.

Tuesday, October 30

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City Moving into Metrocenter

The city will begin moving employees into Metrocenter Mall this week.

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Halloween Savings, Christmas Wrappings, Sandy and Bras

Hope Credit Union is holding a training session on October 31 designed to help families of more than 130 capital city-area children save for college.

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Rochelle Hicks

Lifelong Mississippian Rochelle Hicks has worked more than 15 years in the tourism industry.

Jackson Schools Could Lose Accreditation Thursday

Jackson's public schools could lose state accreditation Thursday, after district board members rejected a deal that would have given the system longer to comply with rules regarding special education.

10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on Tuesday.

Bahrain Bans All Protest Gatherings Amid Violence

Bahrain imposed emergency-style rules Tuesday banning all protest gatherings and threating legal action against groups considered backing escalating demonstrations and clashes in the strategic Gulf kingdom.

French Government Gets Anti-Sexism Lessons

French government ministers will be given anti-sexism lessons, in the wake of one minister's comments suggesting women couldn't handle technical work.

Candidates Look for Right Time to Resume Campaign

The presidential candidates searched for the right moment to get back to politicking after superstorm Sandy's destructive interruption, with President Barack Obama monitoring relief efforts and Republican Mitt Romney struggling to strike the right tone.

Sandy Disrupts Presidential Campaign; Candidates Look For Right Tone For Final Week

Suddenly, after drifting through months of confusing finger-pointing and iffy economic theory, the presidential candidates are getting walloped by an all-too-tangible October surprise. Superstorm Sandy is a real-world, gut-level test.

The East Coast Wakes Up, Surveys Damage From Hurricane Sandy As Storm Continues Inland

Millions of people from Maine to the Carolinas awoke Tuesday without power, and an eerily quiet New York City was all but closed off by car, train and air as superstorm Sandy steamed inland, still delivering punishing wind and rain.

Monday, October 29

Mammograms: For 1 Life Saved, 3 Women Overtreated

The review found that for every life saved, roughly three other women were overdiagnosed, meaning they were unnecessarily treated for a cancer that would never have threatened their lives.

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Mammoth Storm Shutters NYC, Sends Crane Dangling

The threat of an 11-foot wall of water prompted officials to close the mass transit system and consider cutting power to Wall Street and all of lower Manhattan to avoid saltwater damage.

Hinds County DA Employee Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes

A former employee of the Hinds County District Attorney's Office has admitted in court that he is guilty of accepting bribes.

Jackson Issues Precautionary Water Conservation Notice for South of I-20

This is only for those residents who are served by the surface water system. Those customers on the well water system are not affected.

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Brad Morris: Poised for a Dem Upset?

Of Mississippi's three congressional districts represented by Republicans, Democrats' best hope of wresting away one seat might lie with Brad Morris in the 1st Congressional District.

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Living Apart: How the Government Betrayed a Landmark Civil Rights Law

A few months after Congress passed a landmark law directing the federal government to dismantle segregation in the nation's housing, President Nixon's housing chief began plotting a stealth campaign.

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Group of the Day: The Women's Fund of Mississippi

With women's issues taking center stage in much of this election season and the rhetoric surrounding them enough to make a female sick, it is nice to see women celebrating women.

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Community Events and Public Meetings

Crisis Prevention Community Informational meets this evening from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Eudora Welty Library. Topics include domestic violence and victimization.

10 Things to Know for Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on today.

East Coast Grinds to a Halt as Superstorm Nears

Hurricane Sandy bore down on the Eastern Seaboard's largest cities Monday, forcing the shutdown of mass transit, schools and financial markets, sending coastal residents fleeing, and threatening a dangerous mix of high winds, soaking rain and a surging wall of water up to 11 feet tall.

Syria Truce Collapse Shows Limits of Diplomacy

Syria's air force fired missiles and dropped barrel bombs on rebel strongholds while opposition fighters attacked regime positions Sunday, flouting a U.N.-backed cease-fire that was supposed to quiet fighting over a long holiday weekend but never took hold.

Advantage Obama in Hunt for 270 Electoral Votes

President Barack Obama is poised to eke out a victory in the race for the 270 electoral votes needed to win re-election, having beaten back Republican Mitt Romney's attempts to convert momentum from the debates into support in all-important Ohio, according to an Associated Press analysis a week before Election Day.

Analysis: Suit Bodes Ill for Child Care Expansion

It seems crazy that to get the state Department of Human Services to negotiate with them, Mississippi's child-care providers had to sue the agency.

Sunday, October 28

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10 Local Stories of the Week

There's never a slow news week in Jackson, Miss., and last week was no exception. Here are the local stories JFP reporters brought you in case you missed them.

Saturday, October 27

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Seeking The Truth

It’s not “Ghostbusters.”

Friday, October 26

Blueprint MS Report on Health Care Industry Released

Mississippi needs to produce more physicians and provide incentives for them to work in rural areas.

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Mad-Maxing It with the Dirty Bourbon River Show

More than a few under-used words come to mind when listening to the New Orleans-based band Dirty Bourbon River Show: exuberant, boisterous, reckless abandon, oompah-pah, oompah-pah.

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Habitat for Humanity Rebuilds Neighborhood

Habitat for Humanity unveiled 22 new homes in a Jackson neighborhood that just a couple of years ago served as a dumping ground and the notorious site for illegal and nefarious activities.

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Rap Sessions Empowering Youth

A diverse crowd of college-age students, young adults and others attended a community dialogue on the hip-hop generation yesterday evening at Jackson State University's Rose E. McCoy auditorium.

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Elizabeth "Pippa" Jackson

Elizabeth "Pippa" Jackson, owner and operator of the Mississippi Animal Rescue Fund--a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter and adoption agency--began taking in and caring for animals starting with a goat she received from a ride operator at the county fair when she was 4 years old.

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It's the Weekend!

On Saturday, John Prine performs at 8 p.m. at Thalia Mara Hall.

10 Things to Know for Friday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about today.

Jobs, Debt Lead 1st Congressional District Debate

Candidates in a north Mississippi congressional debate Thursday night presented competing visions of "government the despoiler" versus "government the helper."

Amid Bumper Crop, Families Could Get PB&J Break

Choosy moms and dads may be packing more PB&J in lunches this winter, when the cost of a jar of Jif or Skippy is expected to fall even as other grocery prices rise.

Officials: Suicide Bomber Kills 36 in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a mosque in northern Afghanistan on Friday, killing 36 people and wounding 23, officials said.

East Coast Braces for Monster 'Frankenstorm'

The pre-Halloween hybrid weather monster that federal forecasters call "Frankenstorm" is looking more ominous by the hour for the East Coast, and utilities and local governments are getting ready.

U.S. Economic Growth Up to Still-Modest 2 Pct. Rate

The U.S. economy grew at a slightly faster 2 percent annual rate from July through September, buoyed by more spending by consumers and the federal government.

Miss. Bluesman Getting Long Overdue Grave Marker

Mississippi blues artist Tommy Johnson is finally getting a headstone on his grave Friday, more than a half century after his death.

Thursday, October 25

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Lyrics, Master Labs and the Lady with a Red Guitar

This Friday at Yellow Scarf, Wilson and her band from New York—Brandon Ross on guitar and Gregoire Maret on harmonica—will perform.

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Banks Raises Personhood in Court Race

In its final push toward the Nov. 6 election, Rep. Earle Banks' campaign for a seat on the state's supreme court is deploying a different strategy in his race against sitting Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr.

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JRA Gets New Leadership, Iron Horse Gets Funds

The Iron Horse Grill will close on a deal for $2.5 million in urban-renewal bonds through the JRA and $1.5 million in new-market tax credits Friday morning.

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Lafayette Stribling

One of Mississippi's best basketball minds hangs up his whistle this week, after more than 50 years of coaching.

