Candidate Questionnaire: Ronnie Crudup Jr. (House District 71)

Ronnie Crudup Jr. Photo by Imani Khayyam

Ronnie Crudup Jr. Photo by Imani Khayyam

Ronnie Crudup Jr. is a Democratic candidate for Mississippi House District 71. The answers below are the candidates' verbatim responses, with no edits whatsoever. Find more state legislative candidate questionnaires here. Read more 2019 state political coverage here.

What are your top priorities, if elected?

My top priorities are Housing, Economic Development and Education.

What are your priorities for your district?

Blight Elimination, Job Creation and Economic Development are the top needs of District 71.

What are your views on public education funding?

I believe we need to increase teacher pay for certified teacher, assistants and all school staff. We need to be able to at least compete with the other southern states.

How do you think Mississippi can solve its teacher shortage?

We can solve the teacher shortage by increasing teacher pay and providing other incentives. We also need to stop over testing children. Teachers want to teach.

What are your ideas for improving healthcare coverage and access?

Fully funding Medicaid would solve most of the issues when it comes to healthcare.

What are your ideas on criminal justice reform?

I believe we need to allow citizens to vote who have served their time. I also believe we need to stop harsh penalties for petty crimes, such as marijuana consumption and etc.

What is your position on the six-week abortion ban the Legislature passed this year?

This is always a touchy subject and tough decision but, I believe that decision needs to be left in the hands of that family. I am always for life, but I think every family's situation is different.

Do you have specific plans to address issues that disproportionately affect African Americans and other minorities?

Yes, but especially when it comes to economic development in this state. I want to see more minority contracts and more training to take place that teaches African Americans how to do business with the state of Mississippi. I also want to see more homeownership opportunities for African Americans and other minorities.

Why are you running?

I am running to help improve the quality of life in District 71, Jackson, Hinds County and the state of Mississippi. I believe I have the skill set and the relationships to move the needle in this State. Most importantly I want to help change the image of Mississippi.

What will you do to make the Legislature more transparent and accountable?

I believe we should have at least 12 hours to know what bills we will be voting on that day. This would at least give us as legislatures time and the public time to fully read what is coming down that day. We cannot be transparent when we are only given a short period of time to read the bills and vote. I believe slowing the process down would allow for more transparency.

Why are you the best candidate?

I am the best candidate because I have the relationships in place, I have a vision for this District and I already have already been doing the work that it takes to move this area forward.

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