Danie Matthews

Freelance writer Danie Matthews is Mississippi College graduate. She’s a fan of conscious hip-hop, neo-soul and classic R&B, and hopes to one day become a full-time music writer. She wrote a music story.

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Lil Lonnie

Jackson-native hip-hop artist Lil Lonnie was surprised when his song "Colors" received national attention after it went viral in the summer of 2015.

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Antwone Perkins

Even within a specific genre, music listeners and critics often try to categorize the style of a given artist. Jackson-native producer and musician Antwone Perkins says he doesn't place himself into any of these defined categories, often combining elements of soul, R&B, hip-hop and pop in different doses, and he wants people to know that being different doesn't make you an outcast.

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Going with the Grey

Since April 2008, Shadz of Grey has taken the stage at countless restaurants, venues and private events, performing classic rock, pop and R&B for audiences in the Jackson metro area and beyond.

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Los Angeles beat-music producer Eraserfase, born Tony Barkodarian, is on the road for his Dropping Gems Tour, which brings him to Offbeat on Thursday, June 2.

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Coke Bumaye: Back for More

It's only been a few months since Jackson hip-hop artist Coke Bumaye released his mixtape, "If You Love Me Let Me Know," at the end of 2015, but fans didn't have to wait long for more new music.

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jj Thames’ ‘Raw’ Return

For many fans of Jackson soul, blues and R&B, a follow-up to jj Thames' emotionally charged first record, "Tell You What I Know," which hit stores in January 2014, has been a long time coming.

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The Heavy Journey of Brian Jones

When Jackson native Brian Jones first realized his passion for music as a child, it was something that he found came naturally to him.

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A Window into Modern Art

In one of modern artist Leon Kroll's most famous works, "Terminal Yards," plumes of smoke travel up into the air from a train yard. Snow blankets the tracks and ground. A dark mountain accented with snow hovers above the moving locomotives.

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Big Sleepy's Saves X-mas

All-ages venue Big Sleepy's will host its inaugural Christmas party on Saturday, Dec. 19, to ring out the year and celebrate some of the bands that made the venue's first year a success.

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Becoming Echo Victor

Growing up in the small town of Greenville, Miss., Tre Pepper played guitar and bass in various garage bands with friends, booking as many local music gigs as he possibly could.

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