Stories for October 2015


Friday, October 30

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Down to the Wire: The Final Push to Pass Initiative 42

Less than a week until the Nov. 3 election, Initiative 42 proponents are making their final push to inform voters about the citizen-driven ballot initiative.

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Sam Beibers

Sam Beibers, the exhibits supervisor at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, has had a lifelong love of animals that he loves to share with others through his work in designing new exhibits for the museum.

Thursday, October 29

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National Report Card: State Still Below Proficient

Mississippi was the only state that increased both its reading and math proficiency levels for fourth graders according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

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James Lewis

Jackson-based keyboardist James Lewis died in his home on Friday, Oct. 23, following a prolonged bout with lung disease.

Wednesday, October 28

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USM Follows Ole Miss, UMMC in Taking Down State Flag

Another public university in Mississippi is stopping the display of the state flag on campus because it contains a Confederate battle emblem many see as divisive.

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Life After the Death of USM Football

For fans of University of Southern Mississippi football, 2012 felt like the death of the program, and 2013 and 2014 felt like the mourning period. But 2015 feels like something else.

The Slate

The SEC West gets more interesting by the week with the ups and downs of the rankings. Mississippi State is back in at No. 25.

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City Focuses on Wastewater Issues

The City of Jackson is practically waist-deep in wastewater issues.

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Quick & Easy Day of the Dead Makeup

Draw a skull on your face, following your bone structure. Draw in the eye sockets, upper and lower jaw lines, teeth (I did mine around my lips), and nasal cavity, and put a small line on your temples to define your zygomatic arch.

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How to Be a Death Eater

What better day of the year to play the villain than Halloween? Here's a how-to on a Death Eater mask plus some costume tips.

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Great Leadership Isn’t Enough

It's not just that power corrupts. It's that, in a very real way, power dilutes.

Find an Issue Worth Your Vote

Being registered to vote is meaningless unless you wield your power as a citizen and actually head to a polling place.

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Be True to Initiative 42’s Calls for Accountability  

After reading more than a dozen opinion articles from numerous outlets, one thing is clear: Initiative 42 does not simply fall under a catchall category.

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Who's Who on the Hinds County Ballot

Who's Who on the Hinds County Ballot?

How Voter ID and Voter Turnout Could Affect Elections

Mississippi's Voter ID law took effect last year, largely relying on research commissioned by the secretary of state's office finding that 98 percent of Mississippi voters reported having at least one of eight possible forms of identification needed to vote.

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Green: Farming an Economic Future

Raised on a farm and the daughter of a sharecropper, Addie Lee Green remembers learning how to chop down trees for firewood as a child. Now she is running to become to the state's commissioner of agriculture and commerce.

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A Rework for ‘Restraint and Seclusion’

While most organizations fully support the creation and implementation of a restraint and seclusion policy, many are not satisfied with the policy as it is written now.

Political Costume Party

What Halloween costumes should Mississippi's 2015 election candidates wear?

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The Lt. Gov Power Trip

If campaign publicity is a measure, the stage is set for a showdown between Tate Reeves and Tim Johnson—although it has been a relatively quiet race thus far.

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Phil Bryant: Tea Party Governor

The running joke in Jackson political circles is that Phil Bryant is just three handshakes away from being a Hinds County sheriff's deputy.

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Robert Gray Looks to the Home Stretch

Robert Gray, the Democratic nominee for governor, says he draws some odd reactions from people.

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Faith and 5th Child

From an early age, Stephen Brown—better known to fans as Jackson hip-hop artist 5th Child—found musical inspiration in a plethora of old-school artists, including Curtis Mayfield and Michael Jackson, while listening to his father's record collection.

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Hailey Allin

As a little girl in the Episcopal church, Hailey Allin remembers one Sunday more than the rest.

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Treat Yo' Self This Halloween

In a world where King Cakes are king, Broad Street is bringing back its Death by Candy king cake for Halloween.

