Fear of a Black Judge

Anti-42ers keep talking about "that one judge in Hinds County" who could have the last word in spending billions of tax dollars should Initiative 42 pass on Nov. 3. So what else is that one judge going to do to all of us if we don't tell the Legislature it's OK to keep violating state law?

Show up at Rep. Bubba Carpenter's house in the middle of the night and steal his chickens.

Let out everyone on bond.

Order lunch for the Legislature.

Only streets with black pavement are repaved.

Be really annoying.

Declare aliens from outer space legal and turn Burnsville into a sanctuary city.

New race-based quotas for hunting and fishing licenses.

Officiate your child's marriage to a "Democrat." Two words: Disco Night.

Reset all of Phil Bryant's alarm clocks and watches so he's late to all his meetings.

Clone himself so he can fill every major state government role.

Consolidate all state universities into Jackson State University. The University of Mississippi will thereafter be known as JSU-Oxford.


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