10 Things to Know for Thursday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on Thursday.

Obama Assails Romney in Bid for Women's Vote

Seeking to shore up his support among women voters, President Barack Obama on Thursday hammered Republican rival Mitt Romney anew over his backing of Richard Mourdock, the Indiana Senate candidate drawing fire for saying that pregnancies that result from rape are "something God intended."

Activist Girl's Dad Vows She'll Return to Pakistan

The father of a 15-year-old Pakistani activist girl who was shot and wounded by a Taliban gunman vowed Thursday that she would return home after finishing medical treatment abroad despite new insurgent threats against her.

Ex-Goldman Exec's 2-Year Sentence Draws Scrutiny

A two-year prison sentence for insider trading at the height of the 2008 economic crisis, by a man who was once one of the nation's most respected business executives, is a fifth of the 10 years requested by the government and well below sentencing guidelines. Now, some experts are questioning whether it's a fair punishment.

AP-GfK Poll: Romney Erases Obama Lead Among Women

Less than two weeks out from Election Day, Republican Mitt Romney has erased President Barack Obama's 16-point advantage among women, a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows.

Judge Delays Start of Finger Scans at Child Care

A Hinds County chancery judge on Wednesday ordered a state agency to delay the start of a finger scanning system for some parents to sign youngsters in and out of child care.

Wednesday, October 24

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Marathon Wins for MSU, Losses for USM

Last week was pretty successful for college football teams in Mississippi.

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A Championship Team

Mississippi State has handled every obstacle laid in front of it on the football field this season.

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[The Slate] The Best In Sports In 7 Days

This is a great sports week. College football, NFL and the World Series should give sports fans everything they want as the days get shorter.

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JFP Top 25: Week 9

October separates the contenders from the pretenders in college football. West Virginia has been proven a pretender, and the Florida Gators have shown they are contenders.

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Wealth, Passion and the Journey

"It was born out of all of our imaginations, because there wasn’t a lot to reference."

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Not Just a Country Picker

Kenny Vaughan plays country music, but his influences and experiences stretch across the spectrum of American musical culture.

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Halloween Happenings

It can’t be fall until football, the state fair and, of course, Halloween roll our way.

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Sedaris Seeks Jackson

This year marks the 10th year Justin has been putting up with me and my shenanigans, so we’ve been celebrating since Sept. 9 in big and small ways.

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Not Just a Bar

Fenian’s Pub is getting serious in the kitchen, and they want you to know about it. The pub is throwing its first beer pairings dinner, a four-course meal dreamt up by Josh Speights.

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Defense, Illustrated

Even the military gets kicked in the face when it comes to fact-checking.

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Fall Favorite

All of the Charlie Brown specials remind me of my childhood. However, the Halloween and Christmas specials especially spark up nostalgia for me.

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Timeless Style

In fashion, social graces and pop culture, some trends come and go, while others remain tried and true—the classics.

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Creepy and Cool

Everyone seems to love Halloween, and no wonder—whether it’s candy, costumes or getting thoroughly creeped out, some aspect of the holiday is bound to appeal to each of us.

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Behind the Chair

I've been in the beauty industry for 17 years. After laying hands on and listening to countless women, I know for a fact--as celebrity stylist Tabatha Coffey says--"It's not always about the hair."

Education Key to State's Job Growth

In September, Mississippi's unemployment rate increased to 9.2 percent, and it's been one of only seven states that has lost payroll jobs over the last 12 months.

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A Woman of Paranormal Worth

The first time I ever see Paula Hayes Westbrook, she is smoking a cigarette with one hand while holding Tia, her little Chihuahua, with the other.

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Stopping In to Say Goodbye

I sat there for a moment, not afraid, just stunned and trying to figure out what I had just seen. Who was this man?

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Stinker Quote of the Week: "Tool"

In 2010, Mississippi's rate of maternal death per 100,000 was 15.2 percent, putting it at 45th in the nation for high rates of maternal deaths, meaning that only five states did worse.

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Malarky Patty Melt

Chef Fat Meat: "Citizens of the Ghetto Science Community, this presidential election and the previous debates have inspired me to become even more politically active. Therefore, I am ready to move forward and step up my culinary game like President Obama stepped up his debate game.

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Spooky Stories

Do you want to know more about ghosts and paranormal investigations? Here are some books that might help you.

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Investigators Search for Life After Death

This was not the first time Bullard and Grantham had been to the home that they regard as a consistent source of other-worldly evidence.

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My Ghost of Duff Green

We turned out the lights, switched on the small digital recorder and took our places at a table in the middle of the ballroom to attempt to communicate with the spirit that sparked my interest in my newfound hobby of ghost hunting.

Talk Back at

"Romney has no coherent foreign policy, so far as I can tell. Instead, it's just opportunism run amok."

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Robert Johnson: Crossroads Man

For many blues musicians and enthusiasts, Robert Johnson is the epitome of the blues.

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Another Nail in the Coffin

Another nail was hammered into my marriage’s coffin the day we buried my father-in-law—I just didn’t know it, yet.

Question O' the Week: What Do You Think the 2013 Best of Jackson Party Theme Will Be?

Yay! JFP #BestofJackson team just chose the 2013 theme. It's a secret, but here's hint: "It's black and white and red all over." Guesses?

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You & JFP: Jonathan Ward

"Not all those who wonder are lost."

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Thirteen Creepy Movies

'Tis the season to get creeped out. Here are 13 movies guaranteed to make you scream like a little girl.

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William Waller Jr.: No Agenda

Criticized for political donations, Mississippi State Supreme Court Chief Justice William Waller Jr. says as long as the state constitution requires judges to run for office, contributions are necessary.

Players Union Opposes Tagliabue in BountyGate Appeal, Fujita on IR for Season

The players' union opposes former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue hearing the appeals of the four players suspended in the Saints bounties case.

Obama Opponents Strive to Make Emails Campaign Issue

"There were emails about all sorts of information that was becoming available in the aftermath of the attack," Carney said. "The whole point of an intelligence community and what they do is to assess strands of information and make judgments about what happened and who is responsible."

DOJ: Lauderdale County Violates Students' Rights

Authorities in east Mississippi run a "school-to-prison pipeline" that locks up students for infractions like flatulence or wearing the wrong color socks, a policy that mainly affects black and disabled children, the U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday in a federal lawsuit.

Ind. GOP Senate Candidate Stands by Rape Comment

Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said Wednesday that he is standing by his statement that when a woman becomes pregnant during a rape "that's something God intended."

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Who is Kris Kobach?

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is representing Mississippi in a lawsuit against the Obama administration.

DOJ Sues to Protect the Constitutional Rights of Children in Mississippi

Department seeks declaratory, injunctive and equitable relief against City of Meridian, Lauderdale County and Mississippi Division of Youth Services.

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City to Spend $90 Million on Water Improvements

A contractor for the city estimates a new $90 million project to upgrade the city's water system will create hundreds of new jobs in Jackson.

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Chad King

This Halloween, the Fondren Theatre Group brings the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" back to a Jackson stage for its fourth production.

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Beware the GOP's (Un)Scientific Sexism

The majority of Mississippians who voted last fall to block the passage of the "personhood" initiative should be very nervous about the Nov. 6 election.

Brookins Resigns, JRA Finalizing Iron Horse Deal

Jason Brookins resigns as JRA Executive Director.

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An Essential Opportunity

For those who are homeless, the Opportunity Center, the only day shelter in Jackson, is home.

10 Things to Know for Wednesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on Wednesday.

PSC Looks Into Entergy's Response to Isaac

Louisiana's utility regulatory agency is hashing out complaints over Entergy's response to Hurricane Isaac.