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Oppression and the Power of Elections

University of Mississippi's decision to lower the state flag shows that there is power in symbols and a tremendous amount of power in people coming together to demand that symbols change.

Tuesday, October 27

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Council Hints at Lawsuit Over JATRAN

The Jackson City Council was poised this week to reconsider an agreement with the new operators of JATRAN, the city's bus system, but held off on discussion amid a threat of litigation.

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Cascade on Tap, 540 Lounge and STEM Career Program

Trey Malone is bringing a new kind of cold-brew coffee process to Mississippi Friday, Oct. 30, during the Brewing Bad event at Deep South Pops.

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Jeffrey Vitter

Jeffrey Vitter, named as trustees' top pick to become the next chancellor of the University of Mississippi, says the problem solving of computer science informs his approach as a college administrator.

Monday, October 26

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University of Mississippi Takes Down State Flag

The University of Mississippi removed the state flag on its Oxford campus on Oct. 26 because the banner contains the Confederate battle emblem, which some see as a painful reminder of slavery and segregation.

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The New Mastersounds

Eddie Roberts, guitarist of British funk band The New Mastersounds, can attest to the fact that a lot can change in 16 years.

Woman Faces 2nd-Degree Murder Charges in Oklahoma Crash

A 25-year-old woman accused of driving her car into a crowd of spectators at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade is scheduled to appear in court Monday, two days after she allegedly struck the victims with such force that their bodies went flying into the air.

Speaker Boehner Pushes for Budget Deal Before Leaving House

Speaker John Boehner is pushing to finalize the outlines of a deal to fund the federal government before he leaves Congress this week and hands the top House job over to Paul Ryan, congressional officials said Monday.

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University of Mississippi Orders State Flag Lowered

The University of Mississippi has stopped flying the state flag on its Oxford campus because the banner contains the Confederate battle emblem that some see as a painful reminder of slavery and segregation.

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10 Local Stories of the Week

There's never a slow news week in Jackson, Miss., and last week was no exception. Here are the local stories JFP reporters brought you in case you missed them.

Saturday, October 24

Fraternity Says It Cut Ties With Students After Assault

A fraternity says it has kicked out a member and four pledges after some were accused of assaulting a member of another University of Mississippi fraternity.

Friday, October 23

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Initiative 42 Draws Support From Religious, Civic and Legal Groups

As Election Day draws near, supporters of the education funding referendum known as Initiative 42 are drawing wide support from organizations around the state.

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Angela Davis: Racism 'Not Simply a Domestic Problem'

Angela Davis spoke as part of the fall 2015 Presidential Lecture in Tougaloo College's historic Woodworth Chapel, where some would-be attendees who arrived late were turned away at the door because of the large turnout.

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Calle Soul

This year's LatinFest includes a performance from Fayetteville, Ark.-based salsa outfit Calle Soul, returning after a successful debut at the 2014 LatinFest.

Thursday, October 22

Congressmen Support Landmark Status for Mississippi Capitol

Mississippi's entire congressional delegation is supporting an effort to have the state Capitol named a national historic landmark.

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Council Mulls Cancellation of JATRAN Contract

The Jackson City Council called an emergency special meeting to reconsider the contract to manage the mass transit system, JATRAN.

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Michael Gordon

While the state's colleges and universities try to sign the best athletes, some of our players do end up playing out of state. One of those players is Michael Gordon.

ACLU sues Biloxi Over 'Unconstitutional' Jailings for Unpaid Fines

Three people sued the city of Biloxi on Wednesday, saying police unconstitutionally jailed them for their inability to pay court fines.

Wednesday, October 21

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UM Rebels Have No Margin for Error

Last week was one of the wildest college-football weeks in recent memory.

The Slate

After this past Saturday, I'm sure Robert Nkemdiche's days of playing offense are over, as he left the loss against Memphis with a head injury he suffered during offensive play.

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MAEP Formula Explained

MAEP funding (theoretically) covers teacher and district employee salaries, retirement and insurance, instruction materials, operational costs, transportation, and special, vocational, gifted and alternative education.

