Knowledge06 9 years, 4 months ago


Prior to Alcorn playing the Port City Classic in Shreveport vs Grambling in 2011, Grambling played Louisiana Tech in 2010 in that same classic. The pay out for the schools was structured as follows:

Proceeds from the first $400,000 in ticket sales were split evenly between both Tech and Grambling. Of the ticket sales between $400,000 and $500,000, Tech would receive 75 percent and GSU 25 percent. Anything above the half million dollar mark is once again evenly split. I don't know about the ancillary items (parking, lodging, etc.) but this was how that payout was structured.

Based on the payout for the Port City Classic in 2010, the game attendance would have to be 50,000 in order for them to achieve the same $500,000 he is requesting in the Capital City Classic. Another note, the official attendance at the Port City Classic in 2011 as noted on the NCAA website was 4,204. No, I didn't miss a zero after the 4. That's correct. Perhaps someone should ask Dr. Brown about the payout ASU realized from that game. FACTS are something else!

Oh, another thing....the GSU vs ASU Port City Classic contract was only for 2011 and 2012. Perhaps Jackson State should contact Grambling and partner with them for the the Port City Classic after this year's game. JSU certainly has a traveling fan base to offer over ASU. Just saying...


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