AT&T Offers Reward in Copper Thefts

AT&T is offering a reward of up to $1,000 to solve incidents of copper theft from telephone cables. The reward is for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Extremist Islamist Group in Syria Rejects Truce

An al-Qaida-inspired Islamist group has rejected the short holiday cease-fire proposed by the international peace envoy to Syria.

Swing-State Voters Hit with Mail Ad Barrage

Around lunchtime each day, the latest missives promoting or pillorying Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney arrive in Diane Ouradnik's mailbox. Before long, they're in her trash.

Fewer Absentee Ballots Cast in Miss. than in 2008

Only a third as many Mississippi voters have cast absentee ballots in 2012 as did for the 2008 presidential election.

Tuesday, October 23

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The Medicaid Question: Expand or Not?

In a less than eyebrow-raising new report, Mississippi's University Research Center has concluded that covering more people with Medicaid would cost the state millions upon millions of dollars.

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Loans, Internet Access, Retirement, Steel and Illegal Burritos

Small Business Administration loans in the state were down to their lowest total since 2008, despite the second highest national total ever.

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Kerry Baker

Mississippians might remember the small town of Smithville in north Mississippi, which was hit particularly hard in April 2011 by a tornado.

Obama, Romney Pumped for Dash to the Finish

Their debates now history, President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday open a two-week sprint to Election Day powered by adrenaline, a boatload of campaign cash and a determination to reach Nov. 6 with no would-have, should-have regrets in their neck-and-neck fight to the finish.

Wisconsin Shooting Brings Call for New Law On Guns

Two Wisconsin lawmakers are pushing legislation to tighten the enforcement of gun rules in domestic violence cases, prompted by a fatal shooting rampage at a suburban Milwaukee spa.

Israel's Premier Vows to Build in Jerusalem

Israel's prime minister vowed Tuesday to continue building in a contested Jerusalem district, just days after European Union criticism of Jewish housing there.

FACT CHECK: Romney Flunks Geography, Fails to Spin Auto Bailout

Voters didn't always get the straight goods when President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney made their case for foreign policy and national security leadership Monday night before their last super-sized audience of the campaign. A few of their detours into domestic issues were problematic too.

10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about on Tuesday.

Informant: NYPD Paid Me to 'Bait' Muslims

A paid informant for the New York Police Department's intelligence unit was under orders to "bait" Muslims into saying incriminating things as he lived a double life, snapping pictures inside mosques and collecting the names of innocent people attending study groups on Islam, he told The Associated Press.

In Debate Pivot, Romney Passes on Libya Critique, Offers Praise, Agreement with Obama on Foreign Policy

Republican Mitt Romney is acting like a challenger who feels he has enough momentum and time to overtake the president by Election Day, two weeks from now. Judging from Monday's final debate, President Barack Obama almost seems to agree.

Mississippi AD Considers Self-Imposing Penalties

Mississippi athletic director Ross Bjork is considering self-imposing penalties on the women's basketball program as the university cooperates with an NCAA investigation regarding "impermissible recruiting contacts and academic misconduct."

Monday, October 22

Suspect in Wis. Salon Attack Had History of Abuse

A man suspected of opening fire at a Wisconsin salon where his wife worked, killing three women and wounding four others, had a history of domestic abuse and had been arrested for slashing his wife's tires a few weeks earlier, police said.

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Candidates Debate Foreign Policy

Tonight, the presidential candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties will get together to bicker over our nation's foreign policy, issues that frequently take a back seat to domestic issues this election season.

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Dozens of States Make it Hard to Get Abortions

It's legal to get an abortion in America, but in many places it is hard and getting harder.

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Winston R. Pittman Sr. and Alma Dent Pittman

Jackson State University recently named the auditorium of its College of Business in honor of Winston R. Pittman Sr. and his wife Alma Dent Pittman.

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Community Events and Public Meetings

Hal & Mal's hosts a Presidential Debate Watch Party tonight from 7-11 p.m. in the Red Room.

UCI Agrees to Strip Armstrong of His 7 Tour Titles

Forget the seven Tour de France victories. Forget the yellow jersey celebrations on the Champs Elysees. Forget the name that dominated the sport of cycling for so many years. As far as cycling's governing body is concerned, Lance Armstrong is out of the record books.

Lebanon Launches Major Security Operation

Lebanese troops launched a major security operation on Monday to open all roads and force gunmen off the streets, trying to contain an outburst of violence set off by the assassination of a top intelligence official who was a powerful opponent of Syria. Sectarian clashes killed at least five people.

Candidates Seek Foreign Policy Edge in 3rd Debate

Still neck-and-neck after all these months, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney head into their third and final debate with each man eager to project an aura of personal strength and leadership while raising doubts about the steadiness and foreign policy credentials of the other guy.

10 Things to Know for Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.

Sunday, October 21

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10 Local Stories of the Week

There's never a slow news week in Jackson, Miss., and last week was no exception. Here are the local stories JFP reporters brought you in case you missed them.

Saturday, October 20

Miss. Jobless Rate Up to 9.2 Percent in September

Mississippi's unemployment rate ticked up to 9.2 percent in September, but there was positive news to offset that gloomy headline.

Friday, October 19

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Hosemann's Office: No Voter ID Needed

Up until recently, a Mississippi citizen looking for voting information on the secretary of state's website might have been confused.

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Gun Industry Thrives During Obama's Term in Office

President Barack Obama has presided over a heyday for the gun industry despite predictions by the National Rifle Association four years ago that he would be the "most anti-gun president in American history." Gun buyers fear that Obama wants to restrict their purchases, especially if he were re-elected.

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Phillip Lafayette Gibbs & James Earl Green

In May 1970, the sound of gunfire aimed at students ceased sounds of protest on what was then the Jackson State College campus (now Jackson State University).

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It's the Weekend!

On Saturday, the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra performs at 7:30 p.m. at Thalia Mara Hall.

Pickens Mayor Joel Gill Dies in Car Crash

Pickens Mayor Joel Gill, who was a past candidate for Mississippi agriculture commissioner and U.S. congress, has died in a car accident.

JPS Gets Extension on Withdrawal of Accreditation with Conditions

The Mississippi Board of Education voted today to grant Jackson Public Schools an extension to come into full compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act if the district agrees to criteria outlined in a proposed agreement.

Nightmare Election Scenarios Worry Both Parties

Here in a county that knows a thing or two about Election Day meltdowns, both parties are fretting over what might go seriously wrong before, during or just after the Nov. 6 presidential election.

Afghan Police School Tries to Fix Struggling Force

At the gate to the National Police Academy, on the western edge of the Afghan capital, the guard's rifle bolts into firing position. "Stop!" he shouts.

Newsweek Had Unique Troubles as Industry Recovers

Newsweek's decision to stop publishing a print edition after 80 years and bet its life entirely on a digital future may be more a commentary on its own problems than a definitive statement on the health of the magazine industry.

10 Things to Know for Friday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories that will be talked about today.

Gun Sales, NRA Thrive Under Obama Administration

President Barack Obama has presided over a heyday for the gun industry despite predictions by the National Rifle Association four years ago that he would be the "most anti-gun president in American history." Gun buyers fear that Obama wants to restrict their purchases, especially if he were re-elected.

Miss. Schools Eligible for Conversion to Charters

Because they have performed poorly for three years in a row, 35 schools across Mississippi are eligible to be converted into public charter schools.

Thursday, October 18

Energy: Why It Matters and Where The Candidates Stand

Both candidates pledge energy independence, while U.S. dependence on imported oil has declined in recent years, in part because of the economic downturn, improved efficiency and changes in consumer behavior.

Gas Prices Finally Heading Down

The national average retail price has fallen for ten straight days and is now $3.74 per gallon. It could mark the beginning of the usual autumn decrease that was delayed this year because of refinery problems and high oil prices.