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Debating Initiative 42

Rep. Greg Snowden, R-Meridian, and Jim Keith, a Republican lawyer and Initiative 42 proponent, discussed Initiative 42 and the legislative alternative 42A on Oct. 19 at the Capital Club.

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Planned Parenthood Saved My Life

As Congress debates whether or not Planned Parenthood should continue receiving funding for providing health care to women, do me a favor and think of that young woman who may be able to live a healthy life because the organization was there in her hour of need.

Jails and Prisons Also Need Adequate Funding

Although the state of Mississippi's criminal-justice system always seems to be in the news, lately there's been a flurry of bad press for the state's jails and prison system.

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Cristen Hemmins: Education, Equal Pay and Taking On Tollison

Jackson native Cristen Hemmins decided to run for the District 9 Senate seat (which includes Oxford and most of Lafayette County) when her opponent, Gray Tollison, introduced Initiative 42A to the Senate.

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Oswalt: Hinds Jail ‘Correctable and Fixable’

Charlette Oswalt recently met with the Jackson Free Press about why she should be Hinds County's first woman sheriff.

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The Evolution of Nossiens

In only two years, Hattiesburg-based four-piece band Nossiens already has proved to be complex.

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Interpreting Justice in ‘A Time to Kill’

In the theatrical adaptation of "A Time to Kill," which opens at New Stage Theatre Oct. 27, courtroom drama unfolds after one crime leads to another, wrapping audience members into the world of a tight-knit community, where everyone knows one another's business.

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The 42 Vote: Mississippi’s Time of Reckoning

When Mississippi Rep. Lester "Bubba" Carpenter stepped to the microphone at a Republican rally in Tishomingo County and started warning about a "black judge" taking away funds from white schools and giving it to blacker ones, it was deja vu all over again.

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MAEP: The Formula and How Politics Got in the Way

The state Legislature established the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, or MAEP, in 1997 to avoid equity lawsuits being filed across the country.

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‘Pay or Stay’: City’s ‘Debtor’s Jail’ Under Fire

Michael Davis had two choices: Write a check to the City of Jackson for $19,403.81 for fines and court costs or spend 335 days at the Raymond Detention Center.

Fear of a Black Judge

So what else is that one judge going to do to all of us if we don't tell the Legislature it's OK to keep violating state law?

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Ole Miss Student Senate Votes to Remove State Flag; Now Administration Must Decide

Student senators at the University of Mississippi voted Tuesday night to ask the school administration to remove the Mississippi flag from campus because it contains a Confederate battle emblem that some say is an offensive reminder of slavery and segregation.

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Fondren Project May Help Creek Flooding

A new Fondren development project promises to renovate an empty McRae's space on Meadowbrook Road and address the longstanding problem with flooding, overflow and drainage from Eubanks Creek within a year.

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Best of Jackson: Where to Find Drinks in Jackson on Sunday Night

These local Jackson restaurants and bars are open late on Sunday nights and invite you to have a drink and perhaps a midnight snack.

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Steven Willis Released From Hinds Jail

Thanks in part to attorneys and a small group of activists, a judge has released Steven Willis from the Raymond Detention Center and loved ones hope he can get the medical treatment he needs.

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Educating the Next Generation’s Workforce

Houston Sherrod spoke to students Oct. 14 at the Jackson Public Schools Career and Development Center about his work as a senior service technician at Atmos Energy during Careers in Energy Week.

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Kamilah Grim

Kamilah Grim calls herself a jack-of-all-trades.

Tuesday, October 20

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Yarber Downtown 'Resort' Plan Draws Council Scrutiny

Some members of the Jackson City Council are gently pushing back on a proposal from Mayor Tony Yarber's administration to designate part of downtown as a "qualified resort area and entertainment district."

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Panera Bread, Small-Business Mentors, Teen Wellness and Paralegals at Tulane

Panera Bread will open its first location in the Jackson metro area Wednesday, Oct. 21, at 6:30 a.m.

