Quick & Easy Day of the Dead Makeup

Photo courtesy Zilpha Young

Photo courtesy Zilpha Young

What You Need

Pencil, stick or 
liquid eyeliner

Eye-shadow primer

Eye shadow

False lashes (optional)

Lash glue (optional)

Step One: Draw

Draw a skull on your face, following your bone structure. Draw in the eye sockets, upper and lower jaw lines, teeth (I did mine around my lips), and nasal cavity, and put a small line on your temples to define your zygomatic arch. (Using a reference picture will help.) Now for decoration! Feel free to experiment here. I went with a simple scalloped design around my eye sockets and a spider web-inspired design on my forehead.

Step Two: Shade

Working in sections, apply eye-shadow primer, and then brush on eye shadow in your eye sockets and in the cavity between your upper and lower jaws. It helps to create a "shadow" effect by using darker colors around the top and fading into a lighter color at the bottom.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Put on some lipstick (if you didn't draw teeth on your lips, which you totally can, but I find that look is hard to maintain through the night so I just wore lipstick) in whatever color goes with your look. Apply mascara and false eye lashes (optional).


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