Tease photo

Mud Flies in State Supreme Court Race

Earle S. Banks Sr., a Mississippi State Supreme Court candidate and lawmaker, along with his supporters, is stepping up attacks against Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr., the incumbent Banks is attempting to unseat.

Tease photo

Miss. Says 'No Thanks' to Medicaid Expansion Dollars

Mississippi has long been one of the sickest and poorest states in America, with some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease and more than 1 in 7 residents without insurance. And so you might think Mississippi would jump at the prospect of billions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid.

Tease photo

Team of the Day: Mississippi State Football Team

Mississippi State fans are partying like it's 1999. That's because the Bulldogs are off to their best start since winning eight straight games to start the 1999 season.

Protests as Ireland's First Abortion Clinic Opens

The first abortion clinic on the island of Ireland opened Thursday in Belfast, sparking protests by conservatives from both the Catholic and Protestant sides of Northern Ireland.

Turkish Pianist on Trial for Insulting Islam

A top Turkish pianist and composer appeared in court on Thursday to defend himself against charges of offending Muslims and insulting Islam in comments he made on Twitter.

10 Things to Know for Thursday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.

AP Source: Terrorist Considered Obama Potential Target

A Bangladeshi man snared in an FBI terror sting considered targeting President Barack Obama and the New York City Stock Exchange before settling on a car bomb attack on the Federal Reserve, just blocks from the World Trade Center site, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Airstrikes in Northern Syria Kill at Least 43

Government airstrikes on rebel areas in northern Syria killed at least 43 people and leveled buildings, forcing residents to search mounds of rubble for bodies trapped underneath, anti-regime activists said Thursday.

Overnight Storms Swat Southeast; 7 Hurt in Miss.

Authorities say seven people are recovering from injuries suffered after an overnight storm blew through the southeast.

Experts Seek to Reduce Miss. Infant Mortality Rate

Mississippi has the nation's highest infant mortality rate, and experts are trying to change that by teaching people about healthy pregnancies and proper sleep conditions for babies.

Wednesday, October 17

Tease photo

Dark 'Daydream'

"I like writers who take huge risks, even if they are unsuccessful. I'd much rather read a book that has ambition than one that plays it safe."

Tease photo

Eclectic Espionage

Ben Affleck's "Argo" is a deeply satisfying picture with an emotional current that sizzles your senses into shock and awe.

Tease photo

Get Ready to Fill Your Pints

Bands. Brats. Beer. No, this isn't exactly a word-association game. This is the mantra of Jackson's answer to Oktoberfest: Jacktoberfest, and it was a bar bet that almost went nowhere.

Tease photo

Guac It to Me

Guactoberfest, a spinoff of last May’s Babalooza, is slinging avocados and bringing live music to Fondren this weekend.

Tease photo


Having only been together for seven months, Supercrush is making a name in Jackson.

Tease photo

Still a Chance for a Saints Superbowl?

There wasn't even enough time to bask in the win against San Diego before thoughts turned to the New Orleans Saints' playoff hopes.

[The Slate] The Best In Sports In & Days

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are 12th in the initial BCS standings and bowl eligible after their win over Tennessee.

Tease photo

JFP Top 25: Week 8

October has provided two straight weeks of upsets in the top ten of the Top 25 teams.

Tease photo

Raising Kids Who Care

Yet, in today's interconnected world, with the big problems we face, it is more essential than ever to find connections with others and help our kids care about others and their environment.

Tease photo

Cooking Healthy with Honey

I didn't acquire a taste for honey until in the middle of adulthood, but now, it's like I can't live without having some at least once a day.

Tease photo

Love in Faith

Everyone in Allison's family loved CJ and knew that one day the two would get married; they just weren't sure when.

Tease photo

The Power of Choice

Choice can be a very powerful tool to have when you know and embrace that power.

Tease photo

Street Style: Effortless Chic

Everybody has that one friend who, no matter the season or situation, is dressed perfectly and (seemingly, at least) effortlessly.

Tease photo

This Month in Health

Early diagnosis is vital, as the two major factors that influence breast cancer survival are stage at diagnosis and age at diagnosis.

Tease photo

Immigration, Illustrated

Immigration is always a thorny issue, especially when facts are (mis)quoted.

DHS Pauses Finger Scan Expansion

The Mississippi Department of Human Services is putting off the rollout of a controversial finger scanning program for daycare centers.

Tease photo

You & JFP: Brian Kuhn

Do your best, forget the rest.

Question o' the Week: Who is your local hero and why?

Mariah Carey said it best when she sang "Hero". Sometimes you have to stand up to do what's right, and in turn, you can inspire someone else.

Tease photo

Stinker Quote of the Week

A couple things stink about Ryan's answer about abortion in the vice presidential debate.

Talk Back: Janis Lane

"I'm really going to set you back here."

Two Former JPD Officers Plead Guilty to Accepting Bribes

Former Jackson Police Department Patrol Officers Monyette Quintel Jefferson, 27, and Terence Dale Jenkins, 25, pled guilty in U.S. District Court today to accepting bribes from an undercover FBI agent.

Tease photo

A Smile, A Smirk

In social media, I see lots of folks who say they've either unfollowed, unfriended, blocked or deleted someone because of their political beliefs.

Tease photo

Solid Weekend for Four-Year Schools

It wasn't a perfect weekend for four-year college-football programs in Mississippi, but it was darn close.

No Good Can Come of Immigration Suit

Whenever election season draws near, the shenanigans in which politicians will engage to score cheap points are seemingly boundless.

Tease photo

For My Grandmothers

Exercise your right to vote like you exercise your right to breathe.

Tease photo

Facing the Odds in the Washington Addition

On command, two black boys marched into Wesley Murray's office and slouched against the wood paneled wall.

Tease photo

FBI Arrests 'Rogue Officers'

The FBI arrested four men, including two former metro police officers and one acting Hinds County Sheriff's deputy, Oct. 2 on charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and theft of government property.

Tease photo

The JFP Debate Drinking Game Rules

With only one more debate on the books between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney 
(Monday, Oct. 22), we've perfected our drinking game rules. Cheers!

Tease photo

Did Lake Money Dry Up?

Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District officials are scratching their heads trying to locate funds set aside to help develop a flood-control plan for the Pearl River.

Tease photo

Gov. Bryant Leaps Into National Immigration Mess

Gov. Phil Bryant joined a lawsuit on the state's behalf against the Obama administration's recent order to halt deportation of young unauthorized immigrants.

Tease photo

Dr. Loretta Moore

Dr. Loretta Moore's main task as the associate vice president for the Academy of Research and Scholarly Engagement is to nurture the intellectual aspirations and scholarly production of the faculty members at Jackson State University.

Tease photo

Romney's Real Record as a 'Job Creator'

Mitt Romney detractors have jumped on the videos and stories coming from Sensata employees, saying it paints Romney and his old firm in a bad light.

Tease photo

Traversing 'The Empty'

Thomas Ruffin will release his latest book of poetry this week at ToMara's bar.

UN Syria Envoy Calls on Government to Start Truce

The international envoy to the Syrian conflict on Wednesday called on President Bashar Assad's regime to take the lead in implementing a cease-fire during a major Muslim holiday later this month.

10 Things to Know for Wednesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today (times in EDT):

Council OKs $90M Water Repair Contract

The Jackson City Council approved a $90 million water and sewer project worth one-fourth of the city's total budget.

Court Denies Hinds Redistricting Injunction

A federal judge has denied a request by Hinds County Supervisor Phil Fisher and the Republican Party to bar the county from using its new redistricting plan in November elections.

AP Factchecks the Presidential Debate

An occasional look at political claims that take shortcuts with the facts or don't tell the full story.