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Genese Lavalais

Last week, Jackson State University named Genese Lavalais the associate athletic director for academics and the senior woman administrator.

Monday, October 19

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Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson was studying to go into ministry at Belhaven College, now Belhaven University, when he realized that art was his life's calling.

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Analysis: Making Headlines No Guarantee of Election Success

Two state senators with proposals that grabbed headlines and divided their colleagues are not returning to the Mississippi Capitol next term.

Croatia Opens Border with Serbia, Thousands Rush Across

Croatia opened its border with Serbia for migrants on Monday, letting in thousands who have been stranded for nearly two days and partially clearing the human bottleneck that has been building up in the West Balkans.

Democrats: Benghazi Testimony Debunks GOP Claims

Democrats on the House committee investigating the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, issued a report Monday disputing what they say are unsubstantiated claims about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by some Republican members of Congress and GOP presidential candidates.

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Rep. Lester 'Bubba' Carpenter: 'Deeply Sorry' for Racial Comments

State Rep. Lester "Bubba" Carpenter, a Burnsville Republican, this morning walked back racially charged statements made public over the weekend about the Initiative 42 schools-funding referendum.

Friday, October 16

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Midtown Public Charter School Principal Resigns; Interim Found

Midtown Public Charter School is looking for a permanent principal, after the original head of school resigned in October.

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Under Pressure: Some Mississippi Educators Silenced on School-Funding Battle

Advocates of Initiative 42 complain that warnings to educators are designed to divide higher education and K-12 education communities, while also silencing them on an issue close to many of their hearts.

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Dak Prescott

Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott was a serious candidate to win the Heisman Trophy at this time last year. These days, that's not the case.

Most of Louisiana, Much of Mississippi in Severe Drought

The National Drought Mitigation Center says Louisiana and Mississippi are short of water, with severe to exceptional drought over most of Louisiana and much of Mississippi.

Thursday, October 15

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2015 Artist to Watch: The CUT

The CUT has performed in cities across the state, including in Oxford, where Atkinson attends the University of Mississippi, and Hattiesburg, where the other band members study at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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2015 Artist to Watch: Stevie Cain

Baton Rouge native Stevie Cain is well acquainted with music. She learned to play violin at age 5, around the same time that her family relocated to Jackson, and at age 12, she taught herself to play guitar, which helped to develop her songwriting.

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2015 Artist to Watch: Rafiki Grove

Indie-rock outfit Rafiki Grove may be new to the Jackson area, but guitarist and vocalist Daniel Norris and guitarist Cody Warren have been writing together for nearly six years.

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2015 Artist to Watch: Tlo da Champ

Growing up, music was a constant for Jackson-based hip-hop artist Tony Lofton, known to fans as Tlo da Champ.

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2015 Artist to Watch: Deez Notez

In a short time, Deez Notez has already created a solid fan base with its ever-adapting set list.

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Prisoner Says Hinds County Jailers Ignoring His Medical Needs

A man incarcerated at the Raymond Detention Center for seven months says jailers are denying him medical treatment for injuries related to a gunshot wound.

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Rankin Schools Lawyer Denies Teacher Insulted Atheists

A lawyer for the Rankin County school district denied on Wednesday that a high school teacher insulted atheists in class.

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Sean Payton

A report that surfaced this past Sunday said that after this season, teams such as the Miami Dolphins, who have already fired their head coach, and possibly the Indianapolis Colts would inquire about a deal for Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Police Disband Sit-In at Baltimore City Hall, Arrests Made

The overnight sit-in at Baltimore City Hall by young, mainly black, activists exposed the deep divide between the government in this troubled city and a population that has been feeling increasingly marginalized and under siege.

Government: No Benefit Hike for Social Security Next Year

There will be no benefit increase next year for millions of Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees, the government said Thursday.

German Order Triggers Recall of 8.5M VW Cars in Europe

German authorities on Thursday ordered a recall of all Volkswagen cars fitted with emissions test-cheating software, a decision that will affect 8.5 million VW diesel vehicles across the 28-nation European Union.

