Buenos Días, My Fellow Hustlers


Ken Stiggers

Brother Hustle: "Welcome to another Compensatory Investment Request Support Group meeting. I invited a very special guest to attend our meeting and provide inspiring words to new and senior group members.

"A week ago, I explored a new street corner to sell refreshing Juicy Juice on Ice to the people. Out of nowhere, a Latino gentleman approached me to buy my product and to have a nice conversation about hustling in an uncertain economy. We exchanged business cards and immediately became associates.

"So allow me to present to you Senior Handy Man Juan Jorge Valdez, our newest member of the Compensatory Investment Request Support Group."

Juan Jorge Valdez: "Buenos dias, my fellow hustlers. I am honored to be a part of your group. Gracias to Brother Hustle. In Spanish, I would call him Prisa Del Hermano.

"Unfortunately, a divide exists between race, sex, class and culture. This divide has forced the common man and woman to become unwilling participants in the cycle of fear and oppression. As I endure this grueling existence, I have discovered my purpose to serve, encourage, teach and inspire others. Also, like the common individual, I must do my best to take care of and feed my family.

"I suggest to this group to do what you have to do to become a survivor of oppression, hatred and fear. Sharpen your skills, develop confidence, and make alliances with those who will respect and support you.

"Vaya con dios, mi hermanos and hermanas. Remember: Hustle to survive."


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