Tuesday, October 16

Tease photo

NAACP Sues State on Voting Map

The Mississippi State Conference of the NAACP is again locking horns with the state of Mississippi over redistricting maps.

Tease photo

Hawkins Field, Cancer Screenings, Englewood Gardens and Closings

The Jackson Municipal Airport Authority has begun a project to restore the Hawkins Field Airport Terminal.

Tease photo

K.C. Morrison

Dr. K. C. Morrison will present a scholarly discussion of race and the Obama presidency at Tougaloo College.

Clinton: I'm Responsible for Consulate Security

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is answering Republican criticism of the Obama administration's handling of last month's attack at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, saying she — not the White House — is responsible for security at all of America's diplomatic missions.

Manning's 3 TD Passes Spur Broncos' Comeback

Down 24-0 at halftime, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos reveled after one of the biggest comebacks in NFL regular-season history.

Marijuana Backers Courting Conservatives

It's not all hippies backing November's marijuana legalization votes in Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

Social Security Benefits to Go Up by 1.7 Percent

More than 56 million Social Security recipients will see their monthly payments go up by 1.7 percent next year.

Govt to Let Cubans Travel Freely

The Cuban government announced Tuesday that it will no longer require islanders to apply for an exit visa, eliminating a much-loathed bureaucratic procedure that has been a major impediment for many seeking to travel overseas.

Stocks Open Higher on Wall Street; Mattel Jumps

Stocks are opening higher on Wall Street Tuesday after several big-name U.S. companies posted strong results for the third quarter.

Miss. West Nile Cases Up to 225 for Year

The Mississippi State Department of Health is reporting 12 new human cases of West Nile virus.

Tease photo

Analysis: Romney Wants a Repeat, Obama a Reversal

Mitt Romney would love another debate like the last one. President Barack Obama most certainly would not.

Monday, October 15

Tease photo

10 Local Stories of the Week

There's never a slow news week in Jackson, Miss., and last week was no exception. Here are the local stories JFP reporters brought you in case you missed them.

NAACP Seeks 2013 Elections for Miss. Legislature

The NAACP contends blacks are still discriminated against in new legislative districts. It has asked a federal panel to redraw those districts approved by the Justice Department last month and other elections for the Mississippi Legislature in 2013.

Debate Preparations Consume Candidates

With the White House race barreling toward the finish, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney were staying out of the spotlight Monday, underscoring the intense focus each campaign is placing on the second presidential debate.

Centrist Sen. Specter Died Fighting for Moderation

Arlen Specter, a pugnacious and prominent former moderate in the U.S. Senate who developed the single-bullet theory in President John F. Kennedy's assassination and played starring roles in Supreme Court confirmation hearings, lost a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at a time when Congress is more politically polarized than anyone serving there—or living in America—can remember.

Tease photo

Hinds County Insurance Smackdown!

Today, supervisors voted on a compromise that involved the county picking up a portion of an increase in employee premiums approved at the Oct. 1 board meeting.

Tease photo

Mississippi Tax Revenue Drop Explained

A computer conversion at the Mississippi Department of Revenue delayed some revenue collections from being posted and contributed to a report that showed a September drop in state tax collections.

Tease photo

Jack Carlisle

Legendary football coach Jack Carlisle will be the subject of the first annual Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Roast this Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Tease photo

Community Events and Public Meetings

The State Institutions of Higher Learning Meeting is today at 1:30 p.m. at Universities Center in the IHL Board Room.

Death Penalty Case Before Miss. Court

The Mississippi Supreme Court is scheduled to hear an appeal Monday from death row inmate Jason Lee Keller, who wants a new trial in the 2007 robbery and shooting death of a woman in Harrison County.

Entergy Expects 3Q Profit Below Street's View

Entergy expects its third-quarter earnings to come in below its prior-year results and Wall Street's view, partly because of a higher income tax expense.

Tea Venture Presents Agriculture Opportunities

Although several years away, a new venture starting in Lincoln County could mean jobs and agri-tourism opportunities for the area and state.

Scots Move Closer to Vote on Independence from UK

Scotland moved a step closer Monday to a vote on independence after Scottish and British leaders signed a deal laying the groundwork for a popular referendum that could radically alter the shape of the United Kingdom.

2 Americans Win Nobel Econ Prize for Match-Making

Two American scholars were awarded the Nobel economics prize on Monday for studies on the match-making that takes place when doctors are coupled up with hospitals, students with schools and human organs with transplant recipients.

EU Puts New Sanctions on Iran for Nuclear Program

The European Union, concerned by what it called Iran's refusal to come clean on its nuclear program, imposed a new range of sanctions Monday intended to hit the country's treasury and increase pressure on its Islamic regime.

10 Things to Know for Monday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.

Friday, October 12

Though Still High, 2012 Deficit Falls 16% Over Last Year

A stronger economy meant more people had jobs and income that generated tax revenue. Corporations also contributed more to federal revenue than in 2011.

Tease photo

AP Investigation: Ryan Lobbied for Millions in Federal Dollars While Calling for Cuts

As a congressman in Wisconsin, Ryan lobbied for tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his constituents for the kinds of largess he's now campaigning against.

Tease photo

AG's Office to Xerox: Back Off

The Mississippi attorney general's office has intervened on behalf of child-care providers who say they've been receiving harassing phone calls from Xerox, the mega-company that has the agreement to run the state's childcare payment and tracking system.

Tease photo

Who Stole Our Potholes?

But there is one Jackson neighborhood—Broadmeadow in north Fondren—where you'll find a few people who are positive about their potholes. And now, those potholes have mysteriously gone missing.

Tease photo

Martha Raddatz

Martha Raddatz set a new national standard last night.

Tease photo

It's the Weekend!

Tonight, NEEDTOBREATHE performs at 8 p.m. at Thalia Mara Hall.

Tease photo

AP Analysis: Biden Takes Fight to Ryan in Feisty Debate

By going all in, Biden aggressively tried to score on two critical fronts: relating Obama's message in more heartfelt terms and blistering Ryan on multiple fronts so that the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, would lose his recent surge.

Meridian Gets $1.2M from MDOT

Work to revamp part of historic downtown Meridian will go forward, thanks to a $1.2 million grant from the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Camps for, Against Egypt President Clash in Cairo

For the first time since Egypt's new Islamist president took office, his supporters clashed with liberal and leftist protesters in Cairo, storming a stage erected by the opposition activists, smashing loudspeakers and tearing the structure down during competing rallies Friday.

Despite Debt Crisis, EU Wins Nobel Peace Prize

The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize for fostering peace on a continent ravaged by war, yet the Norwegian prize jury warned Friday that the financial crisis challenging the bloc's unity could lead to a return to "extremism and nationalism."

10 Things to Know for Friday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.

Thursday, October 11

Tease photo

Chamber Vision 2022: Health Care, Lake

The Jackson metropolitan area now has a 10-year plan in the fields of education, health care, economic development, infrastructure, public transportation, arts and culture and the aerospace industry.

Tease photo

Players of the Day: Jackson State Rushers

Sports are normally a bottom-line business, and that bottom line is: Did you win or did you lose? But sometimes, even in defeat, recognition should be given to a special accomplishment.

Tease photo

JFP Musical Artists to Watch: 2012

Every year in our music issue, the Jackson Free Press seeks out and writes about a slate of artists to watch in the local music scene.

Tease photo

Team Obama Hopes Veep Debate Halts GOP Momentum

Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan pull up a couple of chairs for a vice presidential debate that has mushroomed in importance since Mitt Romney's strong showing in the first presidential faceoff. This time, it's the Obama team looking to put the brakes on the other guy's momentum.

FBI Arrests 1 Current, 2 Former Cops

A Hinds County sheriff's deputy and two former law enforcement officers are among four people arrested by FBI agents on charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and theft of government property.