Oscar Pistorius to Be Released From Jail on Oct. 20

Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee Olympic runner who shot his girlfriend to death on Valentine's Day 2013, can leave prison and move to house arrest next week, South Africa's Department of Corrections said Thursday.

Officials: Obama to Keep Troops in Afghanistan Beyond 2016

President Barack Obama will keep 5,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017, according to senior administration officials, casting aside his promise to end the war on his watch and instead ensuring he hands off the conflict to his successor.

Civil Rights Groups Hope Ga. Governor Will Prevent King Monument

Civil rights leaders have told Georgia's governor they will never support plans to install a monument to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. amid Confederate sculptures at Stone Mountain park.

Wednesday, October 14

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Turmoil at Jackson State

Jackson State University made a shocking decision when it decided to name former star player Harold Jackson as its new head coach.

The Slate

Jackson State returns to the field for the first time since head coach Harold Jackson was dismissed last week. The question is, how will the Tigers will respond against Alabama A&M?

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Supper Club With CAET

Two of my favorite things are wine and a patio. CAET Wine Bar in Fondren combines both, along with hospitality and good food, and all were on display on a fall evening at its latest installment of Supper Club, a monthly private dining event.

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Artists to Watch

In a short time, Deez Notez has already created a solid fan base with its ever-adapting set list.

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The Recording Conundrum

Leroy Jones Jr., the owner of recording studio Sonic Signature, has lived in Jackson his whole life and has produced music for a large amount of that time.

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Backroom Anti-42 Politics Counterproductive for Employers

Improving education in Mississippi should be the priority of manufacturers and bankers and insurance agents and realtors and restaurateurs.

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Stinker Quote of the Week: 'Legacy'

If Thad Cochran is truly a student of Evers' contributions, he should also understand that Medgar, like his widow, Myrlie, would not have tolerated Mississippi's offensive state flag.

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Buenos Días, My Fellow Hustlers

Brother Hustle: "Welcome to another Compensatory Investment Request Support Group meeting. I invited a very special guest to attend our meeting and provide inspiring words to new and senior group members.

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Public-Ed Foes Swooping In to Block Ed Funding

The war is on against public-education funding with large political advocacy groups and GOP donors' dollars pouring into anti-Initiative 42 Political Initiative Committees (PICs).

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Sharon Brown: A Woman on a Mission to Change the State Flag

Sharon Brown isn't waiting for the Legislature to start the process to change the Mississippi flag.

Mississippi's Musical Cabinet

Here are a few more Mississippi musicians that should take on political positions without the political responsibilities.

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Bus Union Decries ‘Outsourcing’ of JATRAN

With the City of Jackson in the middle of a marketing blitz for recent and proposed changes to the capital city's mass-transit service, JATRAN, a chorus of discontent is growing among the bus system's operators and riders who say the rollout has gone less than smoothly.

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Remembering the Ladies, Black and White

"Wherever there is a racial issue, there's a gender issue," said Anita Hill, keynote speaker at the Mississippi Women's Economic Security Policy Summit, held Oct. 10.

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Happy DIY Halloween

In recent weeks, it's occurred to me that since I now live on my own, I can decorate for every holiday I want. For me, that means Halloween.

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Bailey: Energy Security and Diversity Vital

When listening to Brent Bailey extol the virtues of alternative energy, biofuels and improved efficiency standards, it's easy to forget that he's a Republican running for the Mississippi Public Service Commission from the Central District.

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Pause for Applause

A signature sound is more a product of its surroundings than the artists that fill them, and whether we like to admit that or not, an audience's reaction has an extraordinary impact on those surroundings.

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Amulet Strange

Before travelling to Jackson earlier this year, Amulet Strange had never stepped foot in Mississippi, and yet she had been preparing most of her life for a job here.

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Do the Time Warp

For the Oct. 1 Fondren's First Thursday, you may have noticed Fondren Theatre Workshop players dressed in black 50s-style clothes, singing and dancing on Salsa Mississippi's portable dance floor.

