Sheriff Tyrone Lewis Gives HCCF Update

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis gives the media an update on the disturbance at the Hinds County Correctional Facility Monday afternoon.

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Update: Hinds County Jail Mostly Secured (+Video of Sheriff)

Inmates have created a disturbance at the Hinds County Correctional Facility. They are now holding one pod of the jail and are in a standoff with police.


deguyzinmississippi 11 years, 6 months ago

Corrections in Mississippi has earned the reputation of denying certain rights to inmates. Notorious Unit 32, Walnut Grove, HIV/AIDS inmates being verbally abused and denied medicine and access to rehab programs, This could have all been avoided had the state just treat the inmates in accordance with the law. Call them violations or call them breaking the law, those who give the orders down to those who are hands on with the actions should be considered for prosecution as well. I don't agree with the riot but what drove the riot to occur in the first place is a result of a prison system with a set of rule of their own.


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