School Helps Traumatized Syrian Kids Heal

For many Syrian children traumatized and driven from their homes by their country's civil war, the opportunity to head back to school — even if it's in a dusty, wind-swept refugee camp — is a chance to return to a semblance of normalcy.

10 Things to Know for Thursday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today.

Yemeni Security Officer for US Embassy Killed

A masked gunman assassinated a Yemeni security official who worked for the U.S. Embassy in a drive-by shooting Thursday near his home in the capital, officials said, adding the assault bore the hallmarks of al-Qaida's Yemen branch.

Wednesday, October 10

Tease photo

Can I Get A Witness?

Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins will bring his “Capitalism” tour to Duling Hall Sunday, Oct. 14.

Tease photo

A Stupendous Mechanism

“Frankenweenie” is an incredible piece of moving art, well suited for adults and younger audiences, but particularly for Burton fans, who will appreciate the homage to classic monster films.

The Right Call

Anyone who was watching the Atlanta Braves face the St. Louis Cardinals in a one-game wild card playoff on Friday night knows what I am talking about.

Tease photo

[The Slate] The Best In Sports In 7 Days

Plenty of sports to keep you warm as the temperatures begin to drop.

Tease photo

JFP Top 25: Week 7

I deemed last Saturday as “Showdown Saturday,” and it didn’t disappoint with top 25 teams dropping like flies.

Tease photo

Honor the Tree

People who garden can always find things to do. Sometimes, it seems we have too little time to actually enjoy our gardens. So why waste time, or a season, for that matter?

Tease photo

Prepare for an Early Frost

Some folks may remember that first frost came early for central Mississippi last year, at the end of October. While frost is a pleasant milestone of the seasons for most people, it can be tragedy for fall gardeners.

Tease photo

Who Dat Tailgate

The day after my wedding, a cousin gifted us with tickets to the Superdome, and I became initiated in Saints fever and have never looked back.

Tease photo

My Mother’s Wisdom

Clothes and shoes are an investment, and to look your best, they need the proper care.

Tease photo

On the Dotted Line

Fall is in the air, and it’s time to get festive.

Tease photo

You & JFP: Taylor Hildebrand and Valley Gordon

“I travel-nursed around the country for five years, but always knew I’d come back to Jackson.”

Tease photo

Question o' the Week: What is your favorite Jackson music moment?

Here at the JFP we've talked and remembered our favorite music moments that happened in J-town. Jubilee Jam, KISS, and a great many others. So we wanna know: what's yours?

Tease photo

YOUR TAKE: The Delusion and Paranoia of ‘Obama’s America 2016

“What amazes me about the stance of the film and the filmmaker is the premise that being anti-colonial is something to be feared."

Tease photo

Council Turns Against Curfews

After years of supporting a city curfew for minors, but having no facility in which to hold them, the Jackson City Council’s discourse appears to be changing on the subject of what to do with young people after dark.

Tease photo

Give It to Me ... Local?

OK, when Rick James told us to “Give it me, baby,” we got it. But when The Clarion-Ledger plasters its new saying—“Give It * to Me Local.

Tease photo

Election 2012, Illustrated: Debt and Jobs

In an election year, the one thing that is curiously missing are facts.

Tease photo

Proud Geek

Sheena Allen created her first app because she needed it to keep up with her checkbook. Now, she doesn’t know how to stop.

Tease photo

Debate Cheers and Boos

Now that fall and the presidential election are here, Jojo is ready to make things happen for his loyal customers and faithful staff.

Tease photo

Stinker Quote Of The Week: "Numbers"

“Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers”

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Darius Brown

Brown is a true believer of the phrase "every opportunity is preparing you for the next opportunity."

Tease photo

All Labor Has Worth

Making a difference in Mississippi can be an uphill fight. King and Randolph would be the first to tell them.

Tease photo

Jackson's Musical Family Affair, Illustrated

Like beer and crawfish or bluesician Jackie Bell singing along to rap, the capital city's music scene combines tastes and genres from across the board; collaborations are taking over.

Bryant Thrusts Miss. Into Immigration Suit

Gov. Phil Bryant has signed Mississippi onto a federal lawsuit against the Obama administration for the president's recent decision to stop deporting young undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

Tease photo

Alive at Night

It's the weekend in Jackson, and you're looking for something to do.

Tease photo

Girls Behaving Badly

Just remember, ladies, that when two people get into a fight in public, it's hard to tell who the fool is.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Benjamin Cone III and Worship

Born in Jackson in 1974 to renowned Malaco recording artist, the Rev. Benjamin Cone Jr. and his wife, Louise Dixon-Cone, Benjamin Cone III is the gifted and rightful heir to their gospel and music ministry.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Chasing Edom

Chasing Edom's sound is eclectic and draws the listener into the sounds of the bass guitar, the drums and the voice of lead singer White.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: A+ Plus

When I listen to A+ Plus, I hear the smoothness of J. Cole, the ruggedness of Tupac and country-boy flavor of UGK all rolled into one artist.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Zach Lovett

"My heart is in the banjo," he says about his favorite instrument. "I'll play the fire out of it if I get the chance."

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Hollywood Luck

"I consider myself an artist. Even if I did country music, I just want to make good music," Luck says.

FBI Arrests Three Cops, Former Hinds DA Bodyguard, 1 Other

FBI agents have arrested four (4) individuals, three of whom are former or current law enforcement officers, on charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States and theft of government property.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Spirituals

"I make really awful attempts at dance music songs. They aren't very good, but I like them, and it's fun," Tadlock says.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Tawanna Shaunté

Tawanna Shaunté's music and vocal style is multi-faceted.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: Victoria Cross/Static Ensemble

A genuine love for old-school funk music with a ton of soul is the driving force behind Static Ensemble, a newer Jackson-based cover band.

Tease photo

Artists To Watch 2012: The Mount Rushmores

Since 2011, Hattiesburg indie-rock band The Mount Rushmores has prided itself on being a "different kind of band."

Chamber, Leaders Unveil Vision 2022

The Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership and community leaders unveiled the Vision 2022 10-year plan at the Jackson Convention Complex Oct. 9.

Tease photo

Hosemann's Voter ID Subterfuge

Nowhere does the secretary of state's website make it clear that the Mississippi's voter-identification law, which the Legislature and governor approved in May, will not be in effect for the November election.

Hosemann: Give Voter ID Facts Straight

Since last fall's successful referendum requiring Mississippi citizens to show a government-issued photo-identification card, mass confusion has ensued about when and if the law would ever go into effect.

Tease photo

Baptist Rebuilds Belhaven

Anyone who has driven by Baptist Health Systems Hospital on North State Street recently has noticed the construction workers building the metal-and-brick structure just across the street.

Tease photo

Skyler Bready

At 22 years old, Skyler Bready, who is majoring in composition, calls his passion for music an addiction.

Tease photo

Fire and Brimstone

For a minute, we toyed with having debates back at Neshoba Central High School in the 1970s.

Tease photo

Triumph and Tragedy at the Halfway Point

At the midway point of the college football season, some fan bases want the season to never end (mainly in Starkville), while others can't wait for it to be over (Hattiesburg).

Tag Design to Honor Tuskegee Airmen

Clint Martin's artwork depicting dogfights waged by the black World War II-era flyers known as the Tuskegee Airmen has been shown in the state Capitol, the Pentagon, a Smithsonian Institute museum, on military bases and in airports.

Official: Pentagon Team in Jordan for Syria Crisis

A U.S. defense official says an American military team is in Jordan to help with upheaval created by the crisis in neighboring Syria.

Feds: Man Arrested in LA Airport Not Cooperating

A man arrested at Los Angeles International Airport wearing a bulletproof vest and flame-resistant pants is not cooperating with federal officials working to discover why he was headed to Boston with a suitcase full of weapons, authorities say.