Tuesday, October 13

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Lawsuit: City of Jackson Running a 'Debtors' Prison'

Equal Justice Under Law, a public-interest law firm in Washington, D.C., and the MacArthur Justice Center at the University of Mississippi School of Law, says the City of Jackson is running a debtors' prison.

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Downtown Y Dropping Basketball, Raising Funds to Stay Alive

Jackson's downtown YMCA is undertaking a life-saving effort involving major renovations, reinvestment, and downsizing of the facility's financially draining programs and activities.

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Hello Fondren Fro-Yo, Tom Ramsey's Next Move and School of Music

La Finestra's lease recently ran out, and owner Tom Ramsey has chosen not to renew it. The restaurant will serve its final meal on Sunday, Oct. 18.

Hillary Clinton Slams Trump in Front of His Casino

Hillary Rodham Clinton went to Donald Trump's doorstep Monday to mock the Republican presidential front-runner on the eve of the first Democratic presidential debate.

Iran's Parliament Approves on Nuclear Deal with World Powers

Iran's parliament voted on Tuesday to support implementing the nuclear deal it struck with world powers, sending the measure to a council of senior clerics for who will review the accord before its final approval.

Planned Parenthood to Forgo Payment in Fetal Tissue Programs

Responding to a furor over undercover videos, Planned Parenthood says it will maintain programs at some of its clinics that make fetal tissue available for research, but will no longer accept any sort of payment to cover the costs of those programs.

Monday, October 12

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Hundreds Rally Against Confederate Sign on Mississippi Flag

Civil-rights leader Myrlie Evers-Williams, Mississippi-born rapper David Banner and a prominent South Carolina lawmaker are calling on Mississippi to remove the Confederate battle emblem from its state flag.

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Richard Grant

In his latest work, "Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta", Richard Grant delves into a region that's foreign but not at all far away.

Monument to Honor King Planned for Georgia's Stone Mountain

Planning is underway to place a Liberty Bell replica atop Stone Mountain near Atlanta as a memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. that recalls a famous line from his "I Have a Dream" speech, officials say.

Saturday, October 10

Initiative 42 Supporters Outraising Opponents

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The most expensive ballot initiative campaign in Mississippi history got costlier in September, as supporters of the Initiative 42 education funding measure continued to outraise opponents.

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Web of National, State PACs and PICs Fight Initiative 42

As the November election draws near, large political advocacy groups and Republican donor’s dollars are pouring into anti-Initiative 42 Political Initiative Committees (PICs), mainly the KidsFirst and Improve Mississippi committees. These two groups alone have raised more than $300,000 in the past few months to try to defeat the citizens' initiative to force state lawmakers to follow the law and fully fund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program.

Proposal Could Make Evers Home Part of National Park Service

Republican senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker said Friday they've filed a bill that would authorize a study on the national significance of the Evers home, as a step toward making it part of the Park Service.

Friday, October 9

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Harold Jackson

Jackson State has fired football coach Harold Jackson less than two seasons into his tenure.

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Inside Stacey Pickering's Garage

State auditor candidate Joce Pritchett's campaign has launched a new website,, detailing allegations against the incumbent auditor, Stacey Pickering, that he used campaign finances to pay for a garage door and personal vehicles.

State Treasurer Opens Office at State Fair

Mississippi's state treasurer has again opened an office at the State Fair.

Thursday, October 8

La Finestra to Serve its Final Meal Oct. 18

La Finestra in downtown Jackson will serve its last meal on Sunday, Oct. 18.

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Alleged Domestic Attack Prompts Police Chase, Crash

A suspected domestic-violence situation prompted a high-speed police chased that ended with a six-car collision in downtown Jackson today.

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Larry Smith

The year-long run up to Larry Smith's induction into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame will give plenty of time for people to tell stories about a basketball player who was arguably the best in Alcorn State program history.