Legislative Candidates Will Run in Old Districts

Special election candidates in two north Mississippi legislative races will run using old district lines, though officials say that decision may be challenged in court.

Man Behind Anti-Muslim Film to Appear in Court

Federal prosecutors said Mark Basseley Youssef, 55, had eight probation violations, including lying to his probation officer and using aliases.

Tuesday, October 9

Chamber Gives $200K for Lake Project

Pearl River Vision Foundation, which is working with local officials to work up a plan to reduce flooding along the Pearl River, received $200,000 from the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership this afternoon.

Tease photo

Restaurants Promote Racial Reconciliation

Several Jackson restaurants are taking part in an initiative to encourage better understanding and unity among different races and ethnicities in the city today and Thursday.

Tease photo

Roadmaps, Endorsements, Teachers and Thick Steaks

It's been a long time coming, but the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership finally has a long-range economic roadmap for the capital city area.

Tease photo

Simon Hamburg

Simon Hamburg, 24, passed away at St. Dominic's Hospital in Jackson on Oct. 4.

Tease photo

Big Gaps in Romney Plan on Pre-existing Conditions

There's a huge catch to Mitt Romney's plan: You'd basically have to be covered already to be protected.

Timing Running Out for FEMA Grants

FEMA will take grant applications for Hurricane Isaac assistance through Oct. 31.

Tease photo

Jackson OKs $400M for Fines, Sewer Work

Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. says the city was able to craft a deal with the EPA that allowed the city to pay less with more time to make repairs.

U.S., French Physicists Win Nobel for Quantum Work

A French-American duo shared the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for experiments on quantum particles that may one day help lead to computers many times faster than those in use today.

Tease photo

More Paths to Victory for Obama, But Race Tightening

With swinging polls making the White House race as unpredictable as ever, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney were crossing Ohio Tuesday and making their case with new urgency in the campaign's final weeks.

Monday, October 8

GM Plans to Hire Up to 10,000 Computer Professionals

General Motors is moving past layoffs and the Motor City's rusty, low-tech image. It's setting out on its own to develop software and invent the most advanced gizmos for your car.

Nobel Awarded for Stem Cell, Early Cloning Work

wo scientists from different generations won the Nobel Prize in medicine Monday for the groundbreaking discovery that cells in the body can be reprogrammed into completely different kinds.

Sandusky at Risk of Sexual Assault in Prison

Because of who he is and what he's done, Jerry Sandusky could be in particular danger of sexual assault when he is sent off to prison this week.

High Court Looks at Race in College Admissions

Nine years after the Supreme Court said colleges and universities can use race in their quest for diverse student bodies, the justices have put this divisive social issue back on their agenda in the middle of a presidential election campaign.

Tease photo

YOUR TURN: Obama's Rope-A-Dope Revisited

We were at my sister's house with two generations watching the first of three scheduled presidential debates. The rest of my siblings kept in touch via telephone and texting.

Tease photo

States Resist Congress' Payday Loan Bill

The power to regulate controversial non-bank products such as installment, title and payday loans could be snatched away from states under a congressional proposal.

Tease photo

Duff Dorrough

Duff Dorrough had a long and storied musical history in Mississippi.

Tease photo

Community Events and Public Meetings

Today, the Jackson Touchdown Club Meeting is at 6 p.m. at River Hills Club.

Morris, Nunnelee Tow Party Lines

Republican U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee says he has embraced his party's agenda and wants north Mississippi voters to send him back to Congress so he can keep working on it.

Sunday, October 7

SpaceX Launch of Space Station Resupply Vehicle Planned for Sunday Night

A privately owned rocket was poised to blast off Sunday night on the first of a dozen space station supply missions under a mega-contract with NASA.

Saturday, October 6

Obama and DNC Report $181 Million Haul in Sept., Romney Camp Declines to Release Numbers

A month before Election Day, President Barack Obama's campaign and Democrats posted an impressive fundraising haul, easing the party's concerns that he would face a significant money disadvantage against his well-financed Republican rival in the crucial closing days. Romney shrugged off a drop in unemployment, an issue at the heart of the race, contending it's "crystal clear" a jobs crisis endures.

Friday, October 5

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The Politics of Teen Pregnancy

The Women's Fund, the state's largest grant-making organization for women, is tackling the problem of teen pregnancy head-on with an aggressive public-education campaign.

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Apply for Absentee Ballot by Nov. 3

Before you can cast an absentee ballot, you first need to call your county registrar's office to verify your registration.

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Musician of the Day: Annie Chadwick and the NYCity Slickers

Mississippi girl Annie Chadwick has gone far and done great things, and now she's back for a spell.

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It's the Weekend!

On Saturday, the Mississippi Museum of Art's Town Creek Arts Festival, a JFP-sponsored event, is at 10 a.m.

No. 20 Bulldogs Preparing to Face 2 Kentucky QBs

Kentucky players know what they'll get Saturday from No. 20 Mississippi State — defensive pressure.

Stocks Gain after US Unemployment Rate Drops

Stocks rose on Friday after a government report showed that more Americans are going back to work.

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Romney's Medicare Plan Raises Cost Questions

Independent experts say they doubt that Romney's Medicare plan can succeed without some kind of hard spending-limit.

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US Unemployment Falls to 7.8 pct., a 44-month Low

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last month, dropping below 8 percent for the first time in nearly four years and giving President Barack Obama a potential boost with the election a month away.

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Jobs Report Boosts Obama's Re-election Campaign

The figures announced by the Labor Department — 114,000 new jobs last month to bring unemployment to 7.8 percent — gave Obama fresh evidence to support his argument that his economic policies are working.

Thursday, October 4

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Twisted Tailgate Nachos

When Jackson real-estate impresario Amia Edwards gets ready to tailgate before the game, she usually whips up a smorgasbord of intercontinental cuisine.

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City Talks Youth Curfew Alternatives

Most of the Jackson City Council's Planning Committee agrees with local ACLU leaders that a city curfew that sends youth violators to jail is a bad idea.

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Energy Summit Goes After Obama

The daylong Governor's Energy Summit is taking place at the Jackson Convention Center Complex.

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Brandon Bolden and Stevan Ridley

One of the biggest stories in the NFL last Sunday was the New England Patriots' comeback against the Buffalo Bills.

Airman Accused of Luring Child for Sex

Jackson County authorities have arrested a master sergeant with the U.S. Air Force and charged him with two sex-related crimes against a child.

Spill Reported from Oil Platform in Gulf

The Coast Guard says an estimated 76 gallons of crude oil spilled from an oil platform operated by Apache Corp. off the coast of southeast Louisiana.

Duff Dorough, Front man for Yalobushwhackers and Tangents, Dies

Jerry Lee "Duff" Dorrough, front man for the rhythm and blues group The Tangents and the Thacker Mountain Radio house band The Yalobushwackers, has died. He was 60.

Dow Jones Average Up After Jobs Report

Market indexes crept higher on Wall Street following an encouraging report on the labor market and better sales from Costco and other retail stores.

Judges Refuse Scruggs Appeal

The full 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to hear an appeal from Zach Scruggs, who was implicated as having knowledge of a judicial corruption scheme that toppled his father, plaintiffs' lawyer Richard "Dickie" Scruggs.

Wednesday, October 3

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Electric Freestyle

When Lorin Ashton entered college, he wanted to teach U.S. history and be a guidance counselor.

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Home Sweet Studio

Drawing for me has so much to do with movement and sort of the kinetic connection to things.

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Musing at Morningbell

Morningbell is one of the cozier venues in the city, and this is especially true when there is a good turnout.

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Closing the Loop

Old Joe has been through the loops of life; Young Joe has barely started.

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Streaking Bad

This last week’s theme for college football in Mississippi is all about streaks: Some bad ones continued and a few hot ones remained.

‘Croom’ Worth a Watch

If you missed “SEC Storied: Croom” about former Mississippi State Head Coach Sylvester Croom, try to find it on again or on demand.

[The Slate] The Best In Sports In 7 Days

The New Orleans Saints have a chance to add to NFL history when they play the only team to start a season 0-4 and make the playoffs.

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JFP Top 25: Week 5

Another undefeated team lost last week, when Stanford went down to Washington.

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Jesse Houston and Parlor Market Part Ways

Monday was Jesse Houston's last night as chef de cuisine at Parlor Market.

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Meals on Wheels

A new eatery is gassed up and ready to go in Jackson—literally.

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The United States of Anorexia

Not one of them has what could be considered a “normal” adult woman’s body, not in this culture—or planet.

Q&A: Format, Procedures and Tidbits About the Debates

Tired of being deluged with TV commercials telling you that President Barack Obama or challenger Mitt Romney "approved this message?" The candidates will deliver their message for themselves Wednesday night in the first of three head-to-head presidential debates.

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Lady In Leather

Get ready, because a little leather will go a long way this fall!

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You & JFP: Nic Lott

"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase." —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Cheers to an Ally!

As a Mississippian, this is inspiring to see, especially printed. It's great to know there are people like Emory in this country and state.

Question o' the Week: What woman should run for office in Mississippi?

“People say there are not enough qualified women, that’s one of the biggest bullsh_t things I’ve ever heard.” —Madeleine Albright

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JPS Takes City to Court

Jackson Public Schools is taking the city to court over the City Council's refusal to approve a millage rate to support the school district's approved budget.

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What's the Harm in Drilling?

"People don't come down here to be in an industrial zone," Robert Wiygul, an Ocean Springs-based attorney who represents the environmental groups, told the Jackson Free Press last week.

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Romney: Not Presidential

There's an old adage that says, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

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Stinker Quote of the Week: "Preferable"

"There is no question that for Missourians who believe we need to stop the reckless Washington spending, rein in the role of government in people's lives and finally focus on growing jobs in this country, that Todd Akin is a far more preferable candidate than liberal Sen. Claire McCaskill."

Women: Grab a Chair

If there's any doubt in your mind that the political War on Women is a reality, reading this week's cover story—even browsing through the quotes and sidebars and graphs—may change your mind.

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Not Just a White Thing

We must take a stand for ourselves and our daughters.

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Open Thread on 1st Presidential Debate, Oct. 3, 8 p.m.

Join the JFP and friends tonight as we discuss (or get snarky about) the first presidential debate.

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Mississippi Women's Turn: Can They Break the Political Ceiling?

The political landscape might have shifted in Mississippi, but in 2012, women are still struggling with the same issues.

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Obama, Romney Meet for High-Stakes Theater Tonight in First Debate

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney come face to face for the first time in this presidential campaign Wednesday night.

Rights Group: Hamas Abusing Palestinians in Gaza

In a new 43-page report, Human Rights Watch documented a long list of abuses that it said Palestinians in Gaza endure under the justice system run by Hamas, which has ruled the seaside strip for the past five years.

Stocks Edge Higher After Positive Private Jobs Report

pair of encouraging economic reports helped nudge the stock market higher Wednesday. Measures of business activity in the service sector and job growth last month came in better than economists had expected.

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The Delusion and Paranoia of 'Obama's America 2016'

Conservatives have been abuzz this year about "2016: Obama's America," a documentary by Dinesh D'Souza, claiming to expose the "real" Barack Obama.

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Following the DHS Scanner Money

In order for low-income child-care centers to get reimbursed by the state, parents and guardians must scan his or her finger when picking up or dropping off their child.

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Tonja Murphy

Tonja Murphy, a single mother, is Jackson Public Schools' "Parent of the Year," and the after-school mentoring program coordinator at Rowan Middle School for Operation Shoestring, where she mentors both parents and children.

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Raising An Army

This past Monday night, I sat in an auditorium at Millsaps College packed with students—mostly female, but many males as well—and watched the documentary "Half the Sky."

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Charlie Mars: Keeping It Real

Charlie Mars has been writing songs and playing in bands since he was a high schooler growing up in Laurel.

Tuesday, October 2

Watch It Tonight: Greenberg Gets a Second 'Big League' At-Bat... 7 Years Later

Only hours before getting his second chance in the big leagues, Adam Greenberg admitted he was nervous. Not about facing one of baseball's best pitchers — but about some pregame antics his new Miami Marlins teammates had in store for him.

Kentucky Will Field Two Freshmen QB's Against No. 20 Mississippi State

Kentucky will lean heavily on two freshmen quarterbacks going forward with starter Maxwell Smith out indefinitely with an ankle injury.

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Prisons Could See Budget Boost

MDOC Commissioner Chris Epps could soon see a budget increase.

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Food Trucks, Grants and a Winter Wonderland

BankPlus and Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas presented two Jackson organizations with $4,000 grants.

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Ambrose Tabb

In Jackson, Ambrose "Eli" Tabb was influential in the high school arts scene, but is most noted for his relentless pursuit of social justice.

Entergy Replaces Union Workers After Talks Fail

Entergy Nuclear has locked out union security workers at its nuclear plant near Port Gibson, Miss., after contract negotiations with the United Government Security Officers of America Local 36 failed.

Black, Latino Churches Using 'Souls to Polls' to Rally Vote

It's not just the collection plate that's getting passed around this fall at hundreds of mainly African-American and Latino churches in presidential battleground states and across the nation.

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AG: Feds Need More Info Before Pre-clearing Voter ID in Miss.

The Department of Justice has responded to the State’s request for pre-clearance of the voter ID law as presented in House Bill 921 (2012), announced Attorney General Jim Hood today.

Judge Blocks Pennsylvania 'Voter ID' Law From Going Into Effect This Year

A judge on Tuesday blocked Pennsylvania's divisive voter identification requirement from going into effect on Election Day, delivering a hard-fought victory to Democrats who said it was a ploy to defeat President Barack Obama and other opponents who said it would prevent the elderly and minorities from voting.

Miss. Court Candidates Spar on PAC Donations

State Rep. Earle Banks says his campaign is not taking money from political action committees as he runs for a state Supreme Court seat, but the campaign of the man he's trying to unseat is accepting contributions from PACs.

Monday, October 1

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Jesse Houston and Parlor Market Part Ways

Tonight is Jesse Houston's last night as Chef de Cuisine at Parlor Market.

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Hinds County Denies Landfill Growth

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors denied an expansion of the Faircloth Rubbish Landfill in Clinton.

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Group of the Day: Millsaps Feminists

Although still a relatively new group on campus, the Millsaps Feminists are making waves and sparking conversation.

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Community Events and Public Meetings

The "Getting on Easy Street" Finance Seminar at the Jackson Medical Mall is Oct. 1, 6 p.m., in the Community Meeting Room.

Man to Use Insanity Defense in Gun Case

Court records say a man will use an insanity defense against two counts of being a convicted felon in possession of guns.

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Why It Matters: Abortion and Birth Control

Whether women have access to abortion services and birth control is a longstanding and divisive issue in politics; here's an AP analysis of what is at stake.

Bacon Shortage 'Baloney,' But Prices to Rise

Bacon lovers can relax. They'll find all they want on supermarket shelves in the coming months, though their pocketbooks may take a hit.

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DiCaprio, Maguire, Others Urge Voter Expression

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire lead a cast of stars in a new public service announcement urging young voters to use social media to express the issues most important to them in the upcoming election.

U.S. Stocks Jump Following Manufacturing Expansion

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 153 points to 13,590 in the two hours of trading.