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Miss. Governor Up with TV Ads, but No Air Time Yet for Dem

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant's campaign is running its first TV commercials this election season, but a new analysis shows his Democratic challenger, truck driver Robert Gray, hasn't bought any air time.

Wednesday, October 7

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NFL Right on ‘Three-Year Rule’

While Leonard Fournette is starting for the Tigers, the media are debating whether he will soon be bound for the NFL Draft.

The Slate

This weekend had perfect weather for football, as the days go shorter and colder. But it wasn't the best weekend for Mississippi's college-football teams.

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Jason Daniels: Roots and Reflection

When Jackson singer-songwriter Jason Daniels realized that the time was right for a vinyl re-release of his 2013 debut album, "Dashboard Visions and Rearview Reflections," it wasn't just about sound quality and having a product.

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Mississippi AG’s Race: What’s at Stake?

Since announcing his candidacy for the state AG's office, Mike Hurst has made fighting public corruption the centerpiece of his campaign as well as attacks against Jim Hood, whom Hurst accuses of not being aggressive enough on the issue.

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Council Asks State to Review Biosolids Contract, Braces for Lawsuit

A controversial contract to haul waste from a city wastewater plant remains on hold pending reviews from state investigative authorities.

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Reaching the Mentally Ill in Hinds County

A staff of about 170 therapists, nurses, doctors and administrative staff at HBHS work on 6,500 cases annually, serving residents of Hinds County who experience mental illness.

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Ministers, Black-Owned Businesses Want More Contracts and City Support

Three dozen business owners and clergy members gathered in front of City Hall on Sept. 30 to charge that infighting among city officials has thrown Jackson into economic paralysis.

The Fair’s Here!

Get ready to ride these fantastic attractions.

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Anita Hill: Keep the Faith and Keep Moving

Anita Hill has dedicated her work to raising awareness of sexual harassment, domestic abuse, equity and workplace discrimination.

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Do the Anti-42 Politicians Feel No Shame?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder why Mississippi's Republican Leadership seems to hate democracy so much?

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Henry Louis Gates Jr.: Black America's Promises and Perils

One of the most prominent transmitters of African American history and culture alive today—Henry Louis Gates Jr.—is more widely known for being arrested on suspicion of breaking into his own home than for his life's work.

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The Student Becomes the Artist

Martha Ferris first came to art as one who studies it rather than one who makes it.

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Pop-Ups for Dinner

These days, many restaurants are hosting pop-up events or special dinners. Here's a run-down of ones happening during the month of October.

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Under Siege in America

Sadly, I feel physically safer in France, with its baguette-eating, cigarette-smoking, non-church-going, slightly rude and less social population than with gun-toting, Bible-thumping Americans.

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Shon Simmons

Shonda McCarthy Simmons, who goes by Shon, believes that it is important for her students at Hazelhurst High School to understand that art, literature, math and history are all related.

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Kids Who Die in the Swamps

The notion of being seen and not heard has put our young people in a position that leaves them far behind, swimming beneath deep waves meant to contain, not to love.

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Divas Take Jackson

With its focus on local food, fashion and entertainment, the City's "We Are Jackson" weekend, which runs from Thursday, Oct. 8, to Sunday, Oct. 11, aims to combat an age-old falsehood: "There's nothing to do in Jackson."

The State Had Better Recognize Jackson’s Might

After months of brinksmanship, the City of Jackson and Mississippi State Fair Commission finally came to an agreement this week over security at the state fair, which begins today, Oct. 7.

Tuesday, October 6

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Jackson to State Fair: You Can't Tell Us What to Do, Then Cuts Deal

Ahead of a hearing on the matter, the City of Jackson has responded to a lawsuit from the Mississippi State Fair Commission, saying that the state has no authority to compel a municipality to spend money, especially when that City is strapped for cash.

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Area Restaurants Win Awards, Open, Close, Renovate

Ciara Brown calls her restaurant, Ciara's Bakery and Cafe, "a one-stop shop where you can taste the difference."

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Lake Street Dive

After more than a decade performing together, the musicians of Boston soul-pop act Lake Street Dive are starting to see their hard work pay off in a big way.

Regulators Must Decide How Much Solar Power is Worth

The Mississippi Public Service Commission will hear public comments Tuesday on a plan to mandate that utilities pay solar panel owners for power they generate.

Monday, October 5

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City, Hinds County Prep for Polling-Place Changes

Officials from the City of Jackson and the Hinds County Election Commission say they want to be in accord ahead of possible changes to several polling places.

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Tadaharu Yamamoto

Tadaharu Yamamoto, president of Yokohama Rubber Co.'s Mississippi branch, says it will take up to two years to reach yearly capacity of 1 million truck and bus tires.

Saturday, October 3

Proposal Would Erase Confederate Sign from Mississippi Flag

A new proposal seeks a statewide election on removing the Confederate battle emblem from the Mississippi flag. But it could be years before the issue gets on the ballot, and there's no guarantee voters would accept it.

Friday, October 2

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State Sues Jackson Over Refusal to Police Fair

The city of Jackson appears to have won the first round in a game of chicken against the Mississippi State Fair Commission over not providing fair security.

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Tim Johnson Challenges Tate Reeves to Debate(s)

Tim Johnson, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, wants to debate Tate Reeves, the Republican incumbent.

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Peter Friedrich

As the assistant professor and chair of the theater department at Millsaps College, Peter Friedrich is working to bring change that goes beyond the college to the national theater culture.

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How Some Alabama Hospitals Quietly Drug Test New Mothers—Without Their Consent

In Alabama, a positive drug test can have dire repercussions for pregnant women and new mothers.

Syria: New Russian Strikes, Talks in Paris on Assad's Future

The presidents of Russia and France, which both started bombing Syria this week, held talks Friday about their military operations as they tried to overcome differences on whether Syrian President Bashar Assad should stay in power.

'We Began to Run': Students Describe Horror of Shooting

Armed with multiple guns, a 26-year-old man walked into a morning writing class at a community college in this rural Oregon town and opened fire, hitting some students with multiple gunshots.

Musgrove to Make New Arguments in School Funding Lawsuit

Former Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove will make more arguments in a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars for 21 school districts.

Thursday, October 1

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BP Spill Settlement Gives Jackson $1 Million to Play With

Jackson leaders are considering how to spend $958,000 from a BP oil spill settlement.

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Deatrich Wise

Deatrich Wendell Wise Sr. will be honored as part of the 2015 Hall of Fame Class for Jackson State University Friday, Oct. 2, during the 2015 Hall of Fame Banquet.

Oregon Marijuana Shops Begin Sales to Recreational Users

Oregon marijuana shops began selling marijuana Thursday for the first time to recreational users, marking a big day for the budding pot industry.

House to Vote on Defense Bill that Obama Threatens to Veto

The defense policy bill is one of the few bipartisan measures in Congress that has readily become law for more than a half-century. Not so fast this year, as President Barack Obama threatens to veto the bill moving through the House amid a bitter dispute about government spending.

Afghan Troops Push into City of Kunduz, Taliban in Retreat

Afghan government forces pushed overnight into the strategic northern city of Kunduz that was captured by the Taliban earlier this week, forcing the insurgents to retreat amid heavy street battles that were still underway Thursday.

Russia Says Islamic State Group Not the Only Target in Syria

Russian jets carried out a second day of strikes in Syria Thursday, and some activists claimed that the targets included rebels backed by the United States as concerns grew about a conflict that has now drawn in warplanes from the world's two most powerful militaries.

Senators Reach Deal to Reduce Prison Time for Some Offenders

A bipartisan group of senators unveiled legislation on Thursday that would overhaul the nation's criminal justice system, allowing some nonviolent drug offenders to get reduced prison sentences and giving judges greater discretion in sentencing.

Miss. Considering Policy on Restraint, Seclusion in Schools

Children's advocates are urging the Mississippi Department of Education to ban the use of seclusion and restraint